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The idea that men are from Mars and women are from Venus may seem outdated in today's society, but a recent study has found that there may be some truth behind the old saying – or at least when it comes to how we define cheating.

A survey conducted by relationships charity, Relate, asked over 5,000 men and women a series of questions around the topic and found a number of disparities between the sexes.

It seem that one in five men don't think a passionate kiss counts as cheating, while a massive 91 per cent of women do.

The gap was closed when it came to sexting, with nine out of ten women and eight out of ten men saying they considered the exchange of sexually explicit text/emails as cheating.

Overall, a third of people said they've been cheated on while only a third said they were satisfied with their sex lives.

What's more, according to the report, it seems pornography is having an increased impact on modern relationships.

20 per cent of women said they would consider it unfaithful if their partner watched porn alone compared to just one tenth of men.

The report stated: “47% of counsellors said that they are seeing an increasing number of clients where use of pornography is causing problems in the relationship.”

However it looks like infidelity continues to be the biggest strain on relationships with only 33 per cent of participants saying they thought their relationship could survive an affair.



Rory  McIlroy has had a crazy few months, not just on the golfing course but on the romantic front too!

Following his engagement with tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki coming to an abrupt end back in May, Rory was then linked to Irish model, Nadia Forde.

Now, it looks like Rory has taken his interests stateside as he has been spotted with whom Radar Online are calling his possible new “girlfriend” – actress, Meghan Markle.

Meghan stars as paralegal, Rachel Zane in the USA Network drama, Suits.

The pair were seen out for dinner with friends recently, which may not seem like a confirmation (obviously) but Rory also featured in Meghan’s ALS bucket challenge video, after nominating her himself.

To add even more fuel to the romance rumours, Meghan runs a lifestyle website called The Tig in which she conducted an interview with Rory and well, let's just say it's very cute!

Hmm, could this be the start of something new for the two? 


Who heard (and bawled) at the beautiful proposal on Spin 103.8 this morning?!

Listeners of the station’s show, Fully Charged were in for as big a surprise as the bride-to-be this morning when a game of Whatchamacallit turned into a marriage proposal.

Rachael and Ian, from Swords in Dublin, got engaged live on air after Ian dropped to one knee.

Not only that but the couple also surprised their friends and family by announcing on air that Rachael is expecting twins!

What an exciting day for this happy couple – congrats, you guys!




It looks like Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s relationship has been confirmed!

Though it has been rumoured that they were dating, nothing had yet been acknowledged by either Big Sean or Ariana – but you know what they say: 'actions speak louder than words'!

The two were first linked following Big Sean’s messy break-up from Naya Rivera break-up last April.

The cute new couple were seen holding hands by the MTV behind-the-scenes camera at last night’s VMA Awards.

Naya was said to be livid about the rumoured relationship between Ariana and Big Sean, despite her shock wedding last month to Ryan Dorsey. 

Ariana is also just out of a relationship, having broken up with Jai Brooks last month. 



Uh oh, it looks like Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini (phew!) is not to be messed with when it comes to Cheryl!

Cheryl’s new husband was not too pleased when followers hit out at his wife over an image she shared on Instagram recently.

Many commented on the snap claiming she looked too skinny, but Jean-Bernard was quick to come to his wife’s defence, writing: “She is the most beautiful woman on the planet and she want to share it. #sharingiscaring No seriously she is.”

This comment was quickly followed by a flurry of commenters agreeing with Jean-Bernard, to which he replied: “And I can tell you something else she really care about her fans and touched by all your support. Now for the hater please continue talking #wasteofenergy. I wish I had that much time hating and waste energy. Must mean you have.”

Ooh, we wonder will he be just as saucy when Cheryl gets into a argument with Louis and Simon?!




It has been reported that Scarlett Johansson will get married to her fiancé, Romain Dauriac next month!

The actress was overheard sharing the exciting news at a dinner thrown by Martha Stewart recently.

Though details are not known, it is believed the couple will wed in Romain’s native Paris or in the Hamptons.

Scarlett is also pregnant with her first child, though it is not know when she is due.

Hmm, does that mean the actress will be getting married before she gives birth, or right after?!



Move over Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, there’s a new Hollywood couple on the scene!

Twilight star, Nikki Reed, was spotted cosying up to Ian Somerhalder recently, sparking speculation that the two are officially an item.

Nikki’s divorce from Paul McDonald was finalised in May and it looks like the actress may have a new man on the scene, and a hot one at that!

Nikki is said to be close friends with Ian’s ex and The Vampire Diaries co-star, Nina Dobrev – let’s hope things don’t get awkward! 



Long-term relationships are not always easy. Here are some ways to help you get out of any rut you may be in with your other half and put some life back into it!

1. Get Out Of ‘The Routine’
It’s understandable how couples can get into a sexual routine with one another. It’s the formula which is almost always guaranteed to do it for both of you. This can get boring after sometime so why not try something different? Like dress up sexy, or surfboard up in that bath, get your imagination flowing and you’re bound to  discover new ways to enjoy being intimate together.


2. Take A Trip Somewhere… Different
Yes Paris may be the most romantic city in the world, sun holidays are always enjoyable and yes Ryanair offer cheap flights to London, but why not go to a location out of the ordinary? If you’re thinking about going on a trip why not try Brussels or Edinburgh? That way you’ll both be surprised when you get there and make the experience all the more bountiful.


3. Write A Little Love Letter
And don’t tell them you’re going to write it. Nothing makes you feel fuzzier than reading words of admiration from your other half. Even if you’re the one writing it, it’s a great way to get in touch with your feelings and realise how much you actually appreciate them.


