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Una Healy's bandmates are said to be "rallying around her" since her ex-husband Ben Foden announced his marriage to his girlfriend of two weeks.

The 34-year-old rugby star revealed that his former wife Una gave him her "blessing" to re-marry only one year after their tumultuous separation.

Their marriage crumbled due to Foden's string of affairs, which were made public last year and led to a shocked Una calling time on their relationship.


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But according to reports, Rochelle Humes, Mollie King, Frankie Bridge and Vanessa White are supporting the singer after Ben’s surprise announcement.

A source told The Sun Online:

"The girls have all been there for Una. As soon as they heard what happened, Rochelle, Mollie, Vanessa and Frankie were straight on their phones as they were worried about their friend.

"They have rallied around to support her as they can only imagine what she is feeling. She's a strong woman, but her friends have let her know that they will be there for her through this as it is still a shock to the system that Ben would remarry so soon."


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Ben and Una share seven-year-old Aoife and four-year-old Tadgh together but announced via social media over the weekend that he'd tied the knot with New Yorker Jackie Belanoff Smith.

He captioned the image: “This last year has been by far my toughest and most turbulent for a number of reasons that many of you I’m sure are aware of, in some way or another.

“The world has a funny way of working things out, many people think I’m a bad person – as I’m sure they’ll be many nasty comments left under this post by keyboard warriors aplenty. But I met a girl who seriously swept me off my feet and in a time of hardship showed me love, a deep devoted love."


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“People will say we are mad or crazy or even fools, as Jackie and I had only been dating seriously for a little over two weeks before deciding to get married. But when someone like her comes into your life, why would I wait?

He adds: “The people who needed to know, such as close family and friends were told before anyone else and they are happy for me, including my beautiful ex-wife Una Healy, who I love even more for her blessing.

"Life is short and you only get one and it’s worth living," he continued.


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"Jackie is the greatest human being I’ve ever come across – she’s beautiful inside and out, intelligent, charming, funny, generous, kind, gentle, energetic the list goes on."

He concludes; “She will be a great step mum to Aoife and Tadhg and offers me a future I can’t wait to explore with her."

We're glad Una has her best friends and bandmates around her for support, even though she's loved up herself. It must still be incredibly shocking to see your ex-husband remarry so promptly.

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Frankie Bridge has praised her sister for speaking out about her tragic miscarriages.

Her sister Victoria, known as Tor, penned an emotional post to Instagram about what she went through.

The former Saturdays singer echoed a post that Tor had put up, showing how she looked after having her third miscarriage.


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Frankie captioned it, ''My awesome sister @torsandfordhas decided to do something so far out of her comfort zone and I’m so proud. It seems to be something people don’t feel like they can talk about…''

She continued, ''Yet so many have experienced…Are currently or will…Keep up to date with her journey…Send support and share your stories…her aim is to help at least 1 person to feel understood…not alone and to get a very much needed conversation going #sister #love #support #miscarriage.”

Tor has posted to her own page and bravely spoke about how miscarriage affects women.


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She wrote, ''Since we were married in July 2017, we have been through 3 very different miscarriages. I kept wanting to talk about them but the first felt too common, the second was just as we got to Bermuda and a lot was going on.  The last just finished, we are more settled and its time we started to look into what could be causing them and I am ready to be open about this.''

She continued, ''People still find it very hard to talk about and don’t realise how common a miscarriage can be. Over time I am going to share our stories and what happened.''

She added, ''I am doing this for people that have had, currently going through or might suffer from a miscarriage. To let them know that they aren’t alone. To share our story and how we have and are dealing with it. #miscarriage#miscarriageawareness#togetherforchange."

She was inundated with messages of support.

One said, ''Well done for speaking out about your experiences. It is good to know that you aren’t the only person to go through what can be a really lonely time .''

While another wrote, ''So proud of you helping others you are a very strong, and beautiful inside and out, love you.''


