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Rihanna has now taken legal action against her father, Ronald Fenty, for using her trademark Fenty brand in a "fraudulent effort to solicit millions of dollars" without her permission.

Rihanna, real name Robyn Fenty, has filed a lawsuit against her dad after he set up the company Fenty Entertainment and apparently acted as her agent.

She claims Ronald and a man named Moses Perkins have been "soliciting business by falsely acting as her agent".

According to legal documents, the duo are allegedly seeking "to profit from her fame" and "although Mr. Fenty is Rihanna’s father, he does not have, and never has had, authority to act on Rihanna’s behalf."

The ANTI singer and beauty mogul also claims they have falsely booked her for a $15 million Latin American tour, two concerts at Staples Centre in LA and a Las Vegas show, worth $400,000.

The documents also allege that her father tried unsuccessfully to file trademark for Fenty multiple times to launch a "resort hotel services" with the hope of "exploiting Rihanna’s name and brand". Yikes.

The 30-year-old star insists that she tried to settle the issues outside of court but that he ignored her cease and desist mail. She's now asking a judge to place an injunction on Ronald.

Fenty has been trademarked by Bad Gal Riri for all business ventures, such as her cosmetics and lingerie collections.

The Umbrella songstress has a turbulent relationship with her biological father; she has maintained that he physically abused her mother and has been addicted to crack cocaine in the past.


checkin in wit pops! missed you man! #home 

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He was kicked off her 2008 tour for drunken behaviour, and she paid for her father to enter a rehabilitation clinic back in 2013.

Despite the drama, she is still in contact with her dad and they were seen together in Barbados last November celebrating her grandfather's 90th birthday.

Sounds pretty tumultuous to us, it makes our family spats at the dinner table look hella minor.


Britney Spears is fresh from celebrating 20 years since Baby…One More Time! – something we still cannot believe.

And now the iconic popstar has opened up about wanting to add to her fam.

The 37-year-old singer has two sons from her marriage to Kevin Federline – 13-year-old Sean and 12-year-old Jayden.

Now she's loved-up with boyfriend Sam Asghari (who is SMOKIN' hot), having a baby is on the cards. 


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Lucky Britney.

It might have to do with Britney cancelling her Britney: Domination Las Vegas show after her dad Jamie suffered a colon rupture – maybe the scare looks like it might have made Britney think about how important family is.

According to Hollywoodlife. “Britney would really love to have more children, and she has expressed very much wanting to do that sooner rather than later.''

They continued, ''She’s so happy with boyfriend Sam and would love to have a baby with him. Her father’s health really made her take a step back and figure out what’s important.”


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There might also be another reason why she would like another kid.

Reportedly Britney is, ''Taking some time to figure out what she wants out of life, and right now it seems like she just has no desire to perform and all her focus is on her family, including adding to her own. Britney absolutely loves her fans and performing, but she also loves being a mom and knows she’s getting older.''

If she decided to, we wish her all the best- she'll always be our fave pop star anyway. 


There's nothing better than a mum-and-daughter girlie day out together.

And Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper proved that it's always a success when they spent the day together and documented it on Instagram.

The former Spice Girl took her seven-year-old out for a spa day – which included a baby facial by Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Dr Barbara is the therapist responsible for Hollywood's most gory beauty treatment – the bloody vampire facial, made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian.

Victoria took to Instagram Stories to post a video of Harper, clad in a hairnet and towel, lying down as Dr. Barbara Sturm gave her a facial.

The 44-year-old captioned it, ''Baby facial with @drbarbarasturm…We must use clean products on our children.''

After the spa treatment, Victoria took the family for a vegan meal, posting snaps of husband David enjoying his food.

The day ended with Victoria uploading an adorable picture of a note that Harper had written her.

It said, ''Dear mummy, thank you for what you have done for us fun, happiness, kindness, love and most of all your heart."

All together now – awwwwww.


Fans of the hit BBC show Peaky Blinders are currently being driven mad waiting for the latest series, and the official Instagram page for the TV series has shared an image which hints at bloodshed for the gang.

The snap gives a major hint for the notorious Birmingham gang, who live in a morally grey world of assassination, gang warfare and family crimes.

