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If you are coeliac or gluten-intolerant, pizza is usually off the menu, unfortunately.

This is why in her cookbook Finn's World, author Finn Ní Fhaoláin, suffering from the condition herself, has come up with a gluten-free pizza that you can make at home. 

The recipe is actually quite easy, so don't hesitate to give it a go!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cardboard – Thick Crust Pizza

Makes enough for 4 mini (15cm) pizzas 

1 cup (120g) GF self-raising flour, plus extra for rolling – Doves Farm Organic is tip top: great ingredients and no chemicals!
pinch of salt
1 cup (250g) Greek yogurt 
2 tbsp olive oil


big handful (30g grated or ½ ball sliced) mozzarella for each mini pizza
1 cup (225g) tomato frito – a wonderful Spanish invention where they have already added the garlic and seasoning to the tomato; if your local supermarket doesn’t have it, passata with some oregano, garlic powder and salt will do
2 chestnut mushrooms
2 pineapple rings in juice – not syrup, no need for that nastaay sugar
2 slices Serrano or Parma ham

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line 2 baking trays with baking parchment – this stops the pizzas from sticking and makes them easier to move. 

Chuck the flour and salt in a big bowl. Make a well in the middle of the flour and pour in the yogurt and olive oil. Mix the lot together with a wooden spoon to make a sticky dough.

Now the fancy looking bit. Pour about ⅓ cup of flour on a big chopping board and smooth it out a bit. For non-gluey hands, quickly dust your hands with flour. I love doing this as it reminds me of ‘chalking up’ for weight lifting. Time to show this dough who’s boss!

Working with ¼ of your dough at a time, grab a chunk and drop it on the floured board. Roll it around till you have a floury ball – if the dough feels too wet just add more flour. Warning: this GF version will never be as gluey as regular pizza dough and will feel softer than you’d expect, so none of that fancy swinging it around the place! 

Next, pop a ball of dough onto on side of your papered-up baking tray (you should fit two small pizzas on an average tray). Cover your rolling pin in flour to stop the dough sticking. Roll the pizza base out by moving the dough a quarter turn clockwise after each roll. This stops the dough from breaking and keeps the nice round shape. Using your hands, flatten the dough in the centre and squish the edges to create a thick-crust pizza. 

Repeat till you have 2 mini pizzas for each tray. Pop the trays in the oven for 10 minutes to partially cook the dough.

For the toppings, thinly slice the mushrooms and chop the pineapple into chunks. I love Serrano ham for a little twist on the classic Hawaiian – it adds such a great flavour and you can cut thin strips using a scissors.

Take the pizza bases out of the oven, and now it’s time to customise! Do you like loads of sauce? Not too much cheese? I like a good dollop of sauce, but plenty of space for plain crust that I can use for dippies later.
Spoon on your sauce, spread it out then grab a good handful of cheese and sprinkle over each pizza. Pop the bases back in the oven for 5–10 mins to let the cheese melt. After this take them out, arrange your mushrooms, pineapple and ham and pop back in for another 10–15mins till the cheese is golden brown.

To Serve: For a healthier dinner, this pizza goes great with salads and some sweet potato fries. For naughty nights, scoff two of the mini pizzas, wash down with a GF beer or a nice cider and keep your crusts for dipping in a creamy garlic mayo – 4 tbsp mayo, ½ tsp garlic powder and ½ tsp oregano.

This base works brilliantly with any combo of toppings and sauces you can dream up – think salsa instead of tomato sauce, or if cow’s milk doesn’t agree with you, try goat’s yogurt in the base and melty goat’s cheese with sundried tomatoes and artichokes as a topping. 




There are few among us that don't rely on certain things to make our busy lives that little bit easier, right?

With that in mind, we put a call out for the gadget, gizmo, app or establishment that makes your day-to-day simpler in an effort to pay tribute at the inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards on May 4.

And as nation of foodies, it's no real surprise that food-focussed delivery app, Just Eat, took the crown at our gala in the Mansion House.

Up against stiff competition in the form of My Taxi, Chopped, Clarisonic Facial Cleanser and Water Wipes Cleansing Wipes, Just Eat reigned supreme.

Launched in April 2008, ordering on the go became so much easier and then these guys decided to grace our iPhone and Android devices.

Taking to social media on the night of the event, the Just Eat folk couldn't resist a food-related celebratory tweet, writing: "Winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Makes Life Easy Award!"

You guys earned it!



Our one saving grace after a heavy night on the sesh is being able to tell ourselves that the carry-on we exhibited the night before has absolutely no connection to the person we are the following morning.

But if blaming questionable behaviour on 'drunk you' is your go-to response, findings from a study conducted by researchers at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health may leave you feeling a little cold this afternoon.

According to those in the know, alcohol doesn't impact that heavily on an individual's personality.

