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Fota Wildlife Park has announced the arrival of four adorable baby cheetah cubs. 

The six-week-old cubs were born back in November to proud parents Nimpy and Claude

The cubs do not have names yet, and the Cork wildlife attraction is asking the public to help name the cubs.

Fota Wildlife Park is delighted to have four new cubs born in such a vulnerable wild species. 

Kelly Lambe, Lead Ranger said 'We are delighted to welcome four new cheetah cubs to Fota Wildlife Park as the Northern Cheetah is considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.'

'Cheetahs face many threats to their population including the conversion of their natural habitat, grasslands, to agricultural zones, conflict with humans and competition for food with other large predators such as lions, leopards and hyenas.'


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For each cub named, the moniker-bestower will receive a free annual pass to the Park. 

Follow the link here to enter, on your behalf or on behalf on any little ones running around who might like to name the cubs.

Feature image by Liam McConville



A colobus monkey who escaped from Fota Wildlife Park earlier this week has been safely returned to the facility. 

The monkey, who goes by the name Cheeky Chops, returned to the Fota Wildlife car park, where he was found chilling in a tree outside. 

After some careful coaxing with his favourite snacks, handlers were able to safely get him down from the tree and back into the sanctuary. 

Trained rangers were dispatched to find and detain the roaming primate during the week, and a huge search was underway in Cork. 

'Cheeky Chops has now been safely reunited with the other three members of his bachelor group, who welcomed him back with lots of grooming,' Roisin Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager at Fota Wildlife Park, told The Irish Times.

It is believed that he may have spent one night of his adventure sleeping in a public toilet. 

Cheeky Chops had been spotted around Cork by a number of perplexed members of the public.



Fota Wildlife Park is in a flurry of activity, after a monkey escaped from the facility last night. 

A search is well underway in Cork for the missing black and white colobus monkey, who has been spotted in the area. 

Trained rangers have been dispatched to find and detain the roaming primate. 

Twitter page Cork Safety Alerts tweeted about the unconfirmed sightings of the rogue ape, and Fota Wildlife Park responded.

'Our trained rangers have implemented the escape protocol for a Colobus monkey- we expect to have him safely home soon,' they replied.

'Recently one of our residents a Colobus Monkey, escaped from his habitat here at Fota Wildlife Park,' a spokesperson told The Sun.

"Our escape protocol was immediately implemented by Fota Wildlife Park’s trained animal rangers, and we expect he will be rescued very soon, and safely returned to his home.

What we would do to head down to Cork to join the search…



A little tiger cub has been born in Fota Wildlife Park.

The Sumatran Tiger is the most threatened species of tiger in the world, so we're only delighted a new addition was born in Cork.

In the birth announcement, Fota Wildlife Park explained that the cub is one of the rarest subspecies of tiger in the world and classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2008.

The baby tiger has not been named yet, and the park is asking members of the public to submit suggestions.

He was born last month to first-time parents; Dourga and Denar, who are both five-years-old.

The park is asking for the public to suggest a name beginning with the letter ‘D’, which you can suggest on the Fota Wildlife website.

The person who suggests the chosen name will be in with a chance to win a year-long Conservation Membership to Fota Wildlife Park.

Good luck!



A couple who got engaged at Cork’s Fota Wildlife Park have seen their sweet story go viral over the last two days.

Grace Fanning, an Irish naval officer, dropped to one knee to propose to her girlfriend of seven years, Carol Brady. The beautiful moment Carol said yes was caught on camera and the photos were posted by Fota, who have claimed them to be their most liked post so far! We can't say we are surprised by that! 

The proposal took place in front of the giraffes, Carol’s favourite animal and Grace has said they are delighted with the reaction: “It was fairly emotional alright but the reaction has been incredible.” Such a sweet story – apparently even the ladies' tour guide, Leslie cried! 

The couple hope to tie the knot in 2016 following this year’s same-sex marriage referendum.