The show is known for not holding back when it comes to killing off our favourite characters, and the caption of the post has fans worried that yet another death is coming for the Shelby clan.


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The caption reads; "First day back on set for #PeakyBlinders Series 5. You're sure of a big surprise."

The image shows a blood-spattered clapper-board above a gun in a woodland setting, and boy are we concerned. 

Season four finished off with the Changretta threat being sufficiently dealt with, but creator Steven Knight most definitely has more enemies in store for Tommy Shelby to handle.

The latest clips during the BBC trailer shows a crucifixion shot at the beginning;

We simply can't wait for Peaky Blinders to return, but can we handle the drama? Every character has blood on their hands, we have no idea who the 'good guys' are, because human nature isn't black and white.

The Shelbys float between light and dark, and their friends and foes switch sides constantly.

Though Tommy Shelby is an honourable man when it comes to his family, who knows what he's capable of in terms of violence against those who cross him.

After the latest Instagram post, fans are now foreseeing a major death in the series. What do you think their hint means?


Sophie Ellis-Bextor has welcomed her fifth child.

The 39-year-old gave birth to a son and announced the news in a sweet Instagram post.

She captioned it, "He’s here! Mickey Jones born today weighing 7lb 1oz and he’s absolutely gorgeous. Welcome to our quirky little family, sweet boy. We’re so glad you’re here safe. Xxxxxxxxxxxx."


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Fans were quick to offer their well wishes.

One said, '' Congratulations to you all! Bet his brothers can't wait to meet their new brother!''

While another wrote, '' Congratulations! What a head of hair.''

Sophie and Richard are also parents to 13-year-old Sonny, nine-year-old Kit, five-year-old Ray and three-year-old Jesse.

Huge congratulations to the family.


Singer-songwriting sensation Jessie J has announced on Instagram that she is taking a break from social media following the heartbreaking death of her bodyguard.

In the lengthy post, she writes that she would like to focus on being "present" with those whom she loves, citing "some unexpected heavy personal stuff" as the reason for her break. 

"When sadness hits it's important we embrace it, so it doesn't define us. I have to practice on myself what I talk about in stage and in my music too. In a good way."

The Price Tag singer disclosed that her security team member, Dave, passed away very suddenly a few weeks ago. He was part of her team for four years, and the singer described him as "family".


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The 30-year-old singer admitted that it was finally time to "practice on myself what I talk about" through her music and while performing.

Announcing that the break would be from all social media for a considerable length of time, she finished by writing;

"Want to live in the moment as much as I can and not through my phone. I love you all. Happy new year. The year of living the best life for you!"

She was undeniably close with her bodyguard, Dave. She shared images of him via her Instagram account, describing him as a loving father and a man of immense kindness

She captioned another post;

"I wrote this because I want everyone to remember the man you were. You were a gentle giant with a heart so big everyone felt it. I love you so much. We were supposed to meet for hot chocolate next week. 

"I miss you. I will see you on the other side one day. Rest easy Dave, give your Dad a hug from me"


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The circumstances around his death are unclear, but it's obvious just how heartbroken Jessie J is. 

Our deepest condolences to the singer, as well as Dave's family. 

We hope she gains the peace she deeply needs during her social media hiatus. 


She is the cream of the crop in Hollywood.

Saoirse Ronan is not yet 25 but has starred in every type of movie from Indie flicks to thrillers, action, horror to big budget blockbusters.

There's not much she can't so when it comes to acting, but as we all know, Tinseltown isn't the easiest place to work.

Now, in the wake of #MeToo and Times Up, she has spoken out about how she was protected from the darker side of Hollywood. 


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She told Harper’s Bazaar that she was “sure I would have been exposed” to abuse in the film industry but she was kept safe thanks to her mother.

She said, ''I wasn't unaware that there were people in the industry who abused their power, or who were seedy or untrustworthy.''

She continued, ''But because of her I was never a victim and I’m very, very thankful. I didn't leave home at 19 all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed  – I hadn't been wrapped in cotton wool – but I had been protected.”

Their close relationship has been essential in keeping Saoirse far away from the seedier side of acting.


