OK, so we may have overdone it on Christmas, eating all the turkey, stuffing and mulled wine in sight. But now, it's time to hang up the eating pants and embark on our 2016 resolution of working out and dieting with the girl squad… right?!

Wrong! Because as it turns out, having the same diet as your friend can actually be a really bad idea. 

A recent study from medical journey, Cell, has revealed that eating "healthy" is different for every person. 

The study involved a number of tests and surveys on 800 people, and they conducted body measurements and blood tests on each candidate.

They then gave the participants identical meals while also monitoring their blood glucose levels every five minutes. 

The researchers studied the glucose levels which allowed them to account for each participants glycemic index (GI) in relation to what they were eating, which helped them determine what foods were more responsible for raising their blood sugar.

They discovered that each person's GI was different, even though they were all eating the same foods. 

The researchers explained that, "Growing evidence suggests bacteria are linked to obesity, glucose and diabetes," adding, "specific microbes indeed correlate with how much blood sugar rises post meal."

So, what they're really saying is even if you have the exact same diet as your friend, it could be really good for her, and not so great for you.

Your best bet for a healthier new you is to stick to what suits only you and keep a diary of how different food and exercises effects you and your body.