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Despite making her name in Newcastle as part of MTV’s Geordie Shore, Marnie Simpson is planning a move to TOWIE land so she can be close to new love Lewis Bloor.

In a recent interview with Star magazine, the 24-year-old reality star confessed that she’s hoping to buy a house in Essex where she says “it will be nice to be close to Lewis”, who she met while filming Celebrity Big Brother this summer.

The controversial star told the mag: “I'm meeting a mortgage adviser soon because I'm thinking of buying my first house…I've always wanted to move down south.  Essex is a good location.”


Barcelona.  @lewisbloor1

A photo posted by M A R N I E | G . S H O R E  (@marniegshore) on

And while you might think Marnie would happily become neighbours with her former co-star Vicky Pattison, the outspoken brunette says she hopes to dodge the Loose Women panellist when she moves.

“I know Vicky lives there now,” she said.  “But it's a big place and I doubt that we'll cross paths.  We certainly won't be hanging out as friends.”

Earlier this year, Marnie confessed that Vicky is the only ex Geordie Shore housemate who she has no contact with.

In her Star magazine column, she wrote: “I still speak to all the ex Geordie Shore cast members apart from one – Vicky Pattison!”

“We do NOT like each other, so it was always clear we wouldn't stay in touch.”


Busy week ahead cant wait to see this one saturday big party in my hometown #essex

A photo posted by Lewis Bloor (@lewisbloor1) on

So, Vicky should not expect you for tea?



Sophia Bush has come a long way since her One Tree Hill days, but it's clear the actress still has some Brooke Davis left in her if this stylish home is anything to go by.

The actress welcomed People into her Hollywood Hills home, and the tiny glimpses they pictured are just beautiful.

Very minimalist, with a touch of girl power, have a look inside the brunette beauty's home:




Chloe Khan has hit back at rumours suggesting she's broke by letting her fans take a look inside her massive mansion.

The Celebrity Big Brother star took to Youtube to show off her house, after haters said she had no money and that's why she had to take part in CBB.

The clip begins at the extravagant entrance of the house, and then continues with her taking a LIFT up to the first floor.

The living room looks gigantic and features a huge sofa, an open fireplace and a balcony with gorgeous views.

"So apparently I'm not a Playboy model and I paid thousands of pounds to get into a party," she says as she holds her Playboy magazine covers.

"This is my home, I love my home and I worked very hard for it. Now I live the life that I do, I shouldn't have to try and justify it to people," Chloe added.


Just a year after purchasing her LA home, Kylie Jenner has put her first house back on the market with the intention of making a million dollar profit for her decorative efforts.

According to the Daily Mail, the makeup guru’s five-bed, six-bath home is for sale for a cool $3.9 million – that’s $1.3 million more than she bought it for.

And just like your standard starter house, Kylie’s gaff comes equipped with all the basics: movie room, glam room, walk-in wardrobe and shoe room.

The teen icon is trading in the luxurious monochrome home – which she spent months decorating with interior designer to the stars Jeff Andrews – for a bigger model.

She has reportedly bought a $6 million mansion in the Hidden Hills – the same area where momager Kris and sister Kim both live.

Her new home not only has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, it also has a pool, four-car garage and a wine cellar – all for the girl who’s not even old enough to drink!

Images: Sotheby's Realty


For most people a little grass snake would be enough to send them running, but Australian woman Trina Hibberd is not most people.

On Monday, Queensland-based Trina took to Facebook to share her terrifying run-in with a 16-foot-long python who had slithered into her house in the early hours of the morning.

In a video captioned “Holy s**t!!!! Monty visits at 4.30am today”, Trina shows how the giant snake had wrapped itself around her door, hat stand, painting and wall.

The short clip opens with a surprisingly calm Trina saying: “We’ve got a visitor and it’s f***ing huge.”

And she’s not lying.

An accompanying picture shows part of the massive snake draped across the iron bed head in her guest room – and he's too big to fit completely into the image.

How Trina stuck around long enough to film the python is beyond us, but thankfully both she and the snake are okay.


Last month, he sent the rumour-mill into overdrive.