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Saoirse said, ''I don’t know what would have happened if she hadn't been around.''

While they don't see each other every day now, they do FaceTime regularly. 

Saoirse hits our screens next in Mary Queen Of Scots alongside Margot Robbie and will also appear in the latest adaptation of Little Women later on this year. 

Her Harpers Bazaar cover is causing a backlash on social media, with it referring to her as ''The Spirit of Great Britain''…even though she is Irish. 

One person wrote, ''I’m not sure choosing an Irishwoman as the cover girl for the “spirit of Great Britain” is as much a gesture of openness as erasure, particularly given the fraught history of Anglo-Irish relations. If that was their intention, it’s a bit muddled.''

Another said, ''Was her name not enough of a hint no?''

What do you guys think? 


Christmas is all about family time… and family time is all about stress, right?

While you spent weeks looking forward to some much-needed time off work and college, and daydreamed about the sheer amount of food and drink you would get to consume in the family home,  you also forgot how annoying your family can be, didn't you?

They mightn't intend to wind you up (well, not all the time anyway), but that doesn't mean they're not pretty damn good at it.

And here, ladies, are just ten things your family did to stress you out this Christmas.

1. Your mam forgot at least one component of Christmas dinner, despite the fact you reminded her at least three times.

"If Siobhan had asked for potato croquettes, you wouldn't have forgotten to buy them."

2. Your sibling got a better haul than you on Christmas morning.

"She earns more than all of us! Why did she get MAC brushes AND a Fitbit?!"

3. Your contribution to dinner prep reminded you of your Home Ec practical for the Leaving.

"Who in the name of Jaysus taught you to cut carrots like that? Give me that knife."

4. Your dad told you your hangover was self-inflicted (which it obviously wasn't because how were to know Mahons would have a lock-in?)

"Look at the cut of ya. Anyone with an ounce of sense would have drawn a line by midnight."

5. Your sibling laughed at the truly unique present you got a family member.

"Yeah 'cos after a year working hard, all Dad wants for Christmas is to provide a family he doesn't know with a goat."

6. Your mam threw a fit because you weren't helping, then threw a fit because you were helping.

"Get out from under my feet unless you can do it right. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you'll have me in an early grave."

7. Your mam made you knock next door to the neighbours with their present despite the fact you've only met them twice in the last two years.

"Ah, I'm grand and how are you…eh… Dennis? Donal, I mean Donal!"

8. Your sibling hogged the best seat in the living room and you had to sit beside the dog basket.

"The arse of my dress is covered in dog drool."

9. Your mam tried to break with tradition and suggested presents would be done after mass from now on.

"If I'm not allowed open all my presents in the next ten minutes, I'll get the first train out of here."

10. Your sibling got the blow-up mattress, and you were left sleeping on a makeshift bed in your parents' room… again.

"Tell Dad if he keeps snoring, I'll call the police."



It looks like Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are going to be expanding their brood.

The couple, who welcomed their first baby in September, have opened up about a second child.

So when do they want to have this sibling for son, Theodore?

Spencer said that he wants to start trying ASAP.


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He said, ''[We want] lots of little Theodores. We'll name them all Theodore – Theodore one to four. I'm actually trying to convince Vogue that we should start trying again at the end of the year, though."

The pair invited Hello! magazine into their gorgeous London home and gushed about how this year has been the most exciting of their lives.

Vogue said, ''If anything Theodore has made our relationship even better.''

She continued, ''Seeing Spencer as a dad is incredible and he makes me able to be the mother that I am. I think that in the run up to being a dad he had already changed dramatically. It's all really about family now for both of us, and especially Spencer.''


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She added, ''He really puts his family first. Neither of us go out much anymore…we're so settled now and our priorities are so different. He’s the best thing that ever happened to us."

Spencer also thinks highly of his wife as a mum – a role that she has embraced with open arms.

Spencer said, ''I just think Vogue is the most exceptional mother – and I'm not just saying that because she can hear me. She is extremely attentive, she is caring, generous with her time…I've always been in awe of my wife, in many aspects, and being a mother is certainly her finest achievement."

They seem like the perfect family – and the pitter-patter of tiny feet may not be too far off for them. 


