LOL! This beauty blender horror story is both horrific and hilarious


Cleaning our beauty blenders definitely isn't the most enjoyable task, so leaving the little sponges to soak in some hot water while we clean the rest of our brushes seems like a pretty good idea.

Niamh McManus decided to complete this very task, and left her beauty blender in a mug to draw out the foundation within.

Unfortunately, she didn't mention this to her brother, who spotted the mug sitting on the countertop and started to drink the substance, assuming it was tea.

Niamh shared her GAS anecdote on Twitter, and it quickly went viral.

The mistake was pretty understandable when looking at the photographic evidence provided; after all, the foundation shade is freakishly close to the hue of a milky cuppa.

While the thought of drinking old foundation water makes us sick, we can't help thinking he may have deserved the fright for trying to rob Niamh's perceived cup of tea.