Let’s face facts, the vast majority of us are creatures of habit, and generally tend to hit up the same venues, week in and week out.

From the handy after-work local to the same-old Saturday night spot, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to socialising.

So, when you and the squad do happen to hit upon a new venue, it’s hardly surprising you act like you’ve discovered fire.

From feeling smug over the new discovery to regretting the times you've wasted in the same old spots, finding a new venue lights a fire under any group of friends.

And here are just 8 things we’ve all thought while taking in the splendour of a new spot.

1. “This is the kick up the arse we needed, lads.”

Whether it's the decor, the tunes or the atmosphere, stumbling upon a brand-new spot is invigorating and makes you reassess every other spot you've frequented up until this point.

"Can you believe we actually used to pass this place, and never once thought to look in?!"

2. "This place will totally overhaul how we spend our weekends."

Considering you're all a few drinks in, you'll start to see the new spot as some kind of offering from above, and endlessly list its amazing attributes.

"Girls, Number 22 has a Flashback Friday! Wait, wait, it also has a Peep Show Sunday!"

3. "I can’t believe we spent hours jostling for one lousy drink in that other hellhole."

The discovery of a new bar can bring out a fickle side in you that you're not exactly proud of, but you can't help it.

Up until three hours ago, your former local was your favourite place on earth, but with the mention of Number 22, its Library Bar and their 2 for €12 cocktails, you've forgotten the other places even exist.

4. "Just think how slick this is going to look on Instagram."

You know how naff it sounds, but your Instagram account will thank you for a snap of a place as swish as this.

With Burlesque dancers performing in the background and countless incredible-looking cocktails in the foreground, your new hotspot is just crying out to get 'grammed.

5. "I can wait to show the out-of-towners how we roll up here."

If you and the girls think this place is swish, just imagine how your pals from out of town will react.

"That's it; every birthday, engagement party and Hen night is taking place here from now on. That's the end of it."

6. "Wait, maybe we should keep it a secret."

Mere moments after you decide to splash the place all over social media. you wonder if you should have just kept it secret.

"Wait, wait, wait. Delete them all – I don't want anyone else to know about this!"

7. "No! Everyone needs to know that we’re in the know."

And then comes the moment you accept that you simply can't hide your discovery, and you have to take credit for this incredible find.

"We're the people that everyone hates, and I don't even care."

8. "This place is our new Holy Grail."

You're only in the door an hour and yet everything in the place is working for you; the music, the staff, the seating, the crowd, the atmosphere.

And this means that you will now drop everything for a night out in the place, and if that means you're boring because you refuse to try anywhere else, so be it.

"It's official, ladies. We've found our place in this city."