  Frankie Bridge has two adorbs sons but she has now revealed that expanding her family could be on the cards.

The Saturday's singer has two little boys with her ex-footballer husband Wayne Bridge – five-year-old Parker and three-year-old Carter.

The 29-year-old has revealed that she is ''feeling broody'' and Wayne admits that he wants a ''massive family.'' 

So cute. 

So, will there be a baby number three?

Frankie spoke to OK! saying, ''We change our minds all the time. I’ve been really broody lately but I feel like we’re never broody at the same time!"

Wayne added, ''Never say never, but I’d say at the moment it won’t happen soon. We definitely do go through stages.''

The 38-year-old continued, ''I’d love a massive family at Christmas and birthdays to create loads of memories, but it’s never that easy."

Having a massive family is one thing, but the actual process of being pregnant is not something that Frankie enjoyed, having had a tricky time with her two sons.

She said ''I don’t like being pregnant! If you could just hand me a baby, that might be different!"

The couple has been married for four years, after meeting in 2010 and Wayne has another son, 12-year-old Jaydon from a previous relationship. 


Una Healy has commented on her relationship with rugby player Ben Foden. The pair went their separate ways earlier this year when it was revealed that the sportsman had been cheating on the singer.

Speaking to Closer magazine on the Pride of Britain red carpet, Una confessed that one day she hopes to rekindle their friendship at some point in their lives.


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Things are obviously still quite raw, but she is hopeful about their future: “I want to stay friends with Ben.”

The mum-of-two explained she hopes they can be on good terms for the sake of their children: “He's the father of my children and he's in my life forever, so hopefully one day we can be friends.”

Una’s world was flipped upside down when reports emerged that Ben had been cheating on his wife of six years.


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Una told Best magazine at the same event that she is taking things slowly: “I’m taking it one day at a time. It’s all I can do right now.”

She admitted: “I’m focusing on the kids and just…getting on with things.”


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Una has praised her children- six-year-old Aoife and three-year-old Tadhg- for helping her get through this harrowing time.

She said focusing on her role as a mum has been a massive help to her. "I'm so lucky to have them. I never feel lonely or alone. They’re lovely company and have brought joy into my life.”

The singer said: “The most important job for me is to be the best parent I can and to provide and look after them. They’re my priority."

We love how positive Una is about her future.


For many suffering with their mental health, World Mental Health Day ois just another day – because your mental health doesn't stop to reflect on itself just because the world is raising awareness for it. 

However, many celebrities and influencers are taking the opportunity today to share their tales of mental illness, and former The Saturday's band member Frankie Bridge did just that. 

The talented singer and mum of two took to Instagram to give her almost 1 million followers an insight into a dark time she struggled with during her time in the 00s girl group. 


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The band defined an era of pop music for their young fans, but Frankie revealed that some days, she faced an uphill battle with her emotions despite her roaring success.

'Most of you will probably look at this picture and just see two good friends walking along holding hands… but the truth is she was practically holding me up… we’d just done a gig that I had forced myself to be “Frankie from The Saturdays” for. I had got to the hotel that morning. Shut all the curtains. Got into bed. Under the covers and sobbed for hours alone,' she wrote. 

'It felt an effort to breathe. To be alive. Let alone to get on a stage. Paint on a smile and dance and sing to happy songs!'


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'This was one of the first times my anxiety and depression had become so out of control that I couldn’t hide it from the people around me anymore… none of us ever really know what others are going through and a picture doesn’t always speak a thousand words… especially these days!'

'Remember youre not alone and things aren’t always what they seem….'


The thought of your other half sharing intimate details of your sex life with his friends is more than most of us could bear, so the idea of it being shared with the nation is hideous beyond measure.

And yet that didn't didn't seem to dawn on I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here star, Wayne Bridge, when he decided to tell all during a recent trip to the Bush Telegraph.

