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Liam Gallagher isn't one to be pinned down by any work opportunity, that's for sure. He makes his own rules, including when it comes to requesting a part in his favourite TV show…

He's renowned as one of the most famous frontmen in the world, for one of the best bands in the world, but he's also started his own fashion label. A man of many talents, indeed.

Now the Manchester rocker has said that he may be trying out a new venture; swapping music for cameo acting in BBC One's 1920s gangland show, Peaky Blinders.

Now, take this with a pinch of salt because the musician loves a good joke on social media. He took to Twitter shortly to originally say; "Ohhh what a beautiful morning ohhhhh what a beautiful day."

However, when a user by the name of @issytate asked if he had any plans, he replied:

"Thought you'd never ask, yeah I'm off to meet a man about a part in Peaky Blinders. Why me, why not. See ya." he said.

The latest series of Peaky Blinders has confirmed that Cillian Murphy's turn as Tommy Shelby is as popular as ever, opening to its highest viewing figures yet for season five.


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The series launched to an audience of 6.2 million, according to BBC Press Office. A Peaky Blinders music festival is even taking place in Birmingham later in the year.

As well as featuring stars of the show, there's also a full music line up that includes Primal Scream, Frank Carter, The Streets, a mystery superstar and more.

Kate Phillips (Linda Shelby), Finn Cole (Michael Gray), Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby) and Paddy Considine (Father John Hughes) will meet fans across the weekend.


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Tommy Shelby (AKA Cillian Murphy, Prince of Ireland) has recorded the poems 'Futility' by Wilfred Owen and 'The Ballad of Tommy Shelby' to be exclusively broadcast across the festival.

Tickets to The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival are on sale now and are available here.

Can you see Liam in a Paddy cap sporting a Brummy accent? We can't imagine him without his Manchester voice though, or squaring up to Tommy Shelby and coming away without a scratch.

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Peaky Blinders has become a worldwide phenomenon, partially due to Cillian Murphy's incredible performance as the iconic Tommy Shelby in 1920s post WWI-Birmingham.

We don't doubt that you've spotted some lads sporting the exact same haircut as the Shelby boys, as well as wearing the flat cap and three-piece suits.

The period cut has led to a style revolution among fans of the show, with barbers constantly being asked for the 'Peaky cut' from men (and some women) of all ages. 


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But despite the style’s popularity, Cillian Murphy has zero time for it;

"People ask for a Peaky cut. It’s crazy that people like it – it hasn’t grown on me," he told Woman and Home. The 43-year-old pointed out how easily spotted he is with the shaved sides and long top.

"It’s when you get the haircut that people start shouting at you," he said. "When I don’t have the haircut I can get the bus quite unmolested." He normally wears a far longer haircut, and is left alone.


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The Dunkirk actor recently admitted that his wife gets annoyed by his dedication to the BBC One show, which has just returned for its fifth series.

Cillian has to "cancel reality for a little while" while he's on set and candidly admitted that he can find the role "exhausting";

"Part of acting in film and television is that you have to go from sitting around in a trailer twiddling your thumbs, doing the crossword or whatever, to bang! Being in it. So if you're coming from a standstill, it doesn't work."


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He also divulged that his spouse Yvonne McGuinness and sons, 13-year-old Malachy and 12-year-old Aran, feel that he's in another world when the series is filming.

"I'm not walking around talking like Tommy all the time, but you have to be there or thereabouts.

"So she's right, I'm not all there when I'm filming. And in terms of life when we're filming: I don't socialise, I just go home, learn the lines, go to bed."

The hugely anticipated fifth season of Peaky Blinders kicked off on BBC One on Sunday night, stay tuned for the next five episodes.

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James Charles. Manny MUA. Jeffree Star. Wayne Goss. Bretman Rock. All men serving iconic lewks with massive followings in the ultra competitive YouTube beauty industry. 

Long gone is the stereotype that makeup is just for women – men have been displaying sick skills in makeup application for hundreds of years since the origins of drag, and now men wearing makeup on the daily is celebrated across social media. 

Last week, James Charles cause huge waves in Birmingham, when 8,000 of his fans showed up at a shopping centre to watch him open a brand new Morphe store. 


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His appearance caused huge traffic jams – a fact which was discussed on a segment for ITV News Central.

On air, the female newscaster was advised by her co-anchor to start her own YouTube channel as her makeup was beautiful, to which she replied:

'That’s because I take advice from a woman, not a man.’

Viewers did not appreciate her comment, seeing it as dismissive of the influence and skills possessed by some of the biggest names in digital beauty in their opinion. 

Her comment was originally picked up by YouTuber Callum Markie, who tweeted a recording of the segment and said: ‘Says the 50 year old woman on national tv whining about what a 19 year old puts on their face just because their name isn’t Stephanie.'

'I really hope the grand kids are proud.’

James Charles himself replied to the tweet, saying: 'That’s okay, my makeup tips are reserved for the other 14 million people that are excited to learn & express themselves.'


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Love Island's Samira Mighty also tweeted in defence of the MUA, saying: '

'Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh . What happened to accepting everyone. He’s got better make up skills than you Hun.’

We're sure the newscaster's comment was just a bad joke, but sister has been told. 


Fans of the hit BBC show Peaky Blinders are currently being driven mad waiting for the latest series, and the official Instagram page for the TV series has shared an image which hints at bloodshed for the gang.

The snap gives a major hint for the notorious Birmingham gang, who live in a morally grey world of assassination, gang warfare and family crimes.

The show is known for not holding back when it comes to killing off our favourite characters, and the caption of the post has fans worried that yet another death is coming for the Shelby clan.


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The caption reads; "First day back on set for #PeakyBlinders Series 5. You're sure of a big surprise."

The image shows a blood-spattered clapper-board above a gun in a woodland setting, and boy are we concerned. 

Season four finished off with the Changretta threat being sufficiently dealt with, but creator Steven Knight most definitely has more enemies in store for Tommy Shelby to handle.

The latest clips during the BBC trailer shows a crucifixion shot at the beginning;

We simply can't wait for Peaky Blinders to return, but can we handle the drama? Every character has blood on their hands, we have no idea who the 'good guys' are, because human nature isn't black and white.

The Shelbys float between light and dark, and their friends and foes switch sides constantly.

Though Tommy Shelby is an honourable man when it comes to his family, who knows what he's capable of in terms of violence against those who cross him.

After the latest Instagram post, fans are now foreseeing a major death in the series. What do you think their hint means?


Pizza is probably one of our (if not the) favourite meals here in Shemazing HQ.

You just can't beat a delicious crisp base with gooey cheese and any topping you fancy. Mmm…

So, when we found out a pizza festival is heading to the UK, we were all ready to book our flights.

breakfast, color, cooking

Next month, Brum's Big Fat Pizza Festival is heading to Birmingham, and it sounds like an absolute delight.

Taking place on Saturday April 29, there will be pizza competitions, pizza game shows, pizza bingo and a pizza rave. We're not sure what a pizza rave entails, but we're sure up for it.

There will also be local artists, musicians and DJs to amuse you throughout the day. Oh, and there will be rum, gin and cocktail bars open so you can wash all the pizza down with a nice refreshing drink.

Tickets are only £7.50 (€8.65), and you can pre-order them here.

See you there?