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  Frankie Bridge has two adorbs sons but she has now revealed that expanding her family could be on the cards.

The Saturday's singer has two little boys with her ex-footballer husband Wayne Bridge – five-year-old Parker and three-year-old Carter.

The 29-year-old has revealed that she is ''feeling broody'' and Wayne admits that he wants a ''massive family.'' 

So cute. 

So, will there be a baby number three?

Frankie spoke to OK! saying, ''We change our minds all the time. I’ve been really broody lately but I feel like we’re never broody at the same time!"

Wayne added, ''Never say never, but I’d say at the moment it won’t happen soon. We definitely do go through stages.''

The 38-year-old continued, ''I’d love a massive family at Christmas and birthdays to create loads of memories, but it’s never that easy."

Having a massive family is one thing, but the actual process of being pregnant is not something that Frankie enjoyed, having had a tricky time with her two sons.

She said ''I don’t like being pregnant! If you could just hand me a baby, that might be different!"

The couple has been married for four years, after meeting in 2010 and Wayne has another son, 12-year-old Jaydon from a previous relationship. 



When she’s not busy dominating the music industry and crushing Donald Trump on Twitter, Katy Perry spends her time delivering babies!

Speaking at the Once Upon a Time Gala for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles over the weekend, the 31-year-old Californian revealed that she has helped deliver not one, but two of her sister’s children.

The Roar singer explained to Us: “I see the amazing things of birth and children and vulnerability and how we have to take care of them and how big of an impression we have. It’s such a responsibility.”


Felt like a fairy godmother last night in @marchesafashion for @childrensla

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And it seems bonding with her new family members may have made Katy broody for her own.

“Children to me are becoming a big focus,” she said.  “I don’t even have one, but I see it in my sister’s kids and just how much nurturing and love they need.”

In addition to her sibling’s babies, Katy has reportedly been spending quality time with her beau Orlando Bloom’s five-year-old son, Flynn.


This guy..

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The couple have been dating for almost a year and – according to Daily Mail sources – the Pirates of the Caribbean actor “would like to get engaged to [Katy] before the year is up”. 


After her character became a mum on Hollyoaks, it looks like Nikki Sanderson is ready for a child of her own.

The 32-year-old actress has said that she children are certainly in the plan.

"Babies are definitely in my future. I'm maternal and everybody who knows me know just how much I love children."

And it seems Nikki is getting some parenting practice in with her partner's family.


Happy 4th Birthday to my amazing Nephew Jacob!! One little man who has brought so much joy to our lives #love #auntielove #proud

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"Right now I'm really busy with Hollyoaks, but Greg had a new nephew the other day and we've got a couple of other nieces and nephews. They're all amazing," the actress told Sunday People.

"I'm also very close to Eva, who plays my two-year-old daughter on Hollyoaks – I absolutely idolise her," Nikki added.



Brian Dowling is getting broody and has admitted to his desire to start a family.

The TV presenter opened up about having kids, and said his BFF Pippa O Connor could be the perfect surrogate.

"I'm like, 'Pippa, once you drop this one, do you want to go again?'. Baby Ollie is just gorgeous and she's beautiful – and a nice person as well – and has a really good work ethic. She's so fabulous," he told the Diary.

Brian and his husband Arthur Gourounlian, who got married in the summer of last year, said they still have a lot to figure out, though.

"I'm quite pro the surrogacy thing, and Arthur's quite pro the adoption thing, so it's about deciding what works," Brian revealed.

Whichever way the handsome pair choose, we're sure they'll make great parents. 


A study has found that the actual tick tock of a clock makes women want to get married and have babies.

Not only this, but it may lead you to drop your standards and just go with any old eejit who can fulfil your desires.

Apparently, women subconsciously associate the sound of a ticking clock with their limited child-bearing years

In the first experiment, 59 men and women were asked about when they want to have children, and in the second they were asked about the qualities they look for in a partner.

They were also asked about how financially secure their childhood was, and apparently the women who came from a poor background were influenced by the ticking clock. They wanted children earlier and didn’t worry so much about their partner’s social status or earning power.

Women who came from a well-off background, on the other hand, became choosier about their mate as their time ticked away.

Men, of course, paid no heed to the ticking clock.

The Florida State University researchers said: “Subtle clues that signal the passage of time – such as the perception of a ticking clock – may signal threats to a woman’s reproductive potential.”



Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan said she wants to have at least four children with her fiancé Mark Wright.

Michelle, who plays Tina McIntyre, is due to leave the soap in June and already has marriage and babies on the brain.

The 26-year-old actress, who is engaged to The Only Way Is Essex star and TV host Mark Wright, says she can’t wait to walk down the aisle and is ready to take on the challenges that come with having a big brood.

“The idea of marriage is so appealing and with Mark I knew straight away,” she said, adding that she wants to have at least four children with her hubby-to-be. “My mum’s told me how exhausting it is but when the time comes I’ll be ready.”

Her decision to leave the soap has the backing of her 27-year-old fiancé. The pair got engaged last September after a nine-month courtship and plan to walk down the aisle in the summer.

In her six years on the show, Michelle’s been at the heart of gripping storylines, including having a secret abortion and becoming a surrogate mother for friends.