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It looks like Lauren Goodger is ready to start a family!

The TOWIE babe is reportedly keen to have a little one with her new boyfriend, who is currently serving a 17-year prison sentence.

Rumours broke back in September that Lauren was in a relationship with Joey Morrison, who is a convicted burglar and drug dealer.

At the time, Lauren spoke out about the rumours, saying that she has been friends with Joey "for years," but the romantic relationship only began recently.

According to Closer, an insider said: "Lauren has been visiting Joey in prison every other week and she's told her friends that he makes her feel really special.

"She hasn't spoken to him about whether they can start a proper relationship when he gets out, but she gets the impression he feels the same way about her.

"She's heard he's due for early release next year and she'd love to give things a proper go then. Lauren's extremely broody and she's been making jokes about how beautiful their children would be.

"She'd love to have a baby with him because she's never been this happy with anyone else before," the insider added.


Close-to a year after shedding a load of weight – reality TV star Lauren Goodger is still working up a sweat and keeping the excess pounds at bay.

However, the 30-year-old – who is known for her love of heavy contouring, false lashes and HD brows – showed why OTT makeup and the gym rarely mix.

In a selfie posted to her Instagram account yesterday, Ms Goodger can be seen working out with enthusiasm… so much so that her mascara is smudged around her eyes and her foundation is practically dripping down her face. 

It seems that the snap may have been an attempt to answer her critics: late last week, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was criticised for piling back on the weight that she worked hard to lose when unflattering photos of her came to light.

It was an issue she addressed in the same Instagram entry. "Sunday afternoon gym session," she wrote. "When I train I trainnnnn hard, this is one of the hardest targets to date."

She continued: "Since seeing bad pap pics lately even though I don't agree I look like that at all, I've been training extremely hard and I nearly feel as Amazing as I did on my DVD it works and I'm sticking to it not long now."

Last month, Lauren also posted a super-fit throwback snap of her at a svelte 9st. 

The star, who once weighed-in at 13st, wrote alongside the snap: "My eye is on that goal – here I go again."


We'll be honest, we didn't think THIS would be the reason she quit the show that made her famous, but now Lauren Goodger has revealed that she exited TOWIE because of the men… they weren't good looking enough.

The reality star quit the show after season six and is soon returning for the 19th series.

But when asked why she said so long to it all those years ago, she told Closer: "There's little chance of romance, there are no fit guys on TOWIE. Attractive men don't go on it."


But this time round, she isn't doing it for the lads; she's doing it to spend some time with the girls.

"Megan and I are going to meet up so we can have a gossip.


Night with the girls @megan_mckenna_ @hairbybeaumua 

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

"She's not bitchy at all, I think TOWIE just brings out the drama in everyone. We've been friends for years.

"I've also known Chloe since I was 17, she's such good fun and I'm looking forward to spending more time with her."

We can't wait to see how this all turns out!



There are very few of us who manage to navigate adult life without falling foul to a few moments of total idiocy.

Whether it's confusion over tax returns, bewilderment over car insurance or total bafflement over credit union loans – we all need a little helping hand in some matters,

And for Lauren Goodger, it's her TV licence.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the reality TV star posed a question to her followers, and now people are struggling to believe she's made it this far in life.

"Man just knocked at my door for TV licence ? I paid there and then is this correct?" she asked.

And if that wasn't bad enough, poor ol' Lauren then admitted that she actually paid for something she already possessed, writing: "But I do actually have one? Does this happen normally."

Lauren's followers wasted no time telling her that this wasn't normal protocol, with one writing: "If I was u I wd ring police & to licence people & explain what's happened" (sic)

"Nooooooo lol that's not normal LG," replied her former co-star Vas Morgan.

Thankfully for Lauren, it doesn't sound like she'll be out of pocket for long as TV Licensing contacted her via Twitter asking for more further details before telling her they'd look into the matter for her.

Thank God for grown-ups.



