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Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh are expecting their first child together and the parents-to-be have given a major update about their little bundle of joy.

The couple have confirmed that they are expecting a baby boy. 

Lucy posted a gender reveal video on her Instagram feed and Ryan’s reaction is priceless.

She captioned the video, ‘His reaction! He couldn’t hold it in any longer!! @ryanthomas84. It’s mad I always knew the gender as soon as I found out I was pregnant x’


A post shared by Lucy Mecklenburgh (@lucymeck1) on

Ryan couldn’t hold back the tears when Lucy read out that they will be welcoming a baby boy. The doting dad also shared a snap to announce the news. He shared a photo from a holiday with Lucy and wrote, ‘Blue is for…..?’

The pair’s followers couldn’t help but gush about their gender reveal.

One wrote, ‘Wow. I think your reaction is priceless made me cry like a baby’


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

Ryan’s brother, Adam wrote, ‘Dreams really do come true!’

Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie said, ‘Aww a little boy! Congrats guys’


A post shared by Lucy Mecklenburgh (@lucymeck1) on

Ryan and Lucy revealed they were expecting their first child together on August 24. 

Lucy admitted the first three months of her pregnancy weren’t easy; “My journey hasn’t been plain sailing. The first three months have been pretty brutal and quite lonely as you can’t really talk about it and feel like you're lying to everyone constantly.

However, the expectant-mum is feeling confident about her body, “For the first time I feel content in myself and how I view my body. It feels like as soon as I became pregnant, my priorities changed and I must admit this is definitely for the better.”


Many celebrities faced plenty of unfair treatment in 2018. You might be surprised to find out which among them was thought to have the most unfair year.


Will 2019 Be Any Better for These Celebs Who Had it Rough in 2018?

Being a celebrity isn’t always about glitz and glamour. Sometimes, it’s not easy to be a well-known figure. Life can be just as unfair to actors, sports stars, politicians and other celebrities, in spite of the riches, fame and power they might have.

In fact, 2018 proved to be a rather unfair year for a number of high-profile personalities, and you might be surprised to find out who Brits felt were the ones treated the most unfairly.

Image; Quartz

PlayOJO recently conducted research highlighting the people treated most unfairly in 2018.

The names that made their “Top 10 most unfairly treated people of 2018” list were selected by a panel of media experts from the world of entertainment, sports, business and politics and included people such as Donald Trump, Naomi Osaka, Geriant Thomas, Caster Semenya and Laura Anderson.

However, the results of this nationwide survey, which involved 2,000 UK adults, revealed that more than one famous Brit made the unfair poll.

Among these Brits was Prime Minister Theresa May, who took the top spot and was voted the person who was treated the most unfairly in 2018.

1. Theresa May had no support and the most unfair 2018

It might seem surprising that May was voted the most unfairly treated person of 2018, considering she isn’t exactly well liked and doesn’t have many fans among the British public and even her own government, due to her arguably terrible job with the Brexit negotiations.

However, at the same time, there’s no denying that the PM faced a very difficult year and did so with very little support.

That said, May’s 2019 hasn’t started any easier as she has already suffered one of the largest parliamentary defeats of a British prime minister in the democratic era when her latest Brexit deal was rejected by a resounding majority of 230.

The 230-vote margin of defeat was easily the worst suffered by any Government in a meaningful division since at least WWI.

In normal circumstances, such a defeat would be enough to force a PM from office. However, lucky for May, she has managed to survive a second no-confidence vote.

2. Colleen Nolan quits job due to online abuse

Theresa May wasn’t the only Brit to make the unfair list. Another English celebrity that received sympathy from voters was Colleen Nolan.

There’s no question that Coleen Nolan had a tough 2018 after fans of Kim Woodburn and the Loose Women show attacked her online with abusive messages.

The abuse started after the English television personality, author and singer reportedly “bullied” her former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Kim Woodburn on Loose Women.

Woodburn was reduced to tears and fled the show, later calling for both Colleen Nolan and Nolan’s sister Linda (who was also on the show and took part in the bullying) to be fired.

