There’s no doubt that us Irish gals are a progressive lot – and let’s face it, we rarely need an excuse to speak up and speak out.

Still, when it comes to putting a ring on it, it seems that folk in this country remain pretty traditional: more than half say they’d be happy to change their name after getting married.

And while the survey – released earlier today by One4All – doesn’t differentiate between male and female respondents, it remains the norm for the bride to make the swap rather than the other way around.

Nevertheless, a quarter have no intention of relinquishing their birth name – probably a figure that will continue to rise as the age of marrying couples also increases (women in Ireland are now a rather mature 33 years; men are an equally grown-up 35 upon marriage).

One in 10 opt for a double-barrel compromise – a particularly popular choice for same-sex couples – while just 2 percent go the way of Dawn O’Porter, drawing on an element of their spouse’s title to create something new altogether.

But regardless of the naming preferences of the happy couple – and despite the obvious expenses of attending – it furthermore appears that as wedding guests, we're usually seriously up for big day out.

According to the same One4all report, which quizzed close to 600 Irish adults, 75 percent of us happily ditch the kids for a proper knees-up and only 2 percent would consider declining an invite if it meant taking a day off work.

Meanwhile, when it comes to keeping unflattering snaps off the internet; a quarter of brides and grooms would implement a social media ban during their nuptials, and only 10 percent would try and get a dedicated hashtag going.

Commenting on the survey results One4all Ireland said: “The survey reflects that we are still very respectful of the ceremony of marriage and we are huge fans of the big day out and all it entails.”​

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