Posting of snap which showed him looking seriously comfy at the home he once shared with Kourtney Kardashian and their three children, countless fans inferred that the duo were on the cusp of getting back together.


Chill time

A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

Not so, however.

Indeed, Scott Disick is very much NOT on the list at the gated Calabasas community in which Kourtney resides with Mason, five, Penelope, three, and Reign nine months.

Yes, TMZ snapped the 32-year-old reality TV star making his way into The Oaks residential complex in his eye-catching Rolls.

But instead of proceeding through as a resident, Mr Disick was forced to queue along with everyone else – subsequently showing ID to the guard on duty. 

And if Kourtney doesn't give him nod by putting his name down in advance, then he simply doesn't get in. 

TMZ has previously stated that shortly after their breakup, Ms Kardashian took her one-time partner of ten years off the register which had allowed him immediate entry with no questions asked.

And while that situation evidently hasn't changed, it could be that she's about to depart from The Oaks anyway. 

In fact, just today it was reported that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is eager to move-on from the €9.4m mansion that the couple first acquired together in January 2014.

According to OK!, friends of the 36-year-old are delighted – they see her desire to find somewhere else to live as a clear signal that she has no intentions of reuniting with the businessman.

"Up until now, everyone thought Scott was going to slowly worm his way back into her life, but this is the first real sign she’s determined to get on with her life without him," an insider told the magazine.



We’ve always fancied ourselves as king of our very own castle.

And now it seems that our dreams could yet become reality – if we manage to come up with an EIGHT-figure sum, that is.

Yes, a wholly-romantic, castellated mansion with perfectly spectacular views of the surrounding Dublin coastline is currently on the market for an eye-watering €10.5m.

Dating from the Victorian era, Inniscorrig in south county Dublin’s plush Dalkey also has its own private, working harbour (one of only two private harbours in the capital) with direct sea access.

For when friends visit (and you know you’d suddenly be EVERYONE’S friend) there is a lodge house. 

Otherwise the main abode stretches to 536sq metres and still has five generous bedrooms; so plenty of room for all really. Including the shoreline, the grounds  additionally amount to 0.4 hectares.

Built in the mid 19th-century by renowned Dublin physician Sir Dominic Corrigan (who is commemorated in a granite bust over the front door), Inniscorrig was actually constructed as his summer retreat (as you do).

Guests included Kings Edward VII and George V of England (fancy) – and those visits have been commemorated by a crown and star set in pebbles into the patio terraces on either side of the front door.

In more recent time, William Harvey du Cros, a co-founder of the Dunlop tyre company, lived there in the early 20th century.

And in the 1970s, businessman Dermot Smurfit resided in the mansion with his wife Caroline and their children, including actor Victoria Smurfit, who has starred in the likes of The Beach, and About A Boy.

As well as stunning Italianate gardens, there is a decked terrace leading to a lawn terrace: we’re envisioning plenty of chic parties al fresco. Speaking of which, the property’s boat house would be perfect for a soiree.

Inside, the master bedroom suite comes complete with a dressing room and bathroom and there’s a cinema room on the ground floor for when you fancy a cosy night in.

Furthermore, for your security and convenience, electric gates are in place (natch) at the property's entrance.

In moving to the area, you'll also be counting the likes of Bono, Van Morrison, Ryan Tubridy, The Edge, Enya, and Pat Kenny among your new neighbours.

Should you be interested in a viewing, Inniscorrig is for sale through Sherry FitzGerald and the Christie’s International brand.



As we are still awaiting the official announcement of the celebrities taking part in Celebrity Big Brother, we have been given a sneak peak at the house they will be spending their time in. 

This instalment of the television series will see celebrities from the UK battle it out against celebrities from the USA which is set to make for some seriously interesting viewing.

The decor of the the house is UK and USA inspired as the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben both feature, along with a lot of red, white and blue. 

The house is fully equipped with a glam room, a swimming pool and immaculately kept lawns. 

The blue, red and white theme extends through out the entire house with the blue sofas being decorated in patriotic pillows. 

The house even boasts a HUGE American style diner and we are getting seriously jealous of housemates all of a sudden.   

