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We can all admit that there are some Christmas gifts that we just dump in a drawer or under our bed for the foreseeable future.

The bath set gathers dust on the shelf and the blouse that’s too small is shoved in the back of your wardrobe.

One Dublin charity is urging the public to do something useful with these unwanted gifts by donating them.

We fail to realise that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Crosscare, a homeless charity, are asking the public to make use of their unwanted Christmas gifts by sending them to the charity.

Michael McDonagh of Crosscare said: “This simple idea has grown over the years and it is such a pleasure for our staff to be able to bring that small bit of extra cheer to people in our services with who struggle at this time of the year.”

They have vowed to put the unwanted gifts to good use by giving them to those less fortunate.

Crosscare have asked people to bring the gifts to St Mary’s Pro Cathedral in Dublin. They will then give the gifts to homeless people who avail of their help.

You have until January 6 to bring your gifts to the Pro Cathedral in Dublin.

You can make a massive difference to the lives of those less fortunate this festive season by simply donating gifts that will just be dumped in your room to Crosscare.

After all, it is the season of goodwill.


We are always in awe of the incredible work Pieta House do. The charity has helped so many people cope with their mental health disorders and overcome some of the darkest moments in their lives.

In October, the charity will run one of it’s greatest campaigns to date. Feel Good Week will bring people together to remind themselves of how good they can feel and raise vital funds.

Feel Good Week will take place from October 20 to 27.

The aim is to help people #FindtheFeeling through a nationwide campaign of wellness, mindfulness, active, social and fun events. All you have to do is get together with your nearest and dearest and spread positive vibes by hosting a Feel Good event.

There are so many different things you can do during Feel Good Week, but we decided to conjure up the top five things that always lift our spirits.

1: Dance it out: Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang shared this wonderful piece of advice with us on Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re feeling a bit low or sluggish and need to lift your spirits then stick on ABBA or Taylor Swift or whatever cheesy music tickles your fancy and just dance away the negativity with your sisters or your co-workers. 

2: Breakfast morning: There’s nothing we love more than breakfast food. Seeing a table full of strawberries, croissants, yoghurts, grapes, and pain au chocolat is our idea of heaven. Host a breakfast morning at your office and encourage your colleagues to step away from their desk for even ten minutes and natter to one another over a cup of coffee instead of through email.

3: Embrace the nostalgia: Something as simple as watching The Little Mermaid can spark positive memories so go back in time and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and your favourite Disney film playing on the TV. Studies claim nostalgia is good for the mind because it can boost both your energy and spirit.

4: Get outside: The last thing you want to do after a draining day at work is to go outside and be at one with nature, we’d much rather be at one with Netflix. However, even our lazy, sloth-like selves know just how good you feel after spending some time outside. 

It can help you unwind and let go of the stress of the day. Why don’t you call up your old school friends and go for a walk along the pier?

5: Host a mystery book swap: It’s like going on a blind date, but with books. Call up your fellow bookworms and exchange your favourite book- but there’s a twist. Participants need to wrap up their books so the cover is hidden.

Think of it as Secret Santa for book lovers. The mystery element helps make it that little bit more exciting.

Are you ready to #FindTheFeeling? It’s easy to take part. You can register your fundraiser FREE on www.pieta.ie/feelgood.



“There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” is a phrase we mutter far too often. It feels like we are busier than ever and the pressure to have a lively social life can sometimes take over, resulting in you attending every social event you’re invited to.

Finding the perfect balance is tricky, but it can be worth it and extremely necessary. One thing we should all try to do more of is volunteering.

Volunteering is the perfect way of giving back to those in need. The Me Too movement showed us just how many women suffer from sexual assault on a daily basis. As women we should try to support one another in whatever way we can.

If you’re hoping to volunteer then one very important Irish charity could do with a helping hand. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre have issued a call for volunteers.

They need people, who are over the age of 25, to help with their 24-hour helpline. They are also looking for people to assist victims on visits to court, Garda stations and hospitals.

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre explained that volunteers are extremely valuable to their service. In 2016, their 99 volunteers accompanied over 260 survivors of sexual violence to sexual assault treatment units, to court and Garda stations.

Volunteers will be given extensive training by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre team.

If you want to find out more about volunteering you can call 01 6614911 or email the organisation.

Visit their website for more information on how you can donate and support the hard-working organisation.




The Irish Blood Transfusion Service has called on the public to donate blood this summer as these months can be some of the most challenging for the service.

They need at least 15,000 donors per month for the blood supply to remain at a steady level.

The service has specifically asked for people who are O positive, O negative, A positive and B negative to donate.

Operating Director of the IBTS Paul McKinney said: "The summer months are always a challenging time for blood donation – children are on holidays or doing exams, the evenings are long and fine, or there are other distractions such as the World Cup.”

He has asked people to donate before they go on their holidays.

By donating blood you can help people live happier and healthier lives. Thousands of people need blood in Ireland’s hospitals, especially those who are undergoing surgery, recovering from cancer or have been in a serious accident.

Visit www.giveblood.ie for more future clinic times/dates available.