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This morning, someone in Dublin woke up 175,000,000 million euro, and wow gosh, we're sooooo delighted for them.

While we couldn't be more pleased that someone other than ourselves is now mega rich, we couldn't help but ponder on what we would purchase as our first big Euromillions spend. 

A luxurious holiday? A flash car? A mad expensive ostrich skin hand bag? Nah – top of the list has to be growing that property portfolio (or just starting one). We've been creeping around the internet, searching for our perfect habitats in Dublin (seeing as that is where the winning lotto ticket was purchased) and we have compiled a list of our faves that we will probably never be able to afford bu hey, it's fun to fantasize: 

1. Bayview, 17 Sutton Castle, Sutton, Dublin 13, North Dublin City – €1,250,000

You could buy around 140 of these stunning houses for your Euromillions fee.

On the market by Gallagher Quigley, this iconic 19th century mansion with sprawling grounds and a sea view is the perfect family home. It even has a spiral staircase leading from the garden to the exterior terrace where you have a gorge view of Dublin Bay.

This period home was once owned by the Jameson family – so it comes with some glam history as well as walk in wardrobes.

2. Horse Island, Roaring Water Bay, Schull, Co. Cork – €6,750,000

Where else is there to go when you want peace and quiet to count all your money? Why, your own private island of course. 

Now, we know we said we would keep all of our homes to the Dublin region, but with all those millions, chartering a yacht from Dublin bay to Schull shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

The island comes with a STUNNING main home, as well as six guest houses, so it's perfect for family to visit once you've had your fill of solitary island living. The views are breathtaking, and you could probably bride a Deliveroo guy to get the boat over with your order if you tip him well enough. 

3. Monte Alverno, Sorrento Road, Dalkey, South Co. Dublin – €7,500,000

The stand out feature of the house has got to be the stunning figure-of-eight shaped outdoor swimming pool that languishes invitingly in the back garden.

Other external features include an all weather floodlit tennis court and a Chinese garden that has its own waterfall and lily pond.

South facing bedrooms give a glorious sea view, and plant lovers can rejoice in their element with a chilled martini in the jungle of a conservatory. 

4. Arkendale, 6 Arkendale Road, Dalkey, South Co. Dublin – €1,950,000

This Georgian gaff had us shook from the very first picture. Sprawling high ceilings with original stucco work and big bay windows make this home the ideal modem house with original character. 

Currently it has some very interesting wallpaper and pastel carpet choices, a nod to the original design of the home. 

The feature staircase leads to the upstairs where there are five generous bedrooms, while downstairs resides a snooker and cinema room.

5St Georges, St Georges Avenue, Killiney, South Co. Dublin – €9,250,000

This GORGE property honestly has a whiff of Hogwarts magic about it. From the stunning turret to the stain glass windows, it's a marvel to look at. 

The home comes complete with a little church (gas) and the architecture is a nob to the Gothic revival in Ireland. 

The main bedroom has a balcony with panoramic sea views, and everything about it is just magic. 




Earlier today, in Shemazing! HQ, we were chatting about the €88m Euromillions winner, which spurred on a conversation about what we would do with the money.

We got totally carried away and decided we'd all buy an island, which led us to this website… and OMFG, we die.

All around Ireland and across the world, there are beautiful, scenic, colourful and tranquil islands that you could buy for less moolah than a house.

Have a look through this list we drew up – they're like little pieces of paradise:

5. Venice Island – Italy

Venice Island - Italy, Europe

This island is situated on the lagoon of Venice. There are four buildings on the land as well as one villa, so we can only imagine bringing all of our friends and family over for a visit (i.e. a three-day island party). 

Most of the buildings need a bit of a revamp, but sure, if you live on an island, you might as well spend your time sprucing the place up. 

4. Plitvice Island – Croatia

Plitvice Island - Croatia, Europe

If you like to get up close and personal with wildlife, then this is the island to buy. It's an abundant, well-preserved natural environment, inhabited by brown bears, wolves, eagles and wild cats. 