The viewers apparently didn’t like what they saw either and verbally attacked Nolan online to the point that Nolan quit Loose Women and even cancelled her tour because she was so shaken by the experience.

Although Nolan’s treatment of Woodburn certainly wasn’t her most shining moment, many agree that she didn’t deserve the cruel online backlash.

3. Ryan Thomas punch-gate debacle

Speaking of former Celebrity Big Brother housemates, actor Ryan Thomas is another Brit that made the unfair list and was the runner up to May.

Although Thomas won the CBB show, he was nearly kicked off due to false physical abuse claims made by fellow housemate and ex-lover Roxanne Pallet.

The show received a record number of complaints, many of which were directed at Thomas. Before the truth about the situation was revealed, the “punch-gate” controversy was very hard on Thomas, who at the time, felt that his career was over.

Do you agree with the 2,000 surveyed Brits and think that these celebs were treated unfairly in 2018? If not, who do you think was the most unfairly treated celebrity last year?

Feature image: dailytelegraph.com.au



Ryan Thomas has suffered through an emotional journey during his time on this season’s Celebrity Big Brother.

His alleged abuse of Roxanne Pallett was the talk of the reality show, but the public rallied behind him and voted him winner of this year’s series.

Even though the father was able to prove his innocence, he was worried about what the scandal would do to his reputation.

The Coronation Street star opened up about the show’s aftermath and its effect on his personal life on This Morning. Knowing that viewers were supporting him made all the difference.

“You’re not supposed to hear what happens on the outside but that sort of clarification for me was massive. You’ll see me crying again because it was a relief of the public giving me something I needed right then.”

And because of the massive media reaction, the dad even began to doubt the truth of his innocence.

“I questioned myself. I even questioned, ‘Did I hurt this woman?’ It was so nothing to me, and maybe I caught her with my ring or on her arm, I was even questioning what happened because everyone was making such a thing out of it.”

Being cut off from the outside world only added more undeserved uncertainty to his situation.

The Corrie star has been humble in his handling of the situation, and he commended Roxanne for her verbal apology.

However, Ryan mentioned that he still hasn’t received the personal apology letter that Roxanne had promised earlier.


Weekend with my girls.

A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

Although it has appeared that the CBB star has taken the accusation in stride, it is now clear that Ryan has been battling with personal issues as a result.

He hopes that his daughter, nieces, and nephews will continue to see him in a positive light and that the scandal has not altered their admirable view of their role model.



We were elated when the handsome and genuine 'good guy', Ryan Thomas, was crowned the winner of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

This season, as always, was packed with heightened drama, especially after the Roxanne Pallett scandal.

The only thing that got the Coronation Street star through the whole ordeal was the love and support of his family.

He was moved to tears when he received an encouraging letter from his brother Scott while he was in the Big Brother house saying, “You’ve shown the nation just how amazing you really are.”


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

So, when the CBB winner finally got to return home to see his family, he was overjoyed.

Ryan shared a heartwarming video of him picking up his daughter from school for the first time in weeks.

Little Scarlett is overwhelmed when she sees her father outside her school. She throws down her backpack and runs to him, shouting happily: “Daddy, daddy, daddy!”

Wiping away tears, Ryan embraces his nine-year-old in a bear hug and refuses to let go.

The two cling to each other with so much love, unable to stand how much they have missed their special father-daughter bond.

Commenting on the emotional reunion, Ryan writes “complete” with a heart beside it. During his time away, the dad has felt as if a part of him was missing.

The former Corrie actor also posted an adorable photo of his daughter smiling down at his baby niece, Elsie Rose.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@ryanthomas84

He could not believe how much his little niece had grown in the time he had been gone.

We are so happy that Ryan is finally reunited with his family, and we can't even with how cute this doting dad is.


Ryan Thomas walked away from the Celebrity Big Brother House a winner, but his time there was marred by controversy. 

