An inbuilt MICROPHONE?! So, the $200 smart hairbrush has LANDED


We're going to be honest here, when it comes to the world of haircare, there are certain things we prioritise (our roots) and certain things we don't (our hairbrushes).

But it looks like all that's about to change if the latest news from the beauty industry is anything to go by.

According to emerging reports, for a cool $200 you can get your hands on a smart hairbrush which will teach you how to care for and maintain your hair more efficiently.

That's right, ladies – you're about to get schooled.

By connecting to an app on your smartphone, the Kérastase Hair Coach brush will assess the damage and breakage experienced by your hair while also keeping track of its progress.

With the aid of an accelerometer, gyroscope and inbuilt microphone, your brush will be able to give you feedback on the manner in which you tend to your tresses.

And by collecting the information the Hair Coach brush will then be able to provide you with the methods needed to improve your haircare routine.

Developed by Withings in collaboration with L'Oreal's research and Innovation Technology Incubator, this brush will – depending on how you look after your barnet –  be your best friend or biggest enemy.