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It has been two days since Amy Schumer welcomed her first child to the world.

And now the actor and comedian has revealed the little one's name on Instagram.

The 37-year-old posted a cute snap of her husband Chris and their bundle of joy. 


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She captioned it, ''Gene Attell Fischer And his dad Chris.'' 

The baby was born on Monday, the same day as the royal baby and Amy posted a snap joking that ''Our royal baby was born.''

Her fans took to the comments to express their delight at the baby's name. 

One said, ''Congratulations! Sweet family. We are so happy Gene is here!''


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While another wrote, ''Welcome to the world Gene!!!! Precious!''

Amy, who announced her pregnancy in October, struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum throughout it.

We're delighted that her baby has arrived safely and we adore his gorgeous name. 


Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye are gearing up to welcome a fourth little one to their brood.

The 38-year-old reality TV star revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that she has been thinking about what name she will give to her unborn baby. 

She is set to welcome a second son via surrogate this year.


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She told Jimmy that she planned to pay tribute to her younger brother, Rob, by naming her child after him. 

She said, ''Actually, I do have one name. I was truthfully thinking about just naming him Rob, [after] my brother.''

However, the name could clash with the names her other kids have.


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Kim is mum to three gorgeous kids – five-year-old North, three-year-old Saint and one-year-old Chicago. 

She said, ''Then it's North, Saint, Chicago – Rob. It doesn't, like, really go. But I really was feeling that, and my brother approved that. So that's our one kind of name."

She added, ''I like Rob West, but not Robert West.”

We're sure she will choose something unusual and keep in tradition with her other quirky monikers. 



Pippa Middleton and husband James Matthews have reportedly given a name to their baby son. 

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister and her husband have chosen three names that are traditional, elegant and that touchingly pay tribute to three members of their family.

The have chosen Arthur Michael William Matthews.

How cute is that?!


Pippa Middleton and husband James Matthews have reportedly named their son, Arthur Michael William Matthews. ——— It is believed that the two middle names are in tribute to Pippa’s father Michael Middleton and James’s brother Micheal Matthews who was killed whilst climbing Mt Everest. The second middle name William, is said to be in tribute to her brother-in-law, Prince William! ——— Don’t forget to like and follow!! ——— #princewilliam #katemiddleton #pippamiddleton #jamesmatthews #spencermatthews #thequeen #theroyalfamily #dukeofcambridge #duchessofcambridge #instagood #instamood #instafollow #instalike #instagram #followforfollowback

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The 35-year-old's choice of moniker is a nod to her brother-in-law Prince William as well as two other family members. 

Middle name Michael is believed to be after Pippa's father, in addition to James' younger brother Michael who died aged 23 while climbing Mount Everest in 1999.

The second middle name is likely to have been inspired by Prince William. 

Baby Arthur was born on October 16 at the Lindo Wing in St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, weighing in at 8lb and 9oz.

We're big fans of the name – what do you think?


Okay, so we are big Eminem fans here at SHEmazing HQ, so when a recent tweet came to our attention, our minds were pretty much blown. 

Tweeter Evan Reeves took to the social media site to serve the public with an educational tidbit on one of the most successful rappers of the 00s.

His tweet reveals exactly why Eminime has such a distinguishable moniker. 

It turns out that it's all down to his initials, M and M for Marshall Mathers.

This revelation has given a whole new meaning to the lyrics: 'Hi, my name is – WHAT – may name is – WHO – my name is…'

The Internet has responded with astonishment, and left the Eminem veteran's eyes rolling. 

Image result for eminem my name is

Okay, so we guess it's pretty obvious when you think about it, but we just never thought about it. 

Others have said that the name originated from a rap duo Marshall was in with school pal Mike Ruby, and that together Mike and Marshall formed M&M, later changed to Eminem.

Either way, mind = blown. 

Evan's tweet is currently going viral, with over 19,000 likes and just over 4,000 retweets. 



A little tiger cub has been born in Fota Wildlife Park.

The Sumatran Tiger is the most threatened species of tiger in the world, so we're only delighted a new addition was born in Cork.

In the birth announcement, Fota Wildlife Park explained that the cub is one of the rarest subspecies of tiger in the world and classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2008.

The baby tiger has not been named yet, and the park is asking members of the public to submit suggestions.

He was born last month to first-time parents; Dourga and Denar, who are both five-years-old.

The park is asking for the public to suggest a name beginning with the letter ‘D’, which you can suggest on the Fota Wildlife website.

The person who suggests the chosen name will be in with a chance to win a year-long Conservation Membership to Fota Wildlife Park.

Good luck!



There are some band names within the music industry which definitely could have done with a little more work, but it's Christmas and we're feeling generous of spirit, so we won't name them.

However, one band which definitely wouldn't have made the cut when composing our 'They Didn't Think That One Through' list is Mumford & Sons.

While yes, it does sound vaguely like a batch bread, there's something comforting, retro and catchy about it.

Unfortunately Marcus Mumford isn't with us on that one.

Speaking to Chris Moyles on Radio X, the lead singer of the hugely popular band admitted that he's never been happy with the moniker.

"I regret our band name,” he said. “It’s rubbish. It’s a rubbish name."

"You never really think about it when you’re in the pub, you’ve done your first rehearsal, you’ve written your first song and someone’s like: ‘you need a band name now’."

And a star is born… right, Marcus?



At this stage, a good 50 percent of articles online are telling us that we've all been doing basic tasks wrong our whole lives and pronouncing words incorrectly, too.

Let's be honest, most of it is BS, but this one has taken us by surprise.

You're not alone if you were a major fan of Roald Dahl's books when you were a kid, but apparently, we've been pronouncing his name wrong for years.

