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Noah Cyrus has leant her support to PETA's latest campaign against SeaWorld. 

The songstress appears in a new campaign image, which shows her trapped in a display tank, much like the animals held in captivity.

SeaWorld has been the target of multiple animal rights activists and organisations for many years. 


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According to PETA, SeaWorld should release their orca population into sanctuaries. 

'In the wild, orcas have sophisticated social relationships, working cooperatively to find food and travelling up to 140 miles in the ocean every day,' reads a statement on PETA's website.  

'But at SeaWorld, they’re often trapped in incompatible groups.'

'The tiny tanks they’re confined to leave them with nothing to do but float listlessly or swim in endless circles while enduring stress, frustration, and depression as well as the blazing-hot sun.'


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'They gnaw on the metal tank bars, often breaking their teeth, and are given drugs to manage stress-induced aggressive and psychotic behaviour.' 

'I love animals so much,' Noah said, in a video posted to PETA's YouTube page.

'To think that any animal would be trapped makes me so sad. It's like living in  your own bedroom your entire life and never being able to go outside,' 

Noah has previously appeared in an anti-dissection campaign for PETA, which lashed out against the experimentation of animals in classrooms. 

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Noah Cyrus hit the red carpet at her first ever awards show last night, and big sister Miley was there to help her every step of the way.

Going above and beyond to support her sis during her iHeartRadio Music Awards performance, Miley went all out with the kind of embarrassing home-made sign most teens would rather a family member didn't make.

Miley also donned an "I Heart Noah" T-shirt dress, and painted her sister's name on the side of her face in glitter. 


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However, Noah seriously appreciated her sister stepping up as the chairperson of the Noah Cyrus Appreciation Society, as she admitted to being plagued with nerves ahead of her performance. 

"I was having some like, insecurity problems in my dressing room, and she was just there building up my confidence, I honestly am so lucky to have her here," the budding starlet told E News on the red carpet. 

Miley also had the opportunity to present Noah and Labrinth's performance of their hit single Make Me (Cry).


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"I am really excited. This next performer is, without a doubt, the coolest person I know. Her voice is amazing, her songwriting is beautiful and relatable," said Miley, holding her "I Love Noah Cyrus" sign.

"She knows who she is as an artist and I can't wait for the whole world to get a load of her vision. She's who I want to be when I grow up, and that's saying a lot, 'cause she's younger than me."

"Get ready, because 2017 is about to be Noah's year."


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Noah and Miley's parents also turned out for the occasion, and the family had an absolute ball watching their youngest daughter's performance. 

Seriously, if our little sisters ever got famous, we'd be acting as her number one cheerleader too. 



Miley Cyrus's sister Noah blasted into the mainstream last month when she released her debut single, Make Me (Cry).

It's safe to say that Noah probably has more experience now than Miley did when she began her career, but the former Hannah Montana star had some advice for her little sis as she heads to stardom.

Noah told Rolling Stone: "Miley always says, 'Don't ever look yourself up or read your comments, because you're going to see stuff that you don't want to see'.

"That's the best advice ever. If it's making me happy, then it's working."

Noah has already released an emotional video to the song and we can see Miley helping her sister all the way through her career.



It's seems like the young and innocent days of Miley Cyrus has long passed, and while the Hannah Montana alum is killing it at the moment, we miss her early feel-good, preppy music.

Well, we might be able to get the best of both worlds (geddit?!) now that Miley's younger sister Noah has just debuted her first track.

Teaming up with Labrinth, Noah released Make Me Cry today, and it's pretty good… Very Miley á la 2009.

It's way more mature and developed compared to what Miley first came out with, which is a very good thing if Noah wants to stay in the industry.


so happy to finally share this. my new song #MakeMeCry feat. @labrinth is out now!!! link in my bio

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Get ready, it looks like 2017 is going to be FULL of the Cyrus sisters.


Noah Cyrus might only be fifteen but she has clearly been taking some style and beauty tips from her older sister Miley.

The siblings headed along to Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party at Boosty Bellows in West Hollywood on Sunday night, and Noah looked completely unrecognisable with a full face of make-up and platinum hair extensions.

As for her outfit choice, we reckon she definitely took some inspiration from the birthday girl when she chose her skimpy black cut-out crop top, high waisted black skinny jeans, thigh-high boots and leather jacket. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say…

Noah was clearly delighted with her new and decidedly more mature look, taking to Instagram to show off. "We literally dont care one bit (: isnt that right ken?," she captioned a selfie with pal Kenny Winnaman.

Noah is the youngest child of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, and at fifteen is little sister to 22-year-old Miley (born as Destiny Hope) and 20-year-old Braison Chance.

Earlier in the day, Miley posted a video of herself driving through Los Angeles while singing to Lady Gaga's Love Game… with Noah at the wheel.

While Noah definitely looked more her age with a striped t-shirt and plaited hair, there's something about seeing a 15-year-old driving her own car that makes us feel VERY old all of a sudden.


@noahcyrus my chauffeur / dance partner / lil sis / baby angel all in 1

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With that in mind, we're sure Noah was envious of Kylie's 18th birthday gift from Tyga, a €300k white Ferrari which pulled up outside the nightclub during Sunday night's party.

If this is teenage life, we want in…



We already know how fond Miley is of twerking, but it seems it’s something she wants to pass onto her 14-year-old sister too.

Miley shared an Instagram video of her and Noah Cyrus “twerking” and “dougie-ing” together, before a concert yesterday.

The We Can’t Stop singer was only wearing short shorts and a crop top, while her little sister was little more covered up with tracksuit bottoms.

The sisters are close, but we’re not sure how we feel about Miley teaching these dance moves to her little sister.



Miley Cyrus has got caught up in more drama this week, as her tour bus somehow managed to burst into flames last night.

The tour bus caught on fire when she was travelling along with her family and crew to New Orleans for a gig that she is scheduled to play tonight.

Miley’s sister Noah posted a video of when the bus caught on fire on her instagram, but went on later to say that no one was injured.