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Since the release of the documentary Blackfish in 2012, SeaWorld have been faced with a massive amount of negative press.

As a result, the attempts of many to close the parks, or actually stop their breeding of the orcas which they hold in captivity have gathered huge support.

Recently, the California Coastal Commission voted that SeaWorld San Diego would be allowed to expand their orca tanks.

Project Blue World was being widely promoted by the SeaWorld organisation- despite the parks struggling to stay afloat as profits and attendance numbers dropped by 84 per cent.

While the project has been allowed, there are some serious conditions which will have to be followed.

SeaWorld San Diego will no longer be permitted to breed its 11 captive orcas.

The commission also provided strict limits on how much SeaWorld can transfer its existing 11 orcas in and out of the park.

SeaWorld will also not be allowed to sell, transfer or trade them. This would mean that these 11 captive orcas may very well be the last to live in tanks at SeaWorld San Diego.

Speaking to The Dodo, Jared Goodman of PETA said:

“The California Coastal Commission did right by orcas in requiring, as a condition of approval for the Blue World Project, that SeaWorld stop breeding them, which will ultimately end captivity for long-suffering orcas in California.”

He added that the strict laws enforced by the Commission mean that no more orcas will be “condemned to a non-life of loneliness, deprivation and misery.”

He also referred to SeaWorld as a circus and the orcas as its “abused elephants.”

John Reilly, president of SeaWorld San Diego has spoken out against the ruling by saying that “a ban on breeding would sentence these animals to a slow extinction in our care.”

SeaWorld continues to operate parks in both Orlando and San Antonio. Neither of these parks have been affected by the latest news but protestors of SeaWorld are hoping that could change very soon.


It was recently announced that she had become the oldest model to grace the front cover of FHM.

Yup, there's no denying that Pamela Anderson has still very much got it aged 48.

However, attending a Peta 35th anniversary event last night, the actress's face certainly seemed a little, well, different.

Posing up alongside an all-in-orange Courtney Stodden, 21, she was barely recognisably in a full-length black, glizy gown which showed off plenty of her trademark cleavage. 

It could be that the star has been experimenting with different make-up techniques – or she's possibly recently opted for fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Animal-loving stars had certainly been out in force for the high-profile event, which was held in Los Angeles. 

The likes of Joanna Krupa, Moby, Seth Green, Ireland Baldwin, Kesha, Tish and Noah Cyrus, Anjelica Huston, Jason Biggs, Alicia Silverstone, and William H. Macy were all there to lend their support to the animal rights' charity. 

And Paul McCartney provided the musical entertainment during the evening with guests also taking part in a silent auction.

Despite Ms Anderson's sex symbol status – cemented during her years on Baywatch – she revealed in the November edition of FHM that her home is not littered with images of herself. 

"You won't find a photo of me in my house! No way," she stated. 

"Well, maybe a few family shots of my boys and I, but no Playboy covers. No paintings, even."

Earlier this month, Pammy also posed up completely nude for famed photographer David LaChapelle, as seen on the cover of the September edition of Flaunt. 




The second royal baby may be only days away from making an arrival, but we suspect Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, has other things on her mind.

In her column for the Daily Telegraph she spoke about trying whale meat while on a trip to Norway recently.

She stated how it tasted "similar to smoked salmon but looks more like venison carpaccio."

This outraged many people as hunting whales for their meat is banned in Britain, and many other places in the world. 

Elisa Allen, associate director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals U.K., told E! News: "Pippa is not known for common sense or compassion, but it still beggars belief that anyone, let alone someone from a country like ours, where whale meat has long been banned, could be oblivious to the uproar over Norway's slaughter of these gentle giants," 

"Does she think or read? What's next, a panda steak or an elephant canapé? These whales are harpooned and bled to death before they're gutted. 

Allen added: "If Pippa is looking for a culinary experience, some of the best high-end vegan food, recently named by Forbes magazine as a top food trend, can be found in Norway, and it's good for the heart, an organ Pippa seems to lack." 