Former TOWIE star Dan Osbourne has been confirmed to be entering the house and there is a lot of speculation as to who will be joining him. 

It is rumoured that former super model Janice Dickinson, reality TV star Gemma Collins and wrestler Hulk Hogan could all be gearing up to enter the house too. 



It sounds as if there are babies on the horizon for Professor Green and his wife Millie Mackintosh!

It wasn’t too long ago that Millie Mackintosh said that babies were not something she and husband of one year, Professor Green, had started to think about yet, saying: “I’m just so busy at the moment and the house is like our baby, our project. I have so many things going on at the moment work-wise.

However, the rapper must have other things on his mind as he reveals they plan to start a family soon: “Soon we’re going to start our family. Well, not quite yet, but it won’t be too far off hopefully.”

Now that the couple’s dream home is very nearly finished it seems they have started to think about the next step – what an exciting time!

Millie has been hard at work making decisions about their new home, from floors and colours to everything in between – we bet it's going to be beautiful!



Remember a few months ago when you finally made the decision to ditch the boys and get a nice, clean house? A house where you could do your dissertation in peace, where the floorboards would be free of mousetraps, the bathrooms free of, well, plenty of things we don’t want to discuss?

The time has come and it’s going to be great. But all-girl houses have their own clichés too you know – give it a couple of weeks and we defy you not to tick off each and every one of these…

1. You constantly talk about baking but come home with supermarket cookies


2. Ditto doing your own version of Come Dine With Me, while continuing to microwave cottage cheese


3. Though your single housemate somehow finds time to cook a three course meal when their date/your hot cousin comes to stay


4. Every available surface is covered in drying underwear of the animal print/brightly-coloured Primark variety


(You save the good silk stuff for the radiator in your room).

5. Dream: Getting ready for nights out together, doing each other’s hair

Reality: Running off to separate rooms to fake tan and make up, then hollering up the stairs to discuss outfits


6. And that’s on a good day – usually it’s a full selfie/Whatsapp discussion to check they’re not wearing a similar dress before you can leave the room


7. Seminal housemate questions are not about bills. More like: ‘Are you wearing heels tonight?’ and the age-old, ‘are you going to bother with tights?’


8. You will wake up one morning to find a random guy eating (your) food in your kitchen wearing one sock, probably more than once. You’ll learn to go about your day as normal. He won't look like this:


9. At some point, your housemate’s boyfriend will move in. This will never be discussed. Quiet resentment for him, his muddy football boots and food-scavenging friends ensues


10. Reality shows reign supreme, regardless of how highbrow your degree subject is


11. Birthdays are taken pretty seriously

69102 10150301798520046 3547375 n

12. As is fancy dress

180440 10150394594660046 3044726 n

13. At some point, washing day will clash. This is what hell looks like

Leeds united 9404   hanging out old washing

14. At least you’ll think that’s what hell looks like, until the plug gets clogged with hair that’s DEFINITELY not yours

Hair in plug sat 29th may 2010

15. Your clothes and shoes routinely go missing


16. At which point you’ll curse yourself for not living with guys


17. But then someone comes home with your favourite chocolate bar and does the hoovering so all is forgiven


18. There’ll be one girl who’s so busy they may as well not live there


19. And one hermit who only leaves the house for bread and cigarettes


20. You’ll attempt to be the housemate who lies somewhere in between


21. There is no escaping the drama


22. All will agree to keep the place spotless. All will forget this rule when hungry, tired, busy, dating someone, going home for the weekend or during exams


23. But group cleaning sessions with the Spice Girls blaring make the grime build-up worth it


24. Post night-out feasts are beyond epic


25. At some point, you will hate your housemate and/or your housemate will hate you. You will continue to pretend you are friends


26. Someone’s hot school friends will come to stay for the weekend. Your house will be taken over by guy friends you haven’t seen in weeks


27. And when they invite you over to theirs, you feel so grateful to live with girls you could cry

Dirty house

28. Because it might be catty, but there are no actual RATS. And someone will always want to cuddle and watch Friends


29. And you’ve got wine, crisps and dip at home. There’s always wine, crisps and dip…


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Ah, roommates. Can't live with them, can't afford not to. Here are the most common arguments you'll have with your roommates. 

