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On a day like today, all I want is my Gossip Girl boxsets and a giant pizza. The miserable weather has certainly dampened our moods but one thing that'll perk us right up is trying the world's best pizza.

And you can have it delivered right to your door, thanks to Fallon & Byrne.

While the rest of us debate whether pineapple is or isn’t acceptable on pizza, Fallon & Byrne has been to the home of pizza in Italy, and competed against 500 of the best pizza makers in the world.

Head Pizza Chef Alessandro Capozzi was crowned Best Pizzaiolo in Ireland and placed second in the world at the Campionato Nazionale DOC.

Fallon & Byrne pizzas can be ordered directly from the Deliveroo app and enjoyed from the comfort of home or as an office treat. They are authentic Pizza Napoletana and created using the fresh ingredients of Fallon & Byrne’s famous Food Hall. 

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said: “We all know Fallon & Byrne pizza is delicious, and now it’s officially world class delicious. Truly authentic Italian pizza is an art form that deserves to be eaten, shared and enjoyed by all.

“We’re really proud to be able to deliver world class dishes to the homes and offices of Ireland, all thanks to working with the likes of Fallon & Byrne, who are as passionate about great food delivery as we are,” he added.

The international competition saw over 500 pizza chefs from across Europe, including a strong Irish contingent, the United States, Africa and South America vie for the top prize. The award is a huge coup for Ireland and an acknowledgement of the incredibly high standard of pizza now available in the country.

The competition is recognised by UNESCO in support of Neopolitan-style pizza, as an important expression of food culture and the definitive version of Italy’s most famous dish.


Instagram is the spirit home of foodies – so many opportunities to share beautifully filtered pictures of every meal!

If you're sick of seeing only sunsets and motivational quotes in your feed, it's time to give your Instagram a boost by checking out some of Ireland's finest foodies.

From bloggers to critics and everyone in between, we've handpicked a few that we reckon are well worth a follow…

1. Lilly Higgins: @lillyh
This Cork-based food writer, chef and blogger is a great advocate for locally sourced, tasty food – check her out for lots of recipe inspiration and gorgeous farmers' market shots!


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2. R.M. Kealy: @rmkealy
The fabulous Ms. Kealy is a copywriter and business manager by day, but she's a huge foodie too – prepare to drool at her posts of dishes from some of Ireland's best restaurants


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3. Niamh Shields: @eatlikeagirl
This Irish travel and food writer lives in London but don't be surprised if you see her posting from some far-flung corner of the globe!


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4. Donal Skehan: @donalskehan
Ireland's youngest celebrity chef has a gorgeous Instagram feed packed with recipe ideas, mouth-watering meals… and the odd picture of his adorable doggie Max.


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5. Forkful: @forkfultv
Recipe channel Forkful is the brainchild of blogger and cook Aoife McElwain and photographer Mark Duggan. Its motto is "simple recipes deliciously shot," which says it all, really. Get all the behind-the-scenes action on their Instagram page:


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6. Holly Kenna: @hollyspantry
Culinary master and food blogger Holly is originally from Ireland but living in Brooklyn, New York. This girl gives us serious life envy!


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