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Congratulations are in order as Jennifer Zamparelli this morning announced that she is expecting her second child.

Live on air, the popular 2FM presenter revealed that she's about to become a mother for the second time.

In typical Jennifer style, she sent herself up with a back story before informing listeners that her daughter is soon to get a new sibling.


#throwback to when I was pregnant but my husband was the one glowing

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"The RTE TV launch is this Thursday and I have to go because Bernard won't go – he hates it," Jennifer began.

"I have to go talk about Bridget and Eamon and I'm mega stressed because I have to get into a photocall with Vogue 'I'm not drinking, I'm on bootcamp, I'm coming back from Ibiza tanned' Williams," she continued.

Certain the public will feel compelled to compare her and Vogue, Jennifer said: "I'm going to look like I've eaten 18 boxes of doughnuts and I just want to explain right here, right now."

"I'm up the pole, bun in the oven, stork is coming, there's a baba coming, I'm pregnant – how else can I say it? I'm up the duff." she confirmed.

Finishing the announcement in a manner unique to her own presenting style, Jennifer joked that listeners were welcome to phone in and claim paternity, adding: "The big question today is, if you think you're the father call us!"

Jennifer married husband, Leo, in 2014 before welcoming baby daughter, Florence, the following year.



With the Irish accent being considered one of the sexiest in the world, those of us blessed with a cúpla focail are bound to attract the attention of lay persons and celebrities alike.

But just because a gaeilgeoir becomes the focus of a star’s affections, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically accept their advances.

Appearing on The Eoghan McDermott Show yesterday, Gráinne Seoige recounted how she was once forced to put Bruno Mars back in “his tiny little box” after the Grammy winner asked her on a double date.

Speaking of the incident – which occurred when the popular presenter was working with ITV’s Daybreak breakfast show in London – the Spiddal native said: “I didn’t teach him any Gaeilge but I had to put him back in his little box one morning on breakfast TV.”

“I think he was really using me to ask the news anchor on Daybreak out.  He was inviting us to his concert…He said, ‘And bring your little friend with you’ and I was like, ‘No, we’ll be tucked up in bed’.”


Stressing her belief that the 24K Magic singer was more interested in her colleague, Gráinne continued: “I said, ‘You’ll have to ask her for yourself…But I know I’m not free tonight’.”

It sounds like Gráinne made herself very clear indeed!


He’s the Voice Of Ireland host who pretty much wowed the nation when he got Ed Sheeran to sing Thinking Out Loud as Gaeilge.

Released last year, the album Ceol also featured the likes of The Coronas, Kodaline, and Keywest.

And now Eoghan has revealed in conversation with SHEmazing that he’s all set for Ceol round 2 – and that he has a HUGE US-star lined up for it.

“It’s going to be pretty massive,” the 2fm presenter added.

“We’re almost there on it – it’s just a matter of firming up the detail at this stage. I'm not going to name names just yet, they're up there with, say, Taylor-Swift in terms of fame.”

Eoghan was yesterday hanging out with the likes of Rosanna Davison and Samantha Mumba at the 3Live area at Longitude – where Three was hosting acoustic performances, secret gigs and film screenings.

And at the 3Club, Eoghan also impressed the revellers with an indoor DJ set.

“We’ve had a pretty crap summer and then all of a sudden the sun comes out… so I really wasn’t expecting the crowd to show up in the way that they did. But it was epic!

“I love the The Voice and I’d never knock it but it’s very much ‘silly jokes’. So it’s nice to bring back to music every now and then. There are really only a few companies that really do music properly – and Three is one of them.”

He’s adamant he doesn’t particularly have his sights set on the Late Late gig once Ryan Tubridy moves aside, but the 33-year-old says he loves Brendan O’Connor’s new show, Cutting Edge.

“He probably felt he had something to prove,” Eoghan adds, “but he’s definitely proved it now.”

That and he loves the Ellen DeGeneres format: “She does the silly stuff but then gets Obama for a discussion about racial inequality. It’s seamless.” 

Finally, Eoghan, who has been open about his own battles with depression and self-harm, recommends that everyone has a mentor – admitting that he has three.