Image result for roald dahl

His name is Norwegian, and for fans that have been saying Ronald like 'Row-ald' or 'Roh-ld', it couldn't be more different.

In a video that has surfaced online from 1961, Roald is seen hosting a TV show called Way Out, and in the intro his name is said like this:

Surprised? It's actually pronounced 'Roo-al'.

The author was born in Cardiff, Wales, to Norwegian parents, however, both ways of saying his name have been accepted over time.



With her first child due in just a few weeks, Candice Swanepoel was enjoying her baby shower this week and also revealed the name of the tot.

Back in May, Candice announced that she was having a baby boy and this week, during her safari-themed baby shower in Brazil, the supermodel revealed the name she has chosen to give him is… Anacã!

The name is Brazilian for bird and was proudly displayed at the party leaving no doubt as to who they were celebrating.

The Victoria’s Secret model shared a snap from the celebrations where her 9.4 million fans got a glimpse at some of the gorgeous treats on offer.

The 27-year-old looked stunning in a simple flowing white dress as she cradle her bump at the party.


A photo posted by Candice Swanepoel (@angelcandices) on

This is Candice’s first child with her partner of 10 years, Hermann Nicoli.

The couple have been dating since she was 17 and got engaged in August of last year.



Pippa O Connor's second son was born in May of this year and since then it has been nothing but bliss for the beauty blogger and her husband, Brian.

But now, in a heartwarming post, Pippa admitted exactly why she chose the name Louis for her second born son.

“We only had 1 boy name in our heads. Louis is French for ‘famous warrior’, I love it and I liked how well it went with Ollie,” she wrote on pippa.ie.

“The main reason we chose Louis was it’s the male version of ‘Louise’, after my Mum.”


Hooray for being 1 month old today .. There's a new blog post all about our first 4 weeks on #pippaie now

A photo posted by Pippa O'Connor Ormond (@pipsy_pie) on

Aw, how lovely! Pippa also admitted that her first son, Ollie is adapting very well to his new baby brother.

“Ollie adores his little brother. That was probably my only worry before I had him – how would Ollie react.

“Thankfully he’s been amazing and has adapted very well. There was the odd moment of acting out looking for attention but nothing major," she said.

We're glad the family is doing so well.



It seems like the whole world just can't seem to get the hang of Irish names.

After Denis Quaid messed up Saoirse Ronan's name at the Golden Globe nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio has gone and messed up Domhnall Gleeson's name at last night's SAG Awards.

Leonardo won Best Actor Award for his part in The Revenant, and while he was thanking the cast and crew, he said Domhnall Gleeson… But it didn't quite sound like the way we say it.

Instead, it kinda sounded like he said 'Duumbal' Gleeson.

Ah, we'll get there someday! Watch Mr DiCaprio's speech and spot the error:




There are plenty of folk who confess to not being all that crazy about their name.

Maybe their parents opted for a traditional moniker that nowadays just doesn’t appeal – or perhaps their mum or dad were alternative types who had a moment of madness in the labour ward.

However, as the internet proves again and again, there is ALWAYS someone far worse off.

Take, for example, one poor Australian chap – who certainly sports one of the more cringe-inducing titles we’ve stumbled across recently.

In a frustrated Facebook post, Mr Phuc Dat Bich – who has been accused in the past of making up his name – stated: “I find it highly irritating the fact that nobody seems to believe me when I say that my full legal name is how you see it.

Indeed, taking matters into his own hands, 23-year-old Phuc decided to share a snap of his passport, proving once and for all he’s the real deal.

“I've been accused of using a false and misleading name of which I find very offensive,” he added. "Is it because I'm Asian? Is it?”

And although Phuc Dat Bich is actually correctly pronounced ‘Phoop Dook Bic,’ native-English speakers – overwhelmingly in the majority in Australia – can’t help but say the words phonetically.

Indeed, Mr Dat Bich furthermore highlighted that his Facebook account has even been “shut down multiple times”.

On the plus side, his online complaint, which was actually posted back in January but has only now gone viral, has received more than 125,000 likes and has been shared some 67,000 times.



There’s no doubt that us Irish gals are a progressive lot – and let’s face it, we rarely need an excuse to speak up and speak out.

Still, when it comes to putting a ring on it, it seems that folk in this country remain pretty traditional: more than half say they’d be happy to change their name after getting married.

And while the survey – released earlier today by One4All – doesn’t differentiate between male and female respondents, it remains the norm for the bride to make the swap rather than the other way around.

Nevertheless, a quarter have no intention of relinquishing their birth name – probably a figure that will continue to rise as the age of marrying couples also increases (women in Ireland are now a rather mature 33 years; men are an equally grown-up 35 upon marriage).

One in 10 opt for a double-barrel compromise – a particularly popular choice for same-sex couples – while just 2 percent go the way of Dawn O’Porter, drawing on an element of their spouse’s title to create something new altogether.

But regardless of the naming preferences of the happy couple – and despite the obvious expenses of attending – it furthermore appears that as wedding guests, we're usually seriously up for big day out.

According to the same One4all report, which quizzed close to 600 Irish adults, 75 percent of us happily ditch the kids for a proper knees-up and only 2 percent would consider declining an invite if it meant taking a day off work.

Meanwhile, when it comes to keeping unflattering snaps off the internet; a quarter of brides and grooms would implement a social media ban during their nuptials, and only 10 percent would try and get a dedicated hashtag going.

Commenting on the survey results One4all Ireland said: “The survey reflects that we are still very respectful of the ceremony of marriage and we are huge fans of the big day out and all it entails.”​

They added: “There’s no doubt that weddings and the etiquette that goes with them can be tricky to navigate. For any wedding guests looking for the perfect gift for the happy couple, the One4all Wedding Gift Card is an appreciated gift.”

One4All gift cards can also be personalised with a bespoke image or message