ICYMI: This guy just blew our minds with this revelation about Eminem

Okay, so we are big Eminem fans here at SHEmazing HQ, so when a recent tweet came to our attention, our minds were pretty much blown. 

Tweeter Evan Reeves took to the social media site to serve the public with an educational tidbit on one of the most successful rappers of the 00s.

His tweet reveals exactly why Eminime has such a distinguishable moniker. 

It turns out that it's all down to his initials, M and M for Marshall Mathers.

This revelation has given a whole new meaning to the lyrics: 'Hi, my name is – WHAT – may name is – WHO – my name is…'

The Internet has responded with astonishment, and left the Eminem veteran's eyes rolling. 

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Okay, so we guess it's pretty obvious when you think about it, but we just never thought about it. 

Others have said that the name originated from a rap duo Marshall was in with school pal Mike Ruby, and that together Mike and Marshall formed M&M, later changed to Eminem.

Either way, mind = blown. 

Evan's tweet is currently going viral, with over 19,000 likes and just over 4,000 retweets.