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If you made your way down O'Connell Street this morning, then you were in for quite an… unusual sight.

PETA protested on the busy Dublin street today by having a woman lie down dressed in only her knickers (yep, no bra), on a giant plate, and had fake blood dripped all over her.

An interesting way to protest, yes, but my God, the woman must have been freezing.

The aim of the protest was to encourage people to not eat meat at Christmas dinner… but honestly, mostly everyone was perplexed by the situation:

We're just wondering how long she had to lie there for…



Dublin has officially decided it’s time to get festive by flicking the switch on its Christmas lights on Grafton Street this evening.

Many Dubliners filled the main street, with clapping and cheering heard all around. 

There was also an overload of photos on social media as many users captured the festive moment:



The Christmas lights on Henry Street were lit up on Thursday by 98fm's Adrian Kennedy, and O'Connell Street is planned to spark up on November 26. 

Roll on 25 December, that's all we can say!