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Khloe Kardashain has faced a bit of ridicule this week, after a photo of her garnered rather a lot of attention. 

Usually, the focal point of a Kardashian Insta pic is flawless makeup, a peachy booty or killer outfit, but in this instance, it was Khloe's thumb that was taking centre stage – or should we say, both her thumbs. 

The image had fans confused, as Khloe's thumb looks split into two in the photo, which sees the mum-of-one in a long blonde wig and nude blazer. 


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Thousands of comments have pointed out the odd thumb situation – with many declaring it to be a photoshop fail.

'You slimmed your face so much it caused your thumb to spread lol it is what it is,' said one. 

'Your family photoshops everything so why wouldn’t we question the thumb?' said another. 


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Replying to one of the comments, Khloe said: 'Babe, it's a glitch app. You can't control what it makes a glitch effect to…'

'The fact that y'all think one would Photoshop thumbs concerns me a bit. What the hell are y'all Photoshopping?'

We'll accept this as a bad glitch app in this case, but there is no denying that social media has a major photoshop problem. 



Growing up as Irish teenagers, many of us covered and concealed our natural freckles with foundation layered an inch thick.

However, the tide is turning for the sun speckles, with mega-models, bloggers and superstars like Kylie Jenner embracing their natural look.

Faux freckles have been a major beauty trend this year, with hundreds of tutorials springing up online instructing the freckle-less to embellish their complexions.

Most tutorials preach dotting on the freckles one by one using an eyebrow pencil, which can be painstaking work. 

One entrepreneurial brand has caught onto the trend, and launched Faux Freckles

Remember the flash tattoo trend? Well these freckles work the same way, using a water activated transfer to pepper some pigmentation across your features. 

Image result for FRECKLES

However, not everyone is impressed with the finished look. 

"They look like the beads from the antibacterial hand soap…" commented one Instagrammer.

"You cannot fake freckles… if they're not meant for your face then don't bother. Looks odd," said another.

"So obvious it's fake!" added another commentator, suggesting that the plaster-like shape of the transfer didn't convey an air of authenticity. 

The video of the Faux Freckles has since gone viral, racking up over 1.3 million views. 

While the transfers may not be well received, any excuse to embrace our pasty, freckled complexions is good enough for us.



We all know the deal when going to the hairdressers. Whether you're just getting a trim or totally changing your gruaige, you experience a mix of total excitement and absolute terror *incase* it turns out wrong.

Well, you won't believe your eyes when you see how this poor girl's hair turned out after her trip to the chop shop.

Joanna went in hoping to come out with something like this (she told BuzzFeed she showed her stylist these kind of pics):

Cute, yes? And totally in style.

However, her journey began by the hairdresser giving her a perm (erm, what?). She told BF: "I didn't think the perm was necessary. But I didn't want to say anything because I thought it would turn out fine."

And to be honest, we go into a hairdressers to PAY them because they're supposed to know what they're doing… right?

OK, so THIS is what her hair started out like:

The stylist then bleached her hair (perm + bleach = dodge already) and this is what happened:

Ok, not too bad… there's still a bit to go to get her desired look.

But add a bottle of pink hair dye… plus 9.5 hours… AND $170 later… this was the final result:

GAH. Poor Joanne. However, she was able to turn a bad outcome good by asking for the top layer to be dyed black:

Thankfully, she still looks like a cutie, but told BF: "I probably won't be doing anything to my hair for some time."

We wouldn't either, Joanne.


We all like to watch an exciting magic trick on television every once in a while (hands up Derren Brown lovers?!) but TV viewers were left horrified when a magician's stunt went very wrong.

While appearing on a morning show in Poland, a magic trick took an awful turn when the magician accidentally pierced the hand of the presenter he was performing on.

The stomach-turning video shows Question For Breakfast host Marzena Rogalska, 46, holding her hand over a paper bag waiting to perform a stunt prepared by the Poland's Got Talent semi-finalist.

But when the reality star asks Marzena to drop her hand, she screams in agony as a nail pierces through it.

The host then drops to the floor and is rushed off camera to receive medical treatment.

The Sun reports that she was then taken to hospital where her injury was discovered to be superficial and she was given a tetanus shot.
Marzena later wrote to her fans on Facebook, saying: "Thank you for your support. I'm alive. Everything will be fine."




