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The sun is out, and after such an endless winter, it would be a crime to stay indoors and not enjoy the gorgeous weather. 

And what would make us happier then a few cold cans on the canal? Nothing, but ice cream is good too. 

This delicious recipe is easy to make and you'll bloody love them.

Seriously, you'll end up eating them all. 

Ice-cream sandwiches


For the cookies

  • 100g sugar
  • 200g butter, at room temperature
  • 300g flour

For the filling

  • 500ml vanilla ice cream (or any flavour of your choice)
  • Optional: sugar sprinkles or mini chocolate chips, to decorate


1. Heat oven to 180°C. Prepare two large baking sheets lined with parchment paper.

2. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar together. Add the flour and continue to mix until the mixture turns into a soft dough. Using your hands, press the dough together to form a ball.

3. With a floured rolling pin, roll the dough about 4 to 5 mm thick on a floured surface. Using a small round cookie cutter, cut into discs and place on prepared baking sheets.

4. Bake for 16-18 minutes then let cool completely.

5. Place a scoop of ice cream on one cookie, then place another cookie on top and press slightly. You can dip the sandwich in sugar sprinkles or mini chocolate chips if desired. Freeze until ready to serve.  

Featured image: Instagram @whatsjuliecooking



So, if there's one thing we can all agree on it's that summer 2017 was a bit of a flop. 

Sure, we got a few weeks of sunshine at the end of June, but other than that, the weather has been far from perfect for this time of year – and it doesn't look like it's going to get better any time soon. 

With shorter evenings and plummeting temperatures already on the way, it's time to say farewell to farmer's tan and ice-cream cones and hello to seasonal lattés and Saturday night television. 

Here are seven telltale signs that Ireland's summer is well and truly on its way out. 

1. The Rose of Tralee

Dáithí Ó Sé, questionable talents and more Newbridge Silverware than can fit in your Nana's 'good' press? Yeah, Autumn is definitely on its way. 

2. Your house is full of clothes horses

It's far from drying weather out there. 

3. You've already started planning your Halloween costume 

You've got every intention of making this the best Halloween ever, but deep down you now the day will come and you'll end up painting whiskers on your face with liquid eyeliner (again).

4. Distinct lack of Spanish students in Dublin city centre 

Grafton Street is no longer a vast labyrinth of backpacks and teenagers. 

5. Ads for the X Factor are already on TV

Nothing signifies the season ahead quite like a montage of Louis Walsh's best bits.  

6. You're completely broke

All that summer fun didn't come cheap you know. 

7. The countdown to Christmas begins

125 days and counting, ladies (sorry). 



So, it's kind of a running joke that Irish people own a distinct lack of rain gear.

Sure, you've probably got a graveyard of Penney's umbrellas hidden under your stairs, but we seem to have a bit of a mental block when it comes to investing in stylish yet practical pieces that will keep us dry in this oh-so-changeable weather.

Perhaps you still have nightmares about the oversized anorak your parents used to make you wear, or maybe you think raincoats are merely a festival staple – either way, it's time to to throw those notions out the window and embrace our wet and wonderful climate. 

Here's our picks of the best raincoats that will keep you dry and stylish during this less than glorious Irish summer.

Pink Matte Anorak – New Look


Cropped Hooded Jacket – Bershka


Love Heart Print Raincoat Mac – Topshop




Emma PU Coated Waterproof Mac  – Boohoo 


Parisian Orange Piped Trim Clear Rain Mac  – New Look 


Daisy Street Rain Mac In Vinyl – Asos




Oh summer, we hardly knew you and now you’re going and leaving us again. This weekend will be the last bank holiday of summer 2015 and we were very excited about it.

However, Met Eireann have essentially destroyed any tiny glimmers of hope we may have had for one final impromptu at home beer garden. We’re very sorry to tell you this, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

Honestly, we’re trying to look on the bright side but it’s difficult with all that mist getting in our eyes.

You might want to have a look at this break down before you get out the camping gear.


Finally! Can you not just taste the freedom? You might consider indoor activities before you go all out and get the wash, colour, cut and blow-dry treatment on your lunch break:

“Staying cloudy in the east with patchy rain and drizzle, most of which will occur later in the day.”

Moving swiftly on then.


“Showers for Ulster and west Connacht, some of which may turn heavy. A couple of showers may make their way across the midlands and into the Greater Dublin Region later in the afternoon.”

Sounds pretty decent, just make sure to keep your umbrella in easy reach.


Oh but wait Just as we got our hopes up, along comes the Sunday forecast to annihilate the summer vibes.

“A dull, wet day with widespread rain, persistent and heavy at times. Rather windy too, especially later. Highest temperatures of just 13 to 16 degrees, coolest over Ulster. Southeast winds will gradually increase fresh to strong and gusty.”