While we have home footage which seriously begs to differ, findings, which were published in the journal of Clinical Psychological Science, have concluded that the individual will identify internal changes to their personalities when intoxicated which aren't actually evident to an observer.

So, how did they go about studying this theory?

Researchers surveyed 156 people, and focussed their attention on alcohol consumption as well as the participants' perception of their own typical sober and drunk personalities.

15 minutes after giving half the group a soft drink and the other half vodka, which brought their blood alcohol level to .09, researchers then provided both groups with a range of activities which involved social interaction.

Following this, outside observers and those who had consumed alcohol were asked to watch footage of the exchanges  in order to identify shifts in personality, and interestingly, the supposed changes were barely recognisable.

The study suggests that the intoxicated person believes their personality to be different following the consumption of alcohol when the changes are actually only very minor

"The participants experienced internal changes that were real to them but imperceptible to observers," asserted the study’s lead scientist Rachel Winograd

Far be it from us to question science, but 15 minutes? We imagine the findings would be very different after a good two hours on the lash.


The foodie scene in Ireland has never been bigger.

And with chefs keen to impress, influencers eager to educate and restaurants only dying to inspire, there’s never been a better time to embark on a foodie bucket list around our green isle.

But if that particular adventure remains a mere pipe dream right now, you can rest easy as RTÉ have harnessed the expertise of Chef Adrian for an incredible six-part online series where he shows you how to create the nation’s most popular restaurant dishes at home!

With the Cavan-native front and centre, Chef Adrian Eats Ireland pays tribute to Ireland's gastronomy scene, and we cannot wait to get involved!

Following an online poll to find the best food in Ireland, the show visits the winning restaurants in Cork, Galway, Wicklow, Sligo and Dublin to uncover the secrets behind their famous dishes; all nominated by the Irish public.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Chef Adrian brings his knowledge and ideas back to his outdoor kitchen where he cooks his own unique version of the dish, together with special celebrity guests including Samantha Mumba, Jenny Dixon and comedian PJ Gallagher.

Commenting on the series, Chef Adrian said: ”Working on ‘Chef Adrian Eats Ireland’ has been so rewarding and brings together my three great loves – food, fun and Ireland.”

“I wanted to share my passion for quality food and show viewers that cooking, even your favourite restaurant dishes, can be made simple." he added reflecting on the Because Taste Matters hashtag.

So if you’re only dying to sample the delights our country has to offer, be sure to tune in and take a trip around Ireland with the man himself before recreating it yourself!

You can watch Chef Adrian Eats Ireland here and for more recipe inspiration visit www.carrs.ie

And that's not all! You can become a Carr's fan on Facebook here!


The time has come, ladies.

The Eatyard – Dublin's newest foodie market – is launching next to the Bernard Shaw this Thursday, and its full list of stalls has finally been released.


While we had been given an idea of what was to come, we couldn't rest easy until the full list was officially announced, and we are so PUMPED right now.

Brought to us by the same Bodytonic team which brought us BeatYard and the Big Grill festival, The Eatyard looks set to go off with a bang this week.

Box Burger

A staple on Bray seafront in Co Wicklow serving great gourmet burgers with an urban flare.

Think filthy burgers and sides loaded with finger licking toppings. They cater to gluten intolerance too so no one misses out.

Broughgammon Farm

Voted best snack category in the London street food awards, this forward-thinking family farm specialising in kid goat, free range rose veal and seasonal wild game.Not only do they farm, but they also have their own on-site butchery and farmshop.

The menu includes their bestselling Billy Burger, Free Range Rose Veal Steak Burger, Pulled Cabrito Wraps, Cabrito Curry, Rose Escalope Sandwich,, Slow Cooked, pulled veal wraps or burgers, Goat Kebabs and Wild Vension Burgers when in season through the winter.

Pitt Brothers

The first "Low & Slow" authentic American BBQ eatery in Dublin. Pitt Brothers offers long, slow smoked pork, ribs, brisket, chicken and sausage all served with delicious sides.

Their process uses smoke to flavour and tenderise meat, cooking it at a low temperature for up to 14 hours. The art of this laid back cooking is an American tradition, with Pitt Bros chefs smoking brisket and pork for over 12-14 hours to achieve mouth-wateringly tender results.


A healthy twist on well loved comfort food, offering the likes of Bone Broth Pot Noodles, Healthy Spice Bags and Raw Pad Thai.

Piply was created when the team discovered a gap in the market to make eating well easier in our hectic lives. Piply are fully transparent in their menu ensuring you’ll be well on your way to your five a day after one serving.


Recently named Best Street Food 2016, this plant based food truck serves the best of world inspired street food.

Run by the Australian chef Mark Senn, who has been vegetarian for over 20 years and worked in the famous Mildred’s of Soho (London) as well as Head Chef at Soul Mama (Melbourne). He also ran the renowned vegan video cooking website Veginity.com and self-published his first cook book “Losing my Veginity”.

