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Singer-songwriting sensation Jessie J has announced on Instagram that she is taking a break from social media following the heartbreaking death of her bodyguard.

In the lengthy post, she writes that she would like to focus on being "present" with those whom she loves, citing "some unexpected heavy personal stuff" as the reason for her break. 

"When sadness hits it's important we embrace it, so it doesn't define us. I have to practice on myself what I talk about in stage and in my music too. In a good way."

The Price Tag singer disclosed that her security team member, Dave, passed away very suddenly a few weeks ago. He was part of her team for four years, and the singer described him as "family".


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The 30-year-old singer admitted that it was finally time to "practice on myself what I talk about" through her music and while performing.

Announcing that the break would be from all social media for a considerable length of time, she finished by writing;

"Want to live in the moment as much as I can and not through my phone. I love you all. Happy new year. The year of living the best life for you!"

She was undeniably close with her bodyguard, Dave. She shared images of him via her Instagram account, describing him as a loving father and a man of immense kindness

She captioned another post;

"I wrote this because I want everyone to remember the man you were. You were a gentle giant with a heart so big everyone felt it. I love you so much. We were supposed to meet for hot chocolate next week. 

"I miss you. I will see you on the other side one day. Rest easy Dave, give your Dad a hug from me"


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The circumstances around his death are unclear, but it's obvious just how heartbroken Jessie J is. 

Our deepest condolences to the singer, as well as Dave's family. 

We hope she gains the peace she deeply needs during her social media hiatus. 


When we think of the celeb life, we think luxurious yacht trips, glamorous red carpet events and shopping at designer stores. 

However, we often forget about the realities of being a public figure, as well-known mega stars battle to get from A to B due to the sheer mass of photographers and fans which surround them at every opportunity. 

Unsurprisingly, Bella Hadid is one such celeb who is swarmed with paparazzi whenever she steps out in public. 


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The model is currently in New York for Fashion Week, and stepped out with her many bodyguards when leaving the Michael Kors fashion show to get to her waiting car. 

The security guards pushed and shoved paps out of the way to get Bella through safely, and almost ended up in an altercation with one. 

However, things went a step too far for Bella when one of her burly minders pushed a female pap out of their way. 


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Bella intervened in the pushing, protecting the photographer from the minder. 

'Hey! Can you please not touch her!' she can be heard shouting in the clip. 

Bella then stopped to check the pap was okay, before continuing to scold her security guard. 




Miranda Kerr's bodyguard has been involved in a horrible incident in the actresses LA home.

According to Mail Online, the guard was stabbed in the eye while trying to defend himself from an intruder.

It was reported that a man tried to break into Miranda's home, and when the security guard approached him, he was attacked and stabbed in the eye.

He then got the intruder off him and shot him multiple times. One shot was fired in the head.

They were both airlifted to hospital and are receiving treatment in the Los Angeles Hospital.

Miranda shares her home with her five-year-old son Flynn. Thankfully, they were not in the house at the time.


Kodaline took to the stage at Marlay Park last night for an epic summer gig.

But we all know the deal with concerts and queues; no matter where you go, you know you'll end up waiting in line for 20 minutes.

So, to make the crowd liven up, one security man knocked out some deadly dance moves to keep the people entertained – and it actually looks like they're all having gas craic:

We think a security guard like him should become compulsory at concerts!



We all know Nicki Minaj isn't one to take the high road so when a security guard was using his phone during her concert, she abruptly took it off him and threw it across the stage. Ouch.

The 33-year-old was playing in Dubai on Friday night when she noticed a bouncer off-stage using his phone. After giving a very aggravated look, the rapper stormed over to him, took the phone and flung it, before continuing on with her performance.

And of course, Twitter erupted after the incident:

He's going to think twice before ever using his phone now!