Sitting down on The Jeremy Vine Show, the former Coronation Street star was extremely humble and forgiving towards Roxanne Pallett. 

CBB was criticised for its treatment of Ryan during the series, after he was accused of an act of violence by Roxanne, which was vastly exaggerated. 


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

'I’ve not seen any of that back,' he told the talk show host. 

He described how the incident 'caught us all by surprise, especially myself.'

'That house, when something like that happens, you can become very isolated. As it unravelled it was just nice to have your fellow housemates supporting you.'

In a charitable move, Ryan explained that he felt Roxanne has been through a lot, but that he would not be making it a priority to speak with her. 

'Big Brother makes headlines and sometimes for the wrong reasons and I appreciate Roxanne’s apology,' he said. 

It takes a very big person to forgive someone after something like that – we can only commend Ryan for his positive outlook.  


This season of Celebrity Big Brother has been marred by controversy – but despite the difficulties he faced in the house, last night Ryan Thomas walked away the winner. 

The former Coronation Street star emotionally took the crown, saying to Emma Willis:

'I have no words, no words whatsoever, I don't know what to say… all day I've been acting like I'm all cool, didn't think about winning,' he said.


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

CBB was criticised for its treatment of Ryan during the series, after he was accused of an act of violence by a fellow housemate. 

Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett is arguably the most controversial housemate in recent Celebrity Big Brother history following her actions.

The actress accused Thomas of punching her, which turned out to be an untrue exaggeration.


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

She declared herself 'the most hated girl in Britain' in her exit interview with Emma Willis. 

Speaking about the incident, Thomas said: 'I felt I was going to be getting a call from the police for doing something untowards to a woman. And that's not me.'

'I was glad we had 24-hour surveillance on us, because the point was proven.'



Ryan Thomas has been on an emotional roller-coaster during his role on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Coronation Street star was recently accused of punching housemate Roxanne Pallett.

Even though the allegations were proved untrue, the father was worried about what the incident had done to his reputation.

But he was reassured with a heartfelt letter from his brother Scott saying: “You have shown the nation how amazing you are and carried yourself so well.

“You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone has seen the real you.”

The English actor broke down in tears when he heard the comforting words.

He has had a tough time away from family in the closed-off house, especially missing his daughter Scarlett and nephew Teddy.

On the dad’s instagram, his close friend and social media manager shared an adorable photo of Ryan and his nephew.

The family man and four-year-old Teddy wear matching pink ties and are giving a each other a precious kiss.


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

The caption reads: “I know Ryan will be so sad he’s missing Teddy’s 4th bday! But not long now! Happy b-day super ted, love uncle ry ry”.

Ryan and his nephew have such a sweet bond, and there is no doubt that he is missing his little nephew during his time in the CBB house.

We are glad that the dad was able to hear how his family is doing from Scott’s letter and wish him the best of luck as he continues in the reality competition.


We seem to have something in our eye after Ryan Thomas' letter from home.

Celebrity Big Brother has made us weak as Ryan couldn't get past the first three sentences of the letter, before breaking down into tears.

Sally Morgan read out the tearjerker which was written by his brother, Scott.

His younger brother offered Ryan some reassurance over recent assault accusations by the former housemate, Roxanne.

"I know you’ve been out of your comfort zone, but trust me it’s been well worth it. You’ve shown the nation just how amazing you really are."

"You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone has seen the real you," it added.


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

The letter also offered some cute relief for the actor, saying how much his daughter Scarlett had been missing him – cute! 

"Scarlett is missing her daddy so so much, and we have been showing her some clips from your challenges…She smiles from ear to ear seeing her daddy having so much fun," Sally read.


A post shared by Ryan Thomas (@ryanthomas84) on

The letter also revealed that Ryan's girlfriend, former TOWIE star, Lucy Mecklenburgh was right behind him, supporting him every step of the way.

"Lucy is more than proud of you and she is so happy everyone gets to see the Ryan she knows and loves. Honestly bro, just keep being you and keep shining." 