It's the only island in Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is famous for its colourful waters, which range from vivid royal blues to dark forest greens. 

3. Bushy Island – Ireland

Bushy Island - Ireland, Europe

Coming over to Ireland, Bushy Island (lol at the name), is on the lower end of the price scale. Going for just over €200,000, it has no buildings, but obviously there's room to improve.

Located in Lough Derg, Mountshannon in Co. Clare, it has pretty impressive views and has an abundance of flora, fauna and wildlife. Not too shabby.

2. Mouchão de Alhandra Island – Portugal

Mouchão de Alhandra Island - Portugal, Europe

This is the dearest island of the lot, coming in at €25m (ouch), but just LOOK at it. The Portuguese island has a manor house, an employee house, agricultural support installations and cattle facilities. 

There's also an airplane facility, so you know, if you want to casually fly over to your own island, the option is there.

1. Mermaid Isle – Ireland

Mermaid Isle - Ireland, Europe

Our number one spot has to go to Mermaid Island, just off Kenmare Bay. At €3m, you not only get the island but a HUGE house, a cottage, two pools and a crystal-clear protected ocean that you can swim and go scuba-diving in.

This would be the first thing we'd buy if we won any large some of money. 

One day…


It was the video that shocked the nation: a 18-year-old Irish woman performing a sex act on 24 men in order to win a free cocktail.

The footage went viral, sparking debate about what really goes on during cheap, package holidays to the likes to Magaluf – a resort on the otherwise genteel island of Majorca in Spain.

At the time, one young holiday-maker explained what goes on in the town, which is nicknamed 'Shagaluf': "The girls and guys are all as bad as each other… I've walked into Burger King and seen people having sex in the toilets."

"People think they can let loose out there because they can leave it all behind when they go home."

Still, the actions of the Co. Armagh teenager shone a spotlight on Magaluf drinking regulations.

And in the aftermath, authorities there introduced harsher restrictions as well as steep fines for anyone caught flouting the laws: for example, the likes of balconing – where tourists jump from hotel balconies into swimming pools – is now liable to a €1,500 fine.

Recently, the Sunday Life spent a weekend on Magaluf’s notorious strip to see if anything has changed… and seemingly it hasn't.

The Belfast-based publication observed hundreds of revellers in a seriously intoxicated state, while one young man is spotted sporting a bloodied nose. 

Just this week is was furthermore announced that British police officers have been flown into the Spanish town to patrol its streets as part of a two-week trial to help Spanish authorities deal with victims and offenders from the UK.

Spain already carries out international patrols in tourist areas in cooperation with police from Germany, France, Italy, Portugal and Morocco.


Consumed too much alcohol last night

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Hundreds of thousands of revellers from Britain and Ireland holiday in Magaluf annually (85 percent of vacationers are from our island or Britain), with the spot being particularly popular with those off on a Sixth Year, post Leaving Cert jaunt. 

Hotels evict a relatively modest 250-odd guests a year for unruly behaviour – like thrashing their rooms – and about one in six of those evictees is Irish.

However, most holidaymakers are more eager to head out than cause trouble at their hotels: Magaluf's giant BCM nightclub, which holds 6,000 people, is particularly popular. It charges €50 at the door, but alcohol flows freely once you're inside.

One Dutch volunteer, Simone, is part of The Street Angels – a charitable organisation which has for two years carried out work on the streets of Magaluf.

They help drunk party-goers find their friends and their hotels, and hand out bandages, tissues, and bottles of water. 

She believes that this year, the authorities have indeed been stricter, and there is "less glass" strewn about the place.

She furthermore said that the beaches are now better lit up with "enormous spotlights," similar to those used during footballer matches. 

"But you see the girls still lying passed out in the gutter with their underwear around their knees," Simone added in conversation with NOS, a public broadcaster in The Netherlands .

Still, she explained that as a mother herself, she's happy to lend a hand – giving up her vacation time to volunteer. "I myself have teenage daughters. And that is someone's daughter," she states.

In 2011, MTV's popular Geordie Shore filmed part of series one on the island.