Ah yes, because “rather windy” and “strong and gusty” are exactly the conditions we want when we’re on the beach. Look, you can try and make it as scenic or romantic and whimsical as you want, but rain on the west coast is not exactly rom-com wonderful.

It’s a bit less this:

And more like this:


Just to really run it in for us on our day off. 

“Damp to begin with patchy outbreaks of rain… Showers will move into the south of Munster at times though, with rain arriving into west and southwest counties towards evening.”

Oh come on!



It's almost August, but try telling that to Mother Nature, who has blessed our little island with nothing but rain and wind for the last two weeks.

With the heady days of Leaving Cert weather now a distant memory, all we can do is hope that things pick up next month.

In the meantime, we've been lamenting just a few of the ways this manky weather can take its toll on a poor girl's sanity…

1. You keep misjudging the weather for the day… with disastrous consequences
"Oh, seems dry out, I'll leave the skylight open a while." *returns home to pillows floating on bed*


2. Wet hair. Enough said.
Forgot your umbrella when it starts lashing? You might as well give up on life right now.


3. Your barbecue is rusting from underuse
You could always improvise, like this brave lad…


4. You're running out of thick black tights to wear with all your new summer dresses
Bare legs? HA.


5. The shops keep taunting you with their "Holiday Wear" sections
"I'm going to Westport for the weekend, not Ibiza."


6. You have irrational guilt about having the central heating on in July
The Irish Mammy in you is RAGING


7. Coming back from your holidays to the lashing rain = Ultimate Fear
Why Ryanair, why do you make us run across the tarmac from the plane?


8. Your Facebook envy of friends abroad has reached toxic levels


We love making summer plans, love them. We envision road trips up and down the coast, camping, festivals, back garden BBQs that make hipsters weep. There’s just one issue. The weather.

It can be a tricky thing to try and get the rain and wind to co-ordinate with your summer time plans. However, you don’t need to throw yourself down on the couch to wallow just yet. There’s a couple of things you can do to revive some hope and still make the most of your summer plans.

Take the BBQ/picnic inside

Make use of that lovely blanket you adore so much and bring the party inside. Also a great excuse to make a fort because even grownups can see the fun in that, can’t they?


Cupcakes generally make everyone happier. Beat the bad weather blues with some fabulous baked goods. Go on, we even found you a cheat sheet. 

Go swimming

Sure you were going to get soaked anyway!


Embrace your inner chill and spend some time at your local spa, or just invite some friends over for a cheaper alternative at home.

Read that book you said you were going to start last year


There’s sure to be plenty of options for you to lose yourself in over the summer. If you don't know where to start, here's a handy guide for you. 

Online shopping

Treat yourself to something nice without the hassle of long queues and getting soaked running to try and get the last bus. 



We really love the summer months, especially when we finally get some actual sun shine. It can be absolutely glorious and everybody wants to be on the beach living their best life.

However, sometimes things can go a little downhill. The struggle can get very real, very fast when those temperatures go up and your makeup is just not in the mood to cooperate.

We identified those summer time trials that can sometimes push us to our very limits.

Allergies. Eyeliner and hay fever are not a match made in heaven. 


Humidity + Hair = Tragedy

Sunglasses getting stuck in your hair. Nothing makes us feel more glamorous. 

Waxing, shaving, just hair removal in general. 

Attempting to leave the pool in a dignified manner.

Tan lines. Just put the Crocs away.

Getting dressed in the morning when the sun is shining but then suddenly, bye-bye sun shine. You can't wear floral crop tops in that, you'll freeze!




You better grab the sun cream and your finest swimwear because word on the street is that this week is set to be a scorcher.

A ‘mini-heatwave’ is going to be gracing us all with its presence according to Met Éireann. The forecaster is predicting temperatures reaching into the mid-twenties.

Wednesday is going to have temperatures hit a high of 25 degrees in some parts of the country. And while it’s going to be fiercely warm for us so unaccustomed, we are being warned to expect humidity as well.

According to forecaster Klara Finkele, temperatures will be in the high teens over the weekend and into early next week. Then the warmer weather is set to rise up from the Bay of Biscay on Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday is set to be a hazy day with Wednesday being when the really warm weather is set to arrive. We’re getting the BBQs out already.

While we’re sure there’s going to be a rush on the beaches and the local shops will be swimming in 99 cones, we’re hoping the weather will stay hot long enough for us to get our wardrobes sorted.

Who else has some stylish summer wear they just can’t wait to rip the tags off? Fingers crossed we all remember the sun cream though, nobody wants to have to deal with sunburnt skin on the beach.

