Chloe Moretz finally speaks about THAT Kim nude selfie controversy


Kim Kardashian caused total uproar on social media last week after the reality star posted a naked pic to Instagram.

And young actress Chloe Moretz felt the full wrath of Kim and her supporters after the reality star called her out for urging Kim to be a better role model. 

"Let's all welcome Chloe G Moretz to Twitter, since no one knows who she is. your Nylon cover is cute boo," read the stinging tweet. 

But it seems that after all the dust has settled, Chloe has decided to speak about the incident. 

"All I'll say is that I think a lot of things can be misconstrued in a lot of ways," said the 19-year-old to Elle. 

"I think if people looked into something bigger that I was trying to speak upon, they wouldn't be so easy to fire back silly, miscellaneous things."

Kim mentioned Chloe's Nylon cover in her tweet, alluding to the fact that the young actress was also almost nude in the shot save for a strategically placed coat. 

"I mean, I think that's also a lot more based on artwork, so that's a little bit of a different conversation," said Chloe, defending the cover.  

"Like, if I'm talking to a photographer, I'm talking to a stylist, I'm talking to a makeup artist, we're kind of creating and collaborating and making something that is artwork and is special and is different.

"Yeah, it's representing myself, but it's also not representing myself, because it's a character piece. So, I think that is a big difference.

"On social media, like on Instagram and stuff that I post, and the way that I view myself, and portray myself on there, that's definitely a much more personalised take. 

"I'm not collaborating with people to make that, it's my own social media platform in which I'm–it's not a character, it's just me." 


The Neighbours 2 star went on to give her own advice to young fans. 

"Depict yourself adequately as what you want to be seen as. Don't front, don't put something out there that you feel isn't realistic and doesn't portray who you are.

"Just be yourself, be you, and don't be afraid to speak your mind."