Roberta’s love of vegetables has gone viral for a BIZARRE reason

Roberta Bernardo is a 19-year old student from Brazil. She is also now something of an internet celebrity since her adventures with her best friend have gone viral.

So, Roberta and her BFF do pretty much everything that your usual besties do. They hang out, eat snacks and enjoy some fabulous fashion. 

The reason their friendship has gone viral is because Roberta’s new pal is not actually human. She’s not even a pet. She’s a potato, named Potato- obviously.

“She looked like a little baby with little arms,” Roberta told BuzzFeed Brazil. 

Roberta took it upon herself to bring Potato home, and made her a very important part of her life.

She gave her a total makeover and the two spent some quality time bonding over contouring and hair accessories.


When she shared her story on Facebook, the internet couldn’t get enough of the pair. 

So Bernardo took her home and gave her a bath.

When asked how Potato was handling her newfound internet fame, Rpberta said Potato was currently in the fridge so she wouldn’t rot. Good looking out, Roberta.

What could possibly be next for the pair?

“Life is ephemeral,” Bernardo said. “I believe she will live these moments as if they were the last, enjoying the laurels of fame.” 

In the meantime, Potato seems to be enjoying a very luxe lifestyle. Her newfound internat fame may have possibly influence her style, possibly.