Sounding stunned that many couples experience a revival in their sexcapades after welcoming children, Wayne exclaimed: "I think they’re having us on! How can it be better?"

In a move which mortified wife Frankie of The Saturdays, Wayne continued: "It’s either the same or less. I’m not having it at all. Why would it get better?"

"I think it’s always been up there with me and Frank. You’re together for years so you obviously try everything out before you’ve had babies, surely."

"I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation because her mum and dad are going to be watching," he suddenly added after appearing to remember his comments were being beamed out to millions.

Taking to Twitter to acknowledge her husband's big mouth, Frankie wrote: "Ohhh, just stop talking… I'm begging you."

Taking the opportunity to stir the pot, Frankie's fans egged Wayne on, responding: "Don't be a spoilsport Frankie. Go Wayne. It's good to share."

"I kept refreshing to see your reaction lol!! How funny!" added another.

Ah here, she took it better than we would have.


She was the poster girl for the pixie cut throughout the early 2000s, but Frankie Bridge is rocking a completely different looks these days. 

The former girlband singer made her new-look debut on Monday night as she attended the Mind Media awards in London and shocked on-lookers with a very different hairstyle.

Gone is the short and spiked do' and in it's place is a feminine shoulder-length cut. Looking super shiny, Frankie wore soft curls in her hair to add a little bit of drama. 

Her outfit was also quite different from her Saturdays look, as instead of wearing something short and tight (because that was the look of the 2000's, right?), the 26-year-old was covered up from head-to-toe in a very chic ensemble. 

Wearing a vintage-style military jacket, which featured gold detailing, the chart-topping singer finished off her look with a pair of thigh-high boots. Very #OnPoint Frankie!



It's one of the most defining 'will I won't I' hair moments in a gal's life: continue with same, old long style – or be brave and go for the chop.

And it seems that Rochelle Humes has embraced the latter option – cutting her trademark flowing tresses into a shorter, sexier bob.


I've been brave today

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Suffice to say, however, that The Saturdays's singer has certainly made the right choice: she looked all sorts of ah-maze-ing in an Instagram snap she shared with her fans.

First showing a pile of long hair on the hairdressers' floor, she next posted an image of her revamped look – with numerous commentators commending her for taking the plunge. 

The 26-year-old mother-of-one seemingly also inspired plenty of others to do the same. 

"I'm getting mine cut similar to this nxt week I'm fed up with long hair," stated one fan, adding: "I'm crap at styling it so may as well cut it off lol." 

"I love this!! I've always loved this cut I think maybe after next summer i might cut my hair!" reported another.

Hmmm, we feel a major trend coming on.

Ms Humes, who has been married to JLS singer Marvin since July 2012, had her locks tended to at the George Northwood salon in central London's swish Westminster. 

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is also a client there.



Carter Bridge turns the ripe old age of one month today, and his mum is celebrating with some seriously beautiful family photos.

Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge features in the new issue of OK! magazine with her two sons – Carter and his big brother, one-year-old Parker.

Frankie and her husband, footballer Wayne Bridge, announced Carter's arrival on August 15th via Twitter, saying their new arrival was "absolutely perfect."

Despite already having one child at home, Frankie said in the end she was a bit unprepared for Carter's arrival, as he came along before his due date.

"I'd been so laid back about it all because I thought I knew exactly when he was coming – I hadn't even packed my hospital bag until a few days before," the Strictly Come Dancing finalist tells OK!

But after meeting her little man for the first time, everything else melted away. "Wayne and I both cried when we first saw him. My first thought was that he looked like a much smaller version of Parker when he was born, which made me feel quite emotional."

Having two under two at home no doubt makes for a chaotic household, but Frankie says she and Wayne are getting used to things… bit by bit.

"There was a moment on the first night back home when Carter’s crying woke him [Parker] up and we wondered how the hell we were going to make it work, but he seems to have got used to it now," the mum of two says.