“Years ago a guy was over from London to do some work with Spin 1038, where I had a show at the time. He liked what I was doing and brought me back with him to work on XFM – where likes of Dermot O'Leary, Russell Brand, and Ricky Gervais all cut their teeth. 

“That was a turning point. And I know I've been very lucky in my career to date.”


Storm Keating may have been born with a model-ready name, but if things had gone differently we'd be calling her something very different indeed.

The Aussie beauty took to Instagram just now to defend herself after some controversy around her "real" name cropped up on 2fm this morning.

During an interview with 2fm's Breakfast Republic host Jennifer Maguire, RTÉ's weather queen Teresa Mannion dropped the bombshell that Storm's real name might not in fact be the one we've always known her by.

"When I was doing Good Morning Australia, the presenters were chatting to me during the break and they were saying, ‘Do you kow Ronan Keating?'” she said, according to Goss.ie.

"He’s married to an Australian’ and I said ‘Oh yeah, Storm’ and they said that’s not her real name. There was a little bit of bitchiness there.”

After some Google sleuthing, Jennifer suggested on air that Storm's name might in fact be (the far less glamourous) Sharyn.

Now, Storm's setting the record straight – yes her first name IS Sharyn, but she's always gone by her middle name.

She even went so far as to post a copy of her birth cert – which does indeed list her name as Sharyn Storm Uechtritz – to prove it.

"My birth certificate for @JenniferMaguire and anyone else who is curious about my name," the model wrote. 

"My parents took the name 'Storm' from one of the novels in Wilbur Smith's first trilogy (a famous South African journalist) because they loved it and have called me Storm since I was born.

"They made my first name 'Sharyn' because they were worried that people might make fun of me… turns out they were right.

"The use of middle names is not uncommon," she finished, going on to list other celebs – including Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, Rihanna and Will Ferrell – who've ditched their first names.

If you want to hear more, it might be worth tuning into 2fm tomorrow morning, at least if Jennifer gets her way:



Since Sir Terry Wogan passed away, the tributes have been pouring in from across the world.

Presenters, friends, actors, have all given us a little glimpse into the life of Terry Wogan, but one radio presenter wrote the most touching tribute you could ask for.

2FM's Will Leahy wrote a tribute on Facebook, and probably said what most of us felt about Sir Terry:

And Terry had all the warmth in the world. But it wasn't just the way he spoke or the sound of his voice, Terry seemed to have it all:

As we all know, when your passionate about your work, it's like going to Disneyland when you sit in your idol's studio, or speak to them over the phone:

We couldn't agree more with Will. Terry will live on in our hearts as one of the Greats, and from this tribute it's clear to see that he meant a lot of things to a lot of people.


Well, that's one way to avoid the post-Christmas fear.

2FM host Ruth Scott revealed on Twitter last night that she was postponing a grim alcohol-free January in favour of something a little more exciting – her engagement celebrations.

"Myself & @RobMorganDublin were going to do #DryJanuary #OnTheDry but he only went & proposed on New Year's Eve," she wrote. 

"Can I do DryFeb instead?"

Ruth has been seeing Merrion Hotel accountant Rob Morgan for the last two years, and admitted recently that the long wait for Mr Right was more than worth it.

"People always say you will meet someone when you least expect it, and I was ‘least expecting it’ for twelve years, because I was single for that long," she said in a recent interview with the Irish Independent.

"Rob is brilliant and so encouraging, and while it’s great to be comfortable on your own, it is also really nice to have someone who has your back."

The newly-engaged pair met back in 2013 at a Father Ted quiz night in Dublin, a coincidence which no doubt holds some significance for Rob as he is the son of the late Father Ted actor Dermot Morgan.

"As soon as I saw Rob, I thought he was quite hot," Ruth confessed.

"We went for many coffees at first, because I was so out of practice at dating, but you know, I don’t give a damn about being single for twelve years, as it was worth it to meet Rob."

Congrats to Ruth and Rob!



It's been seven months since Zayn Malik confirmed he was leaving One Direction, but in hindsight it seems like it could have been the best decision for the band.

The remaining four lads are on the verge of their longest break yet, but Niall Horan says they're closer than ever.