It’s no secret that some of our favourite celebrities are prone to a little photoshopping every now and again.

When you’re used to being airbrushed within an inch of your life in photographers’ studios, it’s hardly surprising you may opt to re-touch your more candid shots when you can, right?

From Queen Bey to Khloé Kardashian, they’ve all, at times, chosen to tweak and trim, and they’ve all been subject to public backlash as a result.

And it looks like the latest star to do a little adjusting of her own is Lauren Goodger, and the former TOWIE star definitely hasn’t escaped the backlash.


Here's the original pic of me in my @lasulaboutique dress loving a summers day #noedit #chillout #allgirlswantslimmerlegs

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

After being snapped by a pap on a stroll, Mark Wright’s ex decided to share the same image on her Instagram page, but not before putting some handy tools to work (which she has now changed).

After spotting that Lauren had clearly trimmed down her thighs and ankles, Instagram followers wasted no time drawing comparisons between the original shot and the one Lauren shared.

“She looks lovely but you can see she’s photoshopped her legs to look skinnier by the fuzziness around them and how they’re bumpy,” wrote one. “She looks amazing so she shouldn’t have to do that.”

With social media users questioning the star’s decision to digitally alter her figure, Lauren’s fans defended her and insisted it’s no one's business whether she opts to ‘shop or not.

“Ever one needs to calm down its not worth arguing about Lauren is gorgouse but people are entitled to there opinion. “ argued one. “It is wats happens if u on social media gas no one got that yet.” (sic)

“So what if it's photoshopped? Who doesn't photoshop their pics these days!” added another.

Despite the backlash, the two photos have amassed nearly 10,000 likes between them, so we doubt Lauren is too bothered.

Credit: Jon Baxter / iCelebTV/Jon 


Well, it seems like Lauren Goodger is making her way back to TOWIE.

The reality star left the show back in 2012, after being one of the biggest characters since the show's beginning in 2010.


Just had some great TV meetings @weareborne #ITV #limepictures #towie #new #show #LG

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

And although she has made her big bucks since quitting, it looks like she wants to make her way back to Essex.

In her latest New! mag column, she said: "I had a great meeting with Lime, the production company behind TOWIE among other shows, brainstorming and plotting the return of LG to your screens!”

She added: "I'd love to be back on TV so watch this space… and don't be surprised if you see me pop up in TOWIE again in he near future."



Lauren Goodger has completely transformed herself in recent months, taking on a new diet and exercise regime to lose weight.

But now, the reality star has taken focus on her face.

After years of constant top-ups, the 29-year-old has decided to remove her lip fillers, to opt for a more natural look.

Lauren told MailOnline that she wants to embrace the natural look this year, and removing her lip fillers was the start of her transformation.

"This year I am really looking after my body and health so this was the natural and the right decision for me for where I am in my life and career," she said.


We all know being a drunk mess in front of your boyfriend is never pretty, but we don't think we've ever been excited to drink because our other half was out of the picture.

There has been a lot of rumours over the past week as to whether Lauren Goodger has broken up with her boyfriend Jake McLean because of her suspicious activity on social media.

It all came to light when Lauren began to delete every picture of her man off Instagram and Twitter, just like the other times that the pair have called it quits.

But, in Lauren's latest New! Magazine column, the former TOWIE star admitted that she was excited to get drunk at a party because Jake wasn't going to be there.

She told her fans: "My mate Della's son Miles had a private party. TOWIE's Liam Gatsby was there and so were some of Jake's other mates, but Jake didn't come.

"I was like, 'Yes, I can get as drunk as I want!' Ha ha."

Whether that's a normal part of their relationship, we don't know, but for many it's a worrying sign, with hers fans calling her out over it on social media.

One user asked, "Why are you not allowed drink if your bfs there???" and another said, "That's a bit sad."

Lauren isn't one to back down so no doubt in her next column she'll hit back at the haters' comments.