It's been a busy 18 months for the singer and her husband, who tied the knot last July after four years together. The newlyweds kept their wedding details under wraps until almost three months later, when Frankie finally shared some snaps of the big day on social media.

We hope she doesn't wait that long to share more cute photos of Carter… we're already smitten!


The Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge, 26, gave birth to a boy at four minutes past midnight this morning.

Already parents to a 21-month-old son named Parker, her footballer husband Wayne, 35, was again by her side this time.

And the duo have already revealed the name of the new arrival: Carter.

Ms Bridge is evidently feeling well and happy too: she's already back on social media – and this morning took to Twitter to say, "our gorgeous baby boy Carter Bridge was born this morning.

"He is absolutely perfect – Parker is so excited to be a big brother!"

Former professional footballer Wayne, who retired from the game last summer, and Frankie married in July of last year.

Unusually for pop-star/footballer nuptials, the couple kept their Big Day completely private. In fact, it was three months before snaps of their wedding emerged – via her Instagram account.

In a handful of posts, she described the ceremony and celebration, which was held at the lavish Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire, as "amazing," and made "even better," by the presence of their son.

They dated for four years before tying the knot.



Frankie, one-fifth of The Saturdays, looks stunning as she relaxes in a bikini with her baby bump on full show.

The 26-year-old singer really is glowing dressed in a two-piece with a white cardigan covering her shoulders

The young singer is expecting baby number two with her husband, footballer Wayne Bridge.

And she has lately been taking to Instagram to share snaps of her growing belly, as well as further photos of her adorable two-year-old son, Parker.


Just the 3 of us

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Frankie said she has been looking to bandmate and mum-of-two Una Foden (she has a daughter, Aoife, and a son, Tadhg) for advice when it comes to managing two children under three.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: ''Soon we'll be a family of four so it's nice to see someone I'm so close to juggle work and having a family, because you never know how you're going to cope with two of them running around.

''Parker was so affectionate with Tadhg when he met him and he seems so interested in other babies. I'm hoping that means he's really going to enjoy having the new baby around but you never know.''

Frankie is also planning on adding to her tattoos once the little one arrives: ''I do want to get another one for Parker and the new baby, I'm just not sure what yet.''


My blue eyed boy

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Frankie also told Ok! magazine she has yet to pick a baby name and doesn't want people to think "Oh she did well with the first one but this one…'

The former Strictly star continued: "We have one that Wayne likes more than me, even though I came up with it. I'm not really stressing about it."


I had a big lunch…

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Frankie Bridge from The Saturdays is currently expecting her second child, but her pregnancy hasn't been as smooth this time around.

The singer was forced to pull out of the Strictly Come Dancing live tour earlier this year due to a pregnancy-related illness, tweeting her fans to break the news at the same time as she announced her pregnancy.

Now Frankie has opened up about the illness, a severe form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which Kate Middleton also notably suffered from during both her last and current pregnancy.

Speaking about one particularly bad episode, the 26-year-old told OK! magazine, "I somehow ended up lying on the floor with a bowl and I just couldn't move. They wanted me to go to hospital at one point and I refused because there was no way I could get in a car, I couldn't even get off the floor," she said.

Frankie said the first round of morning sickness was the most severe, explaining, "It kicked in when I was about seven weeks and that first bout of sickness was the worst. It's probably the worst I've ever felt. Even to move my eyes made me feel sick."

Frankie, who was replaced by Rachel Stevens for the live Strictly tour, said she is still excited to welcome her second child despite the rough pregnancy. "With the first pregnancy we were obviously excited, but I feel like we're almost a bit more excited this time because we haven't got that fear," she told the magazine.

The star already has a one-year-old son named Parker, with husband Wayne Bridge. The couple married last summer in an intimate country ceremony.

Frankie's bandmate Una Foden recently welcomed her second child, a little boy named Tadhg. We're hoping Frankie has a girl – how cute would that romance be a few years from now?!