4. Let Him Dress Up As Batman
Or you as Catwoman. Roleplay doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a few hours getting into character, it’s just a bit of fun. Everyone has a fantasy, so why not fulfil each others. You’ll find dressing up can lead to incredible sex.


5. ‘Date’ Each Other Again
Going on date nights is a great way to re-light that fire. It’s important to hang out and do couple stuff, because at the end of the day that’s what you are. There’s a reason why couples go to the cinema, eat Eddie Rockets and go to farmers markets; it’s because those things provide time for you both to be secluded in the open world.


6. Actually Listen To Each Other’s Day
We’re all guilty of pretending to listen to our other halves talk about their day. You don’t know or particularly care who Mike is or why he’s an ass but still you nod and pretend you do. If you want to be closer to your loved one, then you need to  tune in and you’ll find the rewards are fantastic.


7. Take A Trip To The Store *wink* *wink*
Sex shops are great craic, even if you’re too scared to actually make a purchase. It’s good to have look around and find anything that may tickle your fancy.


8. Go Out On A Night Out Alone
Remember when you were dating and you would just go out and get pissed together? Well start doing it again. There’s nothing wrong about getting giddy with one another, it definitely makes the sex more adventurous.


9. Tease The Hell Out Each Other
Nothing will make each other more than holding out sex for an extra 10 minutes. This is what turns into actual love making, which is a lot more fulfilling. So when it does get to the point of em, becoming one, it will be all worth while and be all the more intense.


10. Do A Little Dance
Except sexier than Barney.


11. Make A Bedroom Rule
Have your dirty little secret between the two of you by creating a sneaky sexy bedroom rule; why not make Tuesday’s tie-up day, or make a rule that the first one to, em, get to the finish line, can’t get dressed for the next hour. Get creative.


12. Make Sure You Have A Life Outside The Relationship
Time apart makes the heart grow fonder, even if it’s only a a day or two, it’s important to spend time apart. In this way when you do see each other it’ll be a treat, you’ll always have more to talk about and you’ll be craving each other more.


13. Do It Somewhere… Risqué
Not in the middle of the M50 or on the luas tracks, but if you’re walking in the park why not just sneak your way into a bush. This way you’ll get your bit with some extra excitement and connect with nature.


14. Surprise Each Other
Say what you will about Barney Stinson, but the naked man move does actually work. Let’s look at a scenario: okay so your loved one is due to pop over to your place tonight (Netflix and pizza in mind) and you decided that you’ll answer door in your dressing gown wearing nothing underneath. When they arrive BAM!


15. Allow Yourself To Have Fun
Life is busy business. It’s hard to not let the bad things happening during the day interrupt your personal life. So when you get to hang with your partner, you can be in a pretty bad mood. If you allow yourself to smile and be happy you actually can change your mood around. In no time, you’ll find the both of you having a great time.


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Sometimes you just have to stay in on date night. The reasons could be financial, maybe the weather is terrible or maybe you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your date though!

There is only one rule to this being a success and that is: strictly no phones or laptops allowed. This will ensure you give each other your full attention and the night will be more memorable.

1. Have a movie night
Fresh popcorn, lots of sweets and a bunch of movies (one choice each).

2. Cook a meal
It’s no secret that food is sensual and that it is the way to many people’s heart so plan a fancy meal together, it doesn’t have to be expensive; there are plenty of economically savvy meals out there.

3. Listen to music
Take turns showing each other your favourite songs, cute! Just make sure you keep it kinda cool – Justin Bieber isn’t going to do you any favours.

4. Play cards
Play a game of Spit for the ultimate relationship game changer. If you lose and pound him in the face and he leaves, at least you know it could never have worked. You need to find someone who understands your passion for Spit (the game).

Other less dangerous card games for two include Gin Rummy or Shithead.

5. Make a ridiculously extravagant cake
Picking it out will be the most fun! We’re talking about a double-chocolate, triple-oreo, buttery, gooey type of cake here. Think ‘what would Nigella make’.



It has been reported that the couple have once again decided to take a break after nearly a year of dating.

As they are known to be somewhat on-again-off-again, perhaps this is just a small bump in the road. The couple split for a very short time last April following three months of dating.

It has been said that their busy work schedules are to blame for the latest split.



1. Jealousy
This is probably the biggest thing that cause a relationship to fail. Jealousy doesn’t limit itself to potential threats to your relationship from other people however. Jealousy extends to money, friends, family and even career paths. Learn to be happy for your partner and carve your own path; don’t covet theirs.

In terms of being jealous of attention coming your partner’s way, well, that’s more of a trust issue, isn’t it?

2. Trust, or lack thereof
If there is no trust in your relationship it won’t last very long. Do you eye your partner suspiciously whenever their phone beeps or if they leave the room to talk?

Maybe they’re planning your surprise birthday or have a family issue they can’t talk about going on. Either way, mind your own business. If they are cheating you’ll soon find out and be better off anyway.

3. Different places
If your partner is older or younger than you or even just a bit more mature or immature, you may have some issues. If they want to get married and have kids in the next three years and you still have a bucket list of a zillion things you need to do and see then you need to think about it. Maybe they aren’t the marrying type and it has always been your dream to start a family. If you are both in completely different places in life, chances are it won’t work out.

4. Unwillingness to try
Relationships today are disposable. There are plenty more fish in the sea right? So you have one fight over your partner eating the last nice Rose in the box leftover from Christmas and it’s over. Don’t be rash; try and make it work and you may be surprised.

Obviously if you fight like cats and dogs you should probably call it a day.