Bikini season is finally upon us, hurray!

How many Facebook posts of outdoor cocktails and brunch in the park do you think we’re going to see this week?


Apparently we’re finally going to be receiving some long overdue heat next week. Met Éireann are saying there could possibly be temperatures of up to 20 and 24 degrees.

We don’t want to jinx it, we really don’t want to do that but- YAY!

Finally, an excuse to dust off those denim cut offs and head for the beach.

There’s just one downside; the added heat and general summer weather can take a serious toll on our hair. Nothing ruins a holiday like unmanageable frizz or nasty split ends.

Not to worry, we rounded up a few tips to help you master the summer hair woes and keep you on fleek whether you’re at the beach in Bundoran or jetting off to the Bahamas.

Problem: Chlorine can leave your locks less than lustrous

The Fix: Celebrity stylist Rita Hazan says the best way to combat this is to wet your hair before getting in the water. This stops the chlorine from being absorbed by your hair. Also, a deep conditioning mask wouldn’t go astray. If you apply it while you’re drying off in the sun the heat will help the product really help your hair recover.


Problem: The sun makes coloured hair brassy

The Fix: Hazan says that using a gloss twice a week before you condition as well as a nice weekly deep condition for coloured hair will help you keep your colour all summer long. Also wet your hair before diving head first into the chlorine, and when you’re on the beach, or strolling about town on a hot summer’s day, invest in some products with UV blockers. They’ll help your keep your style for longer and your colour plenty vibrant. Sorted. 


The Fix: The number one cause of fizziness is your hair being dry, so your tresses will draw water from the atmosphere, making it frizz. The easiest way to tackle this is by getting a good leave-in conditioner to help your extend your style and keep things under control. No cornrows necessary. Phew!




We tentatively got the barbecue and sun cream out of storage last week as some sunshine began to peek out from behind the clouds, and now it looks as if the sunny weather is here to stay.

After a pretty dreadful May and early June, last week's sunshine kicked off the beginning of the Irish summer with temperatures hitting up to 20C… and this week's forecast promises even more sun.

According to Met Éireann, temperatures as high as 22C could be on the way this week, with "little or no rainfall" in most parts of the country.

Little or no rain? To the beach with us, so…

The south and east of the country will benefit the most from the good weather this week, with temperatures of 18 – 22C expected toward Thursday and Friday.

If you're living in the west or north of Ireland though, you might want to pack an umbrella along with those sunnies as some patches of "rain and drizzle" are expected.

With a whole host of festivals on next weekend including Body and Soul in Co. Westmeath, will the good weather hold out for campers? Yes, it seems, according to current forecasts which promise "a good deal of dry weather."

We are already getting excited for what lies ahead this summer….



Every year without fail, you're going to be witness to one, if not all of the following Irish spectacles. We do love the sun, and it's not exactly an every day occurrence on our little island.

Needless to say once we get even the slightest notion that the summer sun is finally upon us we can go just a little bit over board.

Here's a list of the six signs summer has finally arrived:

1. Any excuse for an ice cream

Let’s be honest, even if the days are longer we all know that doesn’t mean those hours are any warmer than November. So with the temperatures likely to take a nose dive at any second, the minute the sun appears from behind the clouds, the line at your local shop is going to be out the door with people wanting to get their hands on the famous 99 cone.


2. That summer glow

You can’t blame us for getting over excited when people start mentioning double figure temperatures for the weekend. Between festivals and BBQs there’s always going to be one poor soul shuffling into the office Monday morning feeling a little warm after their outdoor excursions. When will we ever learn….


3. Festival photos everywhere

Logging onto Facebook during the summer months means you’re highly likely to be exposed to unending status updates and rain soaked selfies of your friends huddled in muddy fields having the best banter at any one of Ireland’s many, many music festivals. Ponchos are going to be on trend, get yours before it’s too late (and your hair is still half-way decent)!


4. The exam heat wave (still waiting)

Every year without fail, the first week of June is promised to be a scorcher. Of course we all want everyone to pass their exams with flying colours, but mostly we tend to be looking for any excuse to get our shorts out for the sunshine while the nation’s teens are being kept busy.


5. The summer body preparations

While we’re all for staying fit and healthy, this phrase is going to be heard loud and clear around the country. As the realisation that the time has almost come to bare our sun deprived bods on beaches all over the world sinks in, the challenge is on to feel our best in our new bikinis.


6. The packing struggle is real

And you thought summer holidays were all about being your most relaxed self, yes? No. It could be because our climate is known for being unreliable, and we live in fear of being caught without a brolly, but packing for our holidays is totally stressful.

Don’t even mention the added pressure of budget airlines and their luggage restrictions!