One more reason to love Drake: He’s gone veggie and we’re into it

There are many reasons in this life to pledge your love to Drake. 

Be it his rapping skills, his dashing looks or his God's Plan video (if you didn't cry, deem yourself heartless). 

Now, Drake has gone a step further to acquire our love by going veggie. 


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The Passionfruit singer revealed on a gaming live stream with game streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins that he has opted out of a carnivorous lifestyle. 

'Man, honestly, I'm usually eating healthy but I had pizza tonight because it's so late,' he said. 

'I feel like chicken and pineapple pizza could work, but I don't eat meat anymore. But I enjoy pineapple on pizza though.'


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Animal rights group PETA has praised the rappers move, as it may encourage others to consider ditch meat.

The group sent Drake a vegan gift basket, including a (punny) passionfruit. 

With more and more celebs opting for a vegan and veggie lifestyle, and veganism gaining popularity every year, maybe the future is herbivorous?