1. June 27th was two months ago, throw out your milk…


2. Who left the heating on?


3. Who turned the heating off?


4. Who took my food from the fridge? 


5. Is anyone going to clean those pots, they’ve been there for a week! 


6. Who got sick in the kitchen sink?


7. How many people were here last night?!


8. Hurry up in the bathroom


9. Who are all of these strangers sleeping on the floor?


10. I’m not taking the bins out again, I did it last week…


11. Why are you having a party, it’s Tuesday and I’m trying to sleep!


12. How did my Friends DVD end up getting scratched?


13. Your turn to deal with the creepy landlord this time!

Gif 460x349 15ac49

14. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend going to leave anytime soon?


15. Who used all the hot water?


16. Ehmm, can you stop having such loud sex…

Gif 460x210 991eb6

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Whether you live at home or share a house with your friends (or strangers for that matter), there are times when no matter how well you get on, they are just going to do something that gets on your nerves. It’s inevitable when you share the same space with other people. If you’re lucky, these things will rarely happen. But if not, well, you could always move. Or just retaliate, whatever’s cheaper.

1.Drinking Straight Out Of The Carton
It doesn’t matter how big the thirst is that you’re trying to quench, you can take the extra ten seconds to pour the drink into a glass and drink from that. Your saliva and our milk don't mix. Ever. 

2. Putting Empty Boxes/Bottles/Containers Back In The Fridge
The only reason that people do this is that they aren’t concentrating while they’re tiding up after themselves. Please think about what you’re doing and don’t get our hopes up that there’s still some M&M’s left in that big empty bag in the fridge.

3. Blatantly Eating Your Food
Just buy your own – or at least ask!

4. Leaving Dirty Dishes In The Sink
Don’t even get us started.

5. Noisy Eating
Some people, in fairness, are just noisy eaters, and there’s not a lot that they can do about it, it’s just the way they chew and the shape of their face or something. (Not to be confused with people who chew with their mouth open. Those people can’t be helped.)

6. Leaving The Cap Off The Toothpaste
Hard, stale unusable toothpaste is never good, how is it that much harder to just put it back on?

7. Not Hanging Up The Towel After A Shower…
It can’t dry properly down there, and becomes smellier in a much shorter space of time.

8…Or Opening The Window
We can't see in the fogged up mirror to do our make-up every morning – can't you be a little considerate?

9. Leaving The Toilet Seat Up
One for the boys. How many times do we have to fall into the toilet bowl before we either start looking down first, or you learn to put it down after?

10. Using Your Shampoo
Like stealing your food, there’s only a certain amount of people that it could be. Only this one is much easier to figure out, especially when they come out of the bathroom smelling like coconut conditioner. 

11. Eating In Their Room And Leaving The Stuff Behind
By “stuff” we mean all of the cutlery, bowls, plates and cups they seem to be gathering into some sort of personal collection, meaning that there's nothing to eat cereal with in the morning, or any meal throughout the day for that matter.

12. Not Replacing An Empty Toilet Roll
Or even worse, not buying more when they’ve used up the last roll in the house. Tissues and kitchen roll will only do for so long!

13. Not Cleaning The Oven After Use
Obviously the oven doesn’t need to be cleaned after every time it’s used, but it’s common courtesy to clean up any spills that may have been caused by any of the food you were cooking.

14. Stinking Up The Fridge With Smelly Food
Blue cheese? Reeeally?

15. Hair In The Sink
No. Just, no.

16. Not Flushing The Toilet

17. Stealing Your Charger
When someone asks to borrow something, the standard thing to do is to return whatever it is once they’re finished with it. Not keep in their room indefinitely until you have to be asked for it. 

18. Leaving Used Tea Bags On The Counter
Taking the teas bag out of the mug and leaving it on the spoon while you pour your milk in or get the biscuits is a pretty common habit. But don’t just leave it there, throw it out before you leave the kitchen. The bin is 5 feet away from, it’s not hard.

19. Having The Television Really Loud

 20. Bringing Home Unwelcome Couch Surfers
And they stay for way longer than you expect them to. They make relaxing in your own house awkward.

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