The Ploughman's Daughter

Traditional Raclette is a thing of beauty. Boiled baby potatoes smothered in molten Raclette cheese which is melted to order and scraped straight off the wheel onto your plate.

The Ploughman’s Daughter serve their Raclette with home-pickled onions and a variety of optional toppings, from homemade plum relish to crispy bacon bits.

Their menu will also feature some amazing cheese plates, showcasing Ireland’s best cheeses, breads, seasonal fruit and homemade chutneys. And given that cheese is a fermented food, why not continue the theme with some house kombucha or kefir water?

The team here are committed to using products that are Irish, seasonal and organic with everything served made in-house.


What streetfood market would be worth its salt without a hearty serving of savoury pie? Cue Pieman, purveyors of the most delicious pie and mash in the city.

Team that with the famous sausage rolls, warming soups and morish stews all handmade using only the highest quality ingredients and you’ve got a guaranteed Eatyard favourite.

Dublin Doughnut Company

The Dublin Doughnut Co bring handcrafted doughnuts made right here in the city using only the best; anything else would be a compromise.

Especially for Eatyard, the team has conceptualised a build-your-own ice-cream donut with your choice of donut base adorned with homemade whipped ice cream and your preferred toppings i.e. homemade Reese’s Pieces!

Cornude Artisan Popcorn

Flavoured popcorn is having a moment. Take your obsession to the next level with Cornude Artisan Popcorn as they delicately coat huge kernels of popcorn with their hand made glaze.

Award winners for two years running, Cornude has grabbed the heart of foodies the length and breadth of Ireland as they travel from market to fair.

Big Blue Bus

This 1979 double decker bus now converted into a pizza restaurant has been a mainstay in the Bernard Shaw pub for years. Baking delicious gourmet stone pizza, garlic bread and bruschetta the Big Blue Bus will be taking pride of place at Eatyard.

Ariosa Coffee

Established in Ashbourne, Co Meath since 2003, Ariosa supply to cafes and restaurants all over Ireland. Their ethically sourced beans are roasted on a weekly basis to ensure the freshest coffee possible – the perfect winter warmer.

Brewtonic Beers:

Brewtonic is the creative arm of the Bodytonic bars. From brewing their own beers to conjuring up new cocktails, cordials and bitters, they like to play with everything that goes in the glass or the cup. Brews, tipples, alcohol or water, hot or cold, as long it brews…it’s in.

At Eatyard they will be serving up some of their finest brews, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

They will also be curating a selection of the best small batch Irish beers, in draught and cans, along with some favourites from further ashore.

The Brewtonic Lemonade Soda Stand:

Making fresh, to-order sodas and soft drinks, the Brewtonic Lemonade Soda stand will quench the thirst of Eatyard guests both young and old

The Brewtonic Shop

Displaying wares to satisfy beer lovers, cocktail enthusiasts and all fans of liquid creativity, the Brewtonic Shop promises measures, muddlers, spoons, literature and much more.

Winter Warmers:

From Hot Toddies with your choice of Jameson whiskey or Havana rum infused with lemon, honey and spices to Festive Mulled Wine flavoured with fresh orange, lemon and cloves as well as their speciality Quentao with Brazilian spiced Rum with ginger and lime the Winter Warmer bar is guaranteed to warm your cockles on a winter’s night!  

Jameson Bar:

Exclusively for Christmas, Jameson Caskmates and Brewtonic Craft Beer will be partnering as Boilermates creating festive and delicious pairings in the bespoke  Jameson container bar.

Later in the season, guests to Eatyard can engage in some Risky Whiskey Roulette to win drink upgrades and prizes galore.

Excuse us while we figure out how to pack it all in.


Credit where credit's due – our country has has an array of absolutely cracking clubs, pubs and bars, and our capital city rarely falls short when it comes to top-notch watering holes.

While we all have our favourites dotted around the city, the good folk at the National Hospitality Conference and Awards have the final word when it comes to what constitutes the biggest and brightest in Ireland.

And they have officially spoken.

In an event which took place in Dublin's Intercontinental Hotel last night, a number of Dublin hotspots were given the nod, and we're pumped that more than a few of our top picks made the cut.

So, without further ado….

Best Pub:

The Stag's Head on Dublin's Dame Lane is one of the best known in the city, and ultimately came up trumps in this coveted category.

Best New Establishment:

Farrier & Draper, which replaced The Lost Society on South William Street earlier this year, nabbed the gong last night.

Best Cocktail Bar: 

The Vintage Cocktail Club, which is nestled behind a fairly unremarkable heavy black door on Crown Alley is home to one of the coolest bars in the city, walked away with this coveted prize last night.

Best Traditional Pub:

Toner's of Baggot Street won out over South Anne Street competitor Kehoes this time around.

Best Nightclub:

The Wright Venue beat off competition from the iconic Lillie's Bordello to nab the best nightclub award.