‘It’s rubbish’ Mumford & Sons are bloody SCARLET over their name


There are some band names within the music industry which definitely could have done with a little more work, but it's Christmas and we're feeling generous of spirit, so we won't name them.

However, one band which definitely wouldn't have made the cut when composing our 'They Didn't Think That One Through' list is Mumford & Sons.

While yes, it does sound vaguely like a batch bread, there's something comforting, retro and catchy about it.

Unfortunately Marcus Mumford isn't with us on that one.

Speaking to Chris Moyles on Radio X, the lead singer of the hugely popular band admitted that he's never been happy with the moniker.

"I regret our band name,” he said. “It’s rubbish. It’s a rubbish name."

"You never really think about it when you’re in the pub, you’ve done your first rehearsal, you’ve written your first song and someone’s like: ‘you need a band name now’."

And a star is born… right, Marcus?