Why Chloe Grace Moretz does NOT want to be in Taylor Swift’s squad


Though Taylor Swift and her buddies may be our definition of #squadgoals, not everyone feels the same away about being a member of the exclusive group. 

And one person who has no desire to join in on the girl-fun is outspoken actress, Chloe Grace Moretz. 

In an interview with Complex magazine, the 19-year-old revealed that she had recently turned down an invitation to join forces with Tay and her minions. 

"They appropriate exclusivity. They're cliques!" said the star. 

Being friends with Selena Gomez, the actress had been introduced to the Bad Blood singer and even invited to hang-out with the squad but she politely declined. 

The star refused to say anything else about Taylor and her expertly crafted squad. simply ending the topic with: "She's a very talented person." 

Ooh, do we detect a bit of shade? 

The young Kick Ass actress is getting a name for herself by being unafraid to speak her mind, even if it lands her in hot water. 

Most recently, Chloe called out Kim Kardashian for publishing her now infamous naked selfie, encouraging her to not teach girls that their only value lies in their bodies. 

However, Kim retaliated and a lot of celebrities got in on the action too. Despite receiving quite a bit of backlash, we have a lot of respect for Chloe who is obviously going to continue to speak her mind regardless.