Kanye West had a very embarrassing time while on stage at Coachella last night.

The rapper appeared as a special guest during A$AP Rocky’s performance but according to Billboard, there was a bit of a technical glitch.

Kanye only got about ten words in to his song when his microphone cut out.

He didn't seem to mind though (or care) as he continued on but some of the festival-goers lost interest and left the stage.

Some reports are suggesting the the music festival producers decided to cut the set because it had gone into overtime (but they were probably scared he'd break out into one of his rants).


Wednesday night's episode of TOWIE is making headlines this week for more reasons than one.

Megan McKenna's epic bust-up with Kate Wright ("You're gonna rip my f**king head off!") was definitely addictive viewing, but there was one other moment in the show that had viewers raising their eyebrows.

In a scene where Kate was walking her dog with on-off man Dan Edgar, the camera pulled out to show a passer-by chatting on her phone.

The only issue? That passer-by, clearly an extra who was giddy with nerves, was clearly holding her phone upside-down. Oops.

TOWIE viewers were quick to spot the on-screen fail, which obviously went unnoticed by ITV before the show aired:

Good work, TOWIE extra. Good work.



Even though it's bad for the company, we do love when a big brand make a big photoshop fail.

And the latest to enter the hall of fame? Snickers. 

The ad features a woman in a swimsuit, with a blue sky and calm beach surrounding her. But when you look again, there's not only a mysterious hand on the woman's shoulder, there's also a bag strap in her hand and her belly button is beside her boobs. 

But before you get annoyed at how bad it is – Snickers did this on purpose. The line on the ad reads, "Photo retouchers get confused when they're hungry."

According to AdWeek, there's a total of 11 photoshop fails in the campaign. Can you spot them all? Tweet Snickers when you do. 



It was an early start for Nadine Coyle this morning, so early that she must have gotten ready in the dark. 

The singer was hoping to add a touch of glamour to her early morning interview with Lorraine on the ITV show, but instead her look turned out to be a complete #fail. 

Her make-up consisted of a (very) wrong foundation choice which seemed to be plastered all over her pretty features. 

Yep, her face was yellow and her neck was white – a mistake made by many of us in our teenage-disco years. 

The contrast was extremely noticeable and her bright pink lips and dark shadow didn't do much to help her either.

Viewers noticed the disaster quite quickly and took to social media to question the make-up fail.

One Twitter users asked, "What the hell is going on with Nadine's foundation it's completely the wrong colour."

Another pointed out, "Nadine has an orange face and white neck. Even I know how to blend," while another blamed the make-up artist, "Ooh, Nadine needs to sack the MUA – that foundation is totally the wrong colour."



Auto-correct fails have happened to the best of us. But usually these fails go no further than a text between friends or your Iphone suggesting that everything is 'ducking' this and 'ducking' that. 

This time auto-correct taking on it's own meaning of what you're trying to say had some consequences. A birthday cake in fact. 

This cake was designed for someone's 21st birthday but when it arrived they realised that auto-correct may have interfered with the design. 

"My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this"

Absolutely gas.  



When bad lip syncing happens to good singers, it’s time to worry about the music industry!

Arguably one of the best voices in the business, Mariah Carey suffered an embarrassing episode on stage on Saturday at The Jazz and Blues Festival. The singer was recorded blatantly lip-syncing to her hits and has now been met with lots of criticism.

The footage comes not long after it was announced that Mariah would be taking on a Vegas residency, so fans are bound to be upset. 

It's not the first time Mariah's singing has been called into question after she was slammed over the Christmas holidays for faltering vocals. 


They say showbusiness is tough – and it seems this is the truth, especially if you're a make-up artist! 

News reporter Hannah Storm has gone viral after she was caught on TV shoving her make-up artist out of the shot and then giving her some serious side-eye action. 

However, many have claimed that Hannah was actually doing the MUA a favour as she could have been fired if she was seen in the shot. 

Well, seen she was and so was Hannah shoving her ruthlessly! 



Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader had a very funny reaction when they realise that their interviewer hasn’t seen the movie they are promoting…awkward!

The reporter takes it a little bit better than he should we think – but what can you do but laugh, eh?!

Note to self: when interviewing actors about a movie WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST!