Chrissy Teigen’s drunk Snapchats are couple goals and relatable AF


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are already couple goals, I mean, we've all seen that infamous pool side chicken wings picture.

But after last night's Grammy's party, the couple's Snapchats had us crying with laughter.

Chrissy got a teeny bit too tipsy at the party, and decided to document her post-Grammy adventures on the instant sharing app. 

“Okay, I’m home. We’re having ramen,” she declared in the first video, making us all feel a little bit better about our 4am food choices.

Next thing we knew, Chrissy was on the ground, removing her gorgeous jewellery with the help of her equally gorgeous husband. 

Channelling all of our inner drunk girls, she asked: "Are you mad at me?"

“Why would I be mad at you? …You’re perfect,” he replied, melting hearts the world over.

”Cause I got drunk,” she replied, cementing the couple's status as our official relationship goals.

However, the model turned TV presenter was feeling the effects of her night out the following day, as she tweeted about her hangover.

We feel you Chrissy, we feel you.