"We’re happy and everything’s worked out," he told 2FM's Eoghan McDermott in an interview recorded in the early hours of this morning. 

"It’s actually brought us, the rest of us, closer together."

And speaking about Zayn's decision to leave the band mid-tour, Niall said there was never any bad blood.

"There were never any arguments or disagreements, or anything like that, I think he just fell out of love with it in the end.

"Towards the end you could see he wasn’t enjoying it as much, his heart wasn’t in it as much."

Back in March it seemed to many as if Zayn's decision to leave had been sparked by an ultimatum from his then-fiancée Perrie Edwards – which Niall did seem to allude to in his interview. 

"He had a couple of conversations where he had to make a few decisions I guess," Niall said.

There was more drama for the foursome earlier this week when their Belfast gig was cancelled at the eleventh hour, moments before they were due to appear on stage.

Today it was reported that Liam Payne's alleged "sudden illness" may in fact have been more of a "meltdown" sparked by the stress of constant work.

But when pressed by Eoghan today, Niall didn't give too much away.

"He was 'unable to perform,' that's all I will say," the Mullingar man said with a laugh.

And with an indefinite hiatus ahead, what does Niall hope to do with all that free time? Golf, travel and head to the gym, that's what.

"By the end of next year I’d love to be a low single-figures golfer," he admitted. 

"I’d like to be in some sort of good shape too."

Listen to the full interview below:


There'll no doubt be huge celebrations in 2fm this morning, as one of the station's most popular presenters has just revealed some briliant news.

Jenny Greene announced last night on social media that she and her long-term girlfriend Kelly Keogh are now engaged. The pair have been an item for almost three years, and Jenny popped the question during a romantic trip to Portugal this week.

The DJ, who co-hosts The Nicky Byrne Show on 2fm, posted a sweet picture of the couple to Facebook and Twitter, and of course didn't hesitate to show off Kelly's gorgeous ring.

"She said yes!" Jenny wrote, alongside a snap of Kelly's square-cut diamond. What a sparkler!

Jenny and Kelly's engagement is timely, given that the Marriage Equality Act was signed into law two weeks ago, allowing same-sex couples to legally marry in Ireland. 

Speaking about tying the knot in an interview last year, Jenny said she hoped to do it on Irish soil when the time came.

"I would love to get married in Ireland," she said when asked about the Yes Equality campaign which started last year ahead of the referendum in May 2015.


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"I am not a big campaigner and I don’t go out and march. But I think anybody should be allowed to get married if they want to… I don’t have a problem if someone else wants to get married so I don’t understand why they should have a problem with what I do," she said.

Jenny's friends and colleagues, including RTE's Eoghan McDermott and Ciara King, were quick to offer congratulations last night:

We're sure the celebrations will continue in full swing in Portugal today!


Sweating, exhausted from chemo, and surrounded by reality TV cameras – it’s no wonder that Louise McSharry’s bridal boutique experiences fell somewhat short of the fairytale.

“I wasn't ready to go shopping,” the popular 2fm presenter admitted earlier today at the launch of RTÉ2's new season schedule at the station's Montrose campus.

“I'd done the Late Late Show the night before and I’d had chemotherapy the previous Tuesday so I was exhausted.”

The 32-year-old was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma last year, and spent much of early 2015 filming for her forthcoming show, Reality Bites: F**k Cancer.

“One of the side effects for me with chemo was having really bad hot flashes,” she added, explaining that one particular outlet she visited had no ventilation.

“I was sweating SO much!” she laughed.


A photo posted by Louise McSharry (@louisemcsharry) on

Unsurprisingly, and despite being surrounded by “beautiful” dresses, Louise admitted she felt uncomfortable the whole time.

“Anybody who has gone wedding dress shopping knows that they only have them in one size and that is never my size, so I was trying to squeeze myself in to dresses that didn’t fit me. 

"It was just a really bad day.”

Today, Ms. McSharry – who was adamant she’d avoid a pre-ceremony crash-diet – said that her experience was far from unique.

"I’ve heard horror stories from friends who've been told to wear Spanx or lose weight, but if anyone had said that to me I honestly would have ripped their face off because it's bullsh*t. 