It looks like all is not well in Lauren Goodger's lovelife.

The former TOWIE star has hinted that she has broken up with her on/off boyfriend Jake McLean.

Her fans first noticed the hints yesterday when she deleted all of her photos with Jake from Instagram.

This will be the third time the pair have split over the course of their relationship. The reality star and bad boy got back together in May of last year – two years after they split up the first time. 

Over the years she had the name 'Jake' inked onto her arm and also admitted that she "can't wait" to start a family with him.

However, the last time they split up she deleted all of his snaps from social media, so it seems that history might be repeating itself.


Lauren Goodger has been charting her fitness and weight loss journey over the last year, eating clean and hitting the gym in a big way.

While her Instagram is never short of bikini snaps and workout selfies – she is promoting her new fitness DVD, after all – it was this week that fans really noticed a huge difference in her size and shape.

The reality star posted a before-and-after snap of herself in identical black bikinis, one from halfway into her weight loss journey and one from this week. Cop a look at those abs:


And while that tan is most definitely fake, Lauren's getting no shortage of sun this week, as she's been jetting between various beach resorts with her boyfriend Jake McClean.

Lauren admitted recently that it was Jake's "tough love" approach that gave her the motivation she needed to get fit – but she promises he meant his comments well.

"Before [losing weight] I was very much in denial," she explained on Loose Women last month.

"Jake said to me, 'Cor you’ve put on a bit of weight!;' and my sister said to me last Christmas, 'You’ve got a bit big!'

"I can laugh about it now, but I needed to hear it to change."

And even though she's dropped three dress sizes since slimming down, Lauren says for her it's having a strong mind and body that's important.

"I’m not skinny, I’m strong and fit – there’s a difference," she said of her naturally curvy shape. 

"I look healthier than ever. I am a lot stronger in my mind, I don’t take anything negative, I feel so much better because of this."



She's the reality TV star who's shed around 3st over the last year via a healthy eating and exercise plan. 

But now Lauren Goodger has admitted that the weight-loss has distorted her 34E breast implants. In fact, the 29-year-old says that she needs to go back to her surgeon to get them checked out.

Speaking to New! magazine, Ms Goodger reveals: "I got so much flak for the silver bandage dress I wore on a night out recently.

"Loads of people said my boobs looked weird and too far apart, and I agree – they did."

She adds: "I still love my boobs and I'm not planning to have them reduced, but I think I'm going to go back to my surgeon to check they're OK."

Last year, while showing off her new figure in a gorgeous House Of SHB playsuit, fans expressed their concern that the Towie star's breasts looked painful and unnatural. 

“I think she needs to get those implants looked at… they look deformed and shifted out of place or something,” commented one.

“Does anyone else think there might be something wrong with those implants??” asked another.

A third said: “I think her make-up looks really nice here but those boobs look so painful! Ouch!!”

Two years ago Ms Goodger treated herself to a €8,500 34E boob job after yo-yo dieting left her breasts lacking “volume”.

Calling her look “very natural,” she explained to New! magazine at the time: “I've always had big boobs and where I've done extreme yo-yo dieting, exercise and then not doing anything at all, I felt like my chest had lost a bit of volume on the top.

“They're very similar to my old boobs but they've got more volume rather than them flopping down a bit.”


We have to admit that Lauren Goodger has been looking FAB in recent months. And many of us questioned just how she completely turned her body around to the toned physique it is today. 

Well, we won't have to wait much longer to find out her secrets as Lauren has confirmed she is releasing a workout DVD on St Stephen's Day. 

The reality star dropped an impressive five dress sizes and is finally sharing her tips with fans on her new DVD, called Lauren's OMG! Workout

In a sneak peak of her project, the former TOWIE star is seen wearing a full face of make up while while parading around a studio in orange gym gear. 

In the DVD, Lauren says: "I tried for years to lose it but nothing worked. But this system's done it for me. I lost four stone and dropped five dress sizes."