Flip flops at the ready – There’s a HEATWAVE coming to Ireland! Yay


While other countries are guaranteed a consistent supply of Vitamin D during the summer months, those of us in Ireland have to wait with fingers crossed for the sun to reveal itself.

So we’re sure you’ll be delighted to hear that this weekend we’re in for some sun.

According to the Independent, Ireland’s temperature will begin to rise today with those in the sunny South East benefitting the most.

Between Sunday and Tuesday temperatures in the west of the country are expected to reach 25 degrees, while the rest of us should be prepared for 21 degrees.

Unfortunately you’ll have to make the most of the weekend sunshine as Mr Sun will be dashing off late on Tuesday, only to be replaced by a thunderstorm.  From there temperatures will drop to around 10 degrees.

Well, you can’t accuse an Irish summer of being boring!

Feat image: wallpaperswide.com