It's fair to say poor Ryan was a right state after hearing all the kind words of encouragement.

But it seemed that the letter had us all in pieces, as people took to Twitter to shed a collective tear over the letter. 

Roxanne has publicly apologised to Ryan and his family for the claim she made.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate stated that she had "got it wrong."

After a tough time, here is hoping that things only get better for Ryan.



As Ryan Thomas bid farewell to his Corrie character Jason Grimshaw, he was joined by all of his soap co-stars – even former Corrie actress Michelle Wright.

The cast and crew went to Rosso Restaurant in Manchester for Ryan's leaving do, and when they exited the venue, they all looked fairly on there way (if you know what we mean).

Simon Gregson seemed to thoroughly enjoy his night as he was seen cosying up to his wife shortly after leaving Rosso.

And a snap of Ryan leaving in a car after the night out is circling on social media which sees him with a fairly happy grin on his face.

Mr Thomas has been a favourite on the cobbles of Corrie for 16 years now, so it's no wonder the cast came in doves to say goodbye.

He'll be missed!



Ryan Thomas is saying goodbye to Weatherfield after 15 years, it was confirmed this morning.

The 31-year-old actor, who plays builder Jason Grimshaw in the long-running soap, said he'd be filming his final scenes in early 2016. 

Having joined the show as a teen back in 2000, Ryan said in a statement today that he was ready to pursue other challenges.

""The decision to leave was an extremely difficult one but I felt that now was the right time to spread my wings and try other roles."

While his departure from the show has been confirmed, Ryan's character has a meaty storyline ahead before he says goodbye.

"In the coming months he'll be at the heart of a massive story, affecting not just his family but the Websters and the Windasses too which will take us well into 2016," producer Stuart Blackburn said today.

As for Jason, he admitted he's "excited" to see what exit storyline the writers create for him.

After hinting at the Pride of Britain Awards last week that a move to the US could be on the cards, it seems Ryan could be leaving the UK in favour of better acting opportunities.

"Going to Hollywood is a dream so I’m going to see what happens," he told reporters at the awards.



Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas may have only just split from his model girlfriend Rio Fredrika, but he was keen to show he's still a ladies' man.

Ryan got very up close and personal with TOWIE star Jasmine Walia at an event earlier this week, but didn't seem bothered about what her boyfriend might think. In fact, he even tweeted a cheeky picture of himself and Jasmine to her man, Ex On The Beach hunk Ross Worswick.

"Me and your misses had a great night @rossworswick," wrote Ryan alongside a picture of him with his arms wrapped around Jasmine's waist.

Quick to show he wasn't intimidated by Ryan, Ross replied by saying, "looks more like yours on that pic hahaha hope your good mate x"

See… he put an "x" so he's DEFINITELY not mad. We've pulled that trick a few times ourselves!

Ryan and Ross have always been good pals and have even been snapped partying together on a number of occasions – so it's even more controversial that Ryan chose to cosy up to Jasmine!

Given how loved up Jasmine and Ross are though, we doubt Ryan is any threat. The couple met last April and have been inseparable ever since, enjoying numerous couple's holidays to the likes of Marbella and Paris. 

Still, we can't help but feel Ryan was doing his best to stir things up!



It hasn’t been a good week for the celeb couples, and it looks like it’s a case of another one bites the dust today.

According to reports, actor Ryan Thomas has split from his model girlfried Rio Fredrika following a three-month romance.

The Coronation Street star is apparently pretty upset over the break-up too, if inside sources are anything to go by, with their hectic schedules getting in the way of their short-lived romance.

“Ryan’s really disappointed that things didn’t work out with Rio because he thinks she’s an amazing girl. But they were never around at the same time. Ryan would have loved it to blossom but it was just impossible,” a source told The Sun newspaper.

Ryan and Rio first set tongues wagging when they stepped out together last November, shortly after his split from Bollywood actress Amy Jackson.

The 30-year-old was also in a long-term relationship with former Corrie co-star Tina O’Brien, with whom he has a daughter, Scarlett.

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