Reasons relationships fail

1. Jealousy
This is probably the biggest thing that cause a relationship to fail. Jealousy doesn’t limit itself to potential threats to your relationship from other people however. Jealousy extends to money, friends, family and even career paths. Learn to be happy for your partner and carve your own path; don’t covet theirs.

In terms of being jealous of attention coming your partner’s way, well, that’s more of a trust issue, isn’t it?

2. Trust, or lack thereof
If there is no trust in your relationship it won’t last very long. Do you eye your partner suspiciously whenever their phone beeps or if they leave the room to talk?

Maybe they’re planning your surprise birthday or have a family issue they can’t talk about going on. Either way, mind your own business. If they are cheating you’ll soon find out and be better off anyway.

3. Different places
If your partner is older or younger than you or even just a bit more mature or immature, you may have some issues. If they want to get married and have kids in the next three years and you still have a bucket list of a zillion things you need to do and see then you need to think about it. Maybe they aren’t the marrying type and it has always been your dream to start a family. If you are both in completely different places in life, chances are it won’t work out.

4. Unwillingness to try
Relationships today are disposable. There are plenty more fish in the sea right? So you have one fight over your partner eating the last nice Rose in the box leftover from Christmas and it’s over. Don’t be rash; try and make it work and you may be surprised.

Obviously if you fight like cats and dogs you should probably call it a day.