  Frankie Bridge has two adorbs sons but she has now revealed that expanding her family could be on the cards.

The Saturday's singer has two little boys with her ex-footballer husband Wayne Bridge – five-year-old Parker and three-year-old Carter.

The 29-year-old has revealed that she is ''feeling broody'' and Wayne admits that he wants a ''massive family.'' 

So cute. 

So, will there be a baby number three?

Frankie spoke to OK! saying, ''We change our minds all the time. I’ve been really broody lately but I feel like we’re never broody at the same time!"

Wayne added, ''Never say never, but I’d say at the moment it won’t happen soon. We definitely do go through stages.''

The 38-year-old continued, ''I’d love a massive family at Christmas and birthdays to create loads of memories, but it’s never that easy."

Having a massive family is one thing, but the actual process of being pregnant is not something that Frankie enjoyed, having had a tricky time with her two sons.

She said ''I don’t like being pregnant! If you could just hand me a baby, that might be different!"

The couple has been married for four years, after meeting in 2010 and Wayne has another son, 12-year-old Jaydon from a previous relationship. 


All is not well in Kim Kardashian land.

The famous-feud between Drake and Kanye West (or Ye) was reignited last night when accusations were flying.

Kanye accused Drake of threatening him and his family when they were speaking on the phone. 

Supposedly, the phone call took place after Kanye had asked the Canadian artist for an apology for being sent “a clearance request” for ‘Say What’s Real’.

It didn't stop there though, Kayne continued a series of accusations in a flow of tweets.

“The kid he had run on stage at Pushas concert is in critical condition. Since the pool line he’s been trying to poke at me and f**k with me.

"So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect. So cut the tough talk.”

Kanye is also bubbling due to a diss that was allegedly in Travis Scott's smash hit, ‘Sicko Mode’.

The rapper wasn't impressed that Travis had texted Kris Jenner, instead of speaking to him directly.

He tweeted: “How you gone text Kriss but not speak to me. How you gone be on Trav’s song coming at me. Trav should have never allowed that."

He continued to tweet about Kylie's beau: "Trav is my family and let this met throw sneak disses at me for clout."

Kim then got in on the action and publicly slammed the alleged threat towards her family.

"@drake Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake."

The 38-year-old then followed up with a second tweet, praising her hubby.

She wrote: "My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know. He has broken so many boundaries, everything from music, stage design, fashion and culture and will continue to change the world."

We imagine that Christmas dinner might be a bit AWKS in the Kardashian/Jenner household.

Drake has yet to respond to any of the claims made against him.


Oprah Winfrey takes everything that happens, even something tragic, as a learning experience.

Even when it comes to her own mothers passing. 

She is a successful businesswoman who came from a poor rural American upbringing to build her own brand. 

So she's definitely someone we would be happy to take advice from. 


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Her mother, Vernita Lee, died a month ago and Oprah is opening up about how she is dealing with it.

She told People, ''I said, ‘I don’t know if you’re going to make it. Do you think you’re going to make it?’ She said, ‘I don’t think I am.’ I had a conversation with her about what that felt like, what it felt like to be near the end.''

She continued, ''I started telling all the people who cared about her that, ‘She knows it’s the end, so, if you want to say goodbye, you should come and say goodbye.’”


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Oprah says that saying your goodbyes is an extremely special moment. 

She said, ''I said to her, ‘What a wonderful thing to be able to say goodbye,’ because she’s completely coherent and perfectly understanding everything.''

However, the 64-year-old did say that she struggled to find the right words to say to her mother – so she played music instead. 

She continued, ''What I said was, ‘Thank you, because I know it’s been hard for you. It was hard for you as a young girl having a baby, in Mississippi. No education. No skills. Seventeen, you get pregnant with this baby. Lots of people would have told you to give that baby away. Lots of people would’ve told you to abort that baby. You didn't do that.''

She added, ''I want you to know that no matter what, I know that you always did the best you knew how to do. I would say to anybody – and if you live long enough, everybody goes through it say the things that you need to say while the people are still alive, so that you are not one of those people living with regret about what you would’ve, should’ve, could’ve said,” she explained.

Words of wisdom, thank you, Oprah.