Uh-oh Pippa!

She has not yet commented on the situation.

Pippa's brother-in-law Prince William is very involved in speaking out about illegal poaching.



Sharon Osbourne has voiced her opinion on Kim Kardashian’s parenting skills and she is NOT best pleased.

The Talk co-host blasted Kim for dressing North in fur, saying: “I know PETA have asked the Kardashians to stop [wearing fur]. [North] isn’t an accessory – she shouldn’t be wearing ugly couture clothes.”

North was spotted during New York Fashion Week sporting a fur coat and while it was not confirmed if the fur was real or faux, her mum was also present and wearing a coat lined with wolf fur.

Sharon also slammed the Kardashians for wearing fur at all, saying that it is just a way to show off wealth: “[wearing fur] makes me physically sick and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are. Our grandparents did it, but now we’ve been educated, it’s cruel to keep the trade going.”

Kim’s younger sister, Khloé once posed for a PETA ‘I’d Rather Go Naked’ campaign but has since revoked her support of the protection agency since Kim was attacked with flour on the red carpet for wearing fur. 

PETA also spoke about North's fur coat, saying: "If the fur coat that she’s been dressed in is real, animals have suffered for vanity, something that we’re sure neither North nor any little girl her age would support.”

Hmm, somehow we can't see Kim toning down her daughter's elaborate wardrobe anytime soon. 



Kim Kardashian is no stranger to being put on blast by PETA for her love of wearing real fur and has always said it is her own ‘personal choice’ to wear fur if she so wishes.

Her comments on this came not long after she was attacked on the red carpet with a flour bomb by a protestor, something she was less than impressed about: “I think it’s a personal choice, but I don’t think it’s okay to assault anyone.”

Now, the reality TV star has been slammed further by the animal rights group after her two and half year-old daughter, North was photographed wearing a fur jacket. UK director for PETA, Mimi Bekhechi said that it was unfair to dress her daughter in fur: “Kids are naturally drawn to animals and sympathetic to their plight, and there’s no reason to think that North is any different.”

The PETA director went on to say that if the coat is real fur and North could have her own way, she more than likely would choose against it: “If the fur coat that she’s been dressed in is real, animals have suffered for vanity, something that we’re sure neither North nor any little girl her age would support.”

While North’s coat may have been faux fur, and many appear to being hoping so, there’s no doubt her mama’s coat had a real wolf fur collar by Nina Ricci. Yup, wolf. 




We are in pretty much in awe of Lucy Watson.

The Made In Chelsea star has stripped off for a new campaign in aid of animal rights group PETA, and she could not look any more stunning.

The committed vegetarian, keen to raise awareness of animal cruelty, bared all in a thought-provoking ad, promoting the charity.

And Spencer Matthew's ex-girlfriend doesn't hold back when she explains why she was eager to get behind the campaign.

“Anyone who's seen videos of animals going to slaughter can attest, those animals know something terrible is about to happen and they won't go quietly. Nothing they can do will help them escape. Is this fair?” she said.

Lucy reveals in her exclusive column with OK! Magazine that she credits her slim, toned appearance to her dietary choices and avoiding meat helps maintain her energy levels: “Many people find that when they stop eating meat, they have more energy, lose weight and just feel better overall. Maybe it's good karma!”

Lucy certainly makes a great case for vegetarianism; but do PETA's ad campaigns have the desired effect on you?



Lucy Watson has never been one to mince (sorry) her words and her new campaign for PETA hasn’t changed that!

Condemning her former Made in Chelsea co-star Millie Mackintosh for her love of fur, she says it’s a “shame”as Millie is an “animal lover”.

Lucy posted about her new campaign on her Twitter account and launched the poster today on Chelsea Bridge – good thing she got to wear her clothes this time, brr!

PETA’s associated director Mimi Bekhachi has said that Lucy is a great ambassador for their anti-fur campaign: “She is a great example for other young women and proves that you don’t need to kill animals in order to have a killer look.”