"The idea that you need to have a particular body for your wedding – I don’t buy into any of that.

"I found the whole wedding dress shopping thing really difficult in that regard.”

Thankfully, she eventually found her dream gown at the Bridal Corner in Glasnevin,  on the recommendation of a nurse treating her in hospital.

“The shop happened to be right outside my house and I went there with just one friend, really low key, and that was when I found stuff I liked.”

And without a doubt, she looked absolutely stunning on her big day – marrying long-term partner Gordon Spearin last month in front of friends and family in Co. Cork.

Meanwhile, though many newlywed couples might put starting a family on the long finger, Louise says it’s at the forefront of her mind.

“My eggs are decimated. I was given an injection during treatment to help my ovaries take cover and go back to normal after chemo but I went for fertility testing a couple of months ago and it wasn’t good news,” she explained.

“I definitely want a family 100 percent, but we’ll just have to wait and see and let nature take its course.”


Yesterday in Cork, 2FM radio DJ Louise McSharry married her partner Gordon Spierin.

Earlier on this week Louise took to twitter to post the message “what a difference a year makes,” as it marked one year since she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Louise received good news in March when her doctors informed her she was in remission.

The 32-year old took a brief break from radio but has since resumed her position on the air waves every weekday evening.

Leading up the big day the DJ gave us all an intimate look at her wedding preparations. One of which, the most important one we imagine, was watching Magic Mike on repeat the morning of her wedding.

The pair married in an intimate ceremony in the luxurious Ballinacurra House outside Kinsale.

The location is often noted for the privacy which it offers it’s guests. Set in a secluded and very pretty woodland, the beautiful house was one of the destinations sought by none other than Kanye West for his honeymoon with wife Kim Kardashian.

In 2006 the house was also famed after it was chosen by Michael Jackson as the location he chose to stay with his children. At the time he was hoping to stay somewhere quiet and private as a respite from the pressures of fame.

The Dublin native Louise admitted that the night before her wedding she slept in her ‘Yes Equality’ t-shirt, she admitted on twitter that “it only seemed right.”

Throughout the day she received huge numbers of supportive messages to congratulate her on the big day. 2Fm posted photos of the much-loved DJ in her beautiful gown on their twitter page for fans to see.

Congratulations to the happy couple!



Jennifer Maguire has given birth to her first child. 

The RTÉ star welcomed a baby girl last night and the new was announced on the 2FM Twitter account earlier this morning. 

Using a rather disturbing, but hilarious photoshopped image of a baby with Bernard O'Shea's head, the radio station revealed that Jennifer gave birth to a baby girl named Florence Myra Zamparelli. 

We LOVE it. 

Congratulations to Jennifer and her husband Lauterio on the birth of their baby girl – such an exciting time! 


Hazel Behan spoke on The Ryan Tubridy Show on 2FM yesterday where she recounted her rape experience, and now her story is making headlines worldwide.

The brave woman told Ryan how she was raped in Portugal back in 2004 when she was working at a resort as a rep. Telling the presenter how she had always felt a ‘presence’ in her small apartment where she lived alone, she was awoken one night by a man in a black mask calling her name.

What Hazel endured next was very hard for both for her to recall and for Ryan and listeners to hear. She was tied up and raped for four hours: “It feels so surreal, like I’m talking about something from Law and Order Special Victims Unit. I shut off. My thing was to figure him out, I’m going to get out of this, I won’t let him beat me.”

Her rapist was never found, with Hazel saying that the police didn’t take it as seriously as they should: “I think they wanted to protect the holiday industry, they didn’t want it to be known that this happened in a holiday resort.”

Hazel’s story has left a huge imprint on the Irish people, and now beyond that as people took to Twitter to applaud her bravery for bringing her story to the forefront: “I want to do this for other girls, I want to tell people not to give rape victims the pity eyes, it does happen, it’s not something that you just see in the movies, but at the same time people must be sensitive to what other have gone through.”

To listen to Hazel's story in full, click here

If you're affected by any of the issues in this article, please contact The Rape Crisis Centre National 24 Hours Helpline on 1800 77 88 88