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As Kerry Katona made her way to Gran Canaria this morning, she sure put on a show for other holiday makers.

The former singer was seen arriving at an airport in Gran Canaria, and while families were making their way on to holiday coaches, Kerry lay down outside the airport and proceeded to shout and take her trousers off.

Videos and pictures of the mother were caught on camera, and one holiday maker said, "she didn't care who was watching her."

Her flight was 7am, at which time she shared a photo on Instagram of her drinking a glass full of champagne, and by the time she landed at 11am, it's apparent she drank much more.

A passenger on board Kerry's flight who took photos, told The Mirror: “She was in a state on the flight and the air steward had to warn her about her behaviour.

“She was absolutely hammered.”

This doesn't look good at all…



Aidan Turner has leapt into fame since starring in Poldark, but that doesn't mean he can hold his drink.

The producer of the show, Karen Thrussell, revealed to Radio Times that she held a party for the cast and crew to watch the final episode of the first series last year.

And while they watched the show, they decided to play a splendid drinking game.

The rules of the game were very simple. Aidan had to take a drink whenever he was seen riding a horse and any time he shared a saddle, too.

Now, if you're a fan of Poldark, you'll know that he rides a horse A LOT in the last episode – so it's fair to say he got absolutely hammered.

We bet he's hoping for less horse riding next season. 


They're a little bit famous for going all-out at the award shows, and this year was certainly no different.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby celebrated their NTA win last night in style, and after the awards show, continued the party with Ant and Dec. 

But they rocked up to work this morning wearing the same fancy dress as the night before – except now their outfits were stained and yellow.

"Should we be honest?" Holly asked Phillip, and then continued to say, "I haven't been home yet. We came straight here."

They even placed Pie-Face with Ant, who put mustard in the game, instead of cream. Ouch.

Now, we don't know if they're still buzzing from the booze or if they're really hungover, but their antics from last night sure did look fun.


He might be one of the most famous singers, but good ol' Ed Sheeran can't help but get drunk at fancy gatherings.

As award season has officially begun, Ed admitted that he likes nothing more than a few beers before the show because he thinks that he's not going to win. 

Talking about the Grammys, Ed said that he's spent the last three shows drunk on the free booze.

"I wasn't going to attend even after being nominated, because I've been the last three years and always lost. I know I'm not going to win so I get smashed before."

Mr Sheeran is up for two awards this year, and we're all counting on him to win; but if he doesn't, he's made an ultimatum for the show.

He told The Sun: "It's going to be sod's law that this would be the year I get it if I didn't go.

"So, I'm going to go and if I don't get it, I won't go again."


You may think that getting older is to blame for your hangovers becoming worse and worse, but as it turns out, it could be the winemakers. 

In a new study published by the Journal of Wine Economics, it found that wine is getting boozier each and every year. 

Researchers from the University of California tested more than 127,000 wines from all around the world, from the years 1992 to 2009. 

They tested the actual alcohol percentage in each bottle and then compared the number to the percentage listed on the label. 

And guess what? In most cases, the actual percentage was higher than what was listed. 

Older, European wines had a higher alcohol percentage than newer wines and wines from cooler climates, like Canada, had a lower percentage than wines from hotter places, like the U.S and Australia.

Red wines were way boozier than white wines, and overall, they have all a higher percentage than what they had a couple of years ago. 

And the most disturbing fact of all? Winemakers are often wrong (or lying to us) about how much alcohol is in their bottles.

The researchers found that the average content was 13.56%, but the average number on labels was 13.15%.

Now this may not seem like much, but the researchers warned that it could be very dangerous. 

"Even errors of this magnitude could lead consumers to underestimate the amount of alcohol they have consumed in ways that could have some consequences for their health and driving safety," they wrote. 

So, there you go, maybe it wasn't your fault you got so drunk on New Year's… Maybe. 


It was a very festive wedding for Frank Lampard and his wife, Christine Bleakley and the wedding guests were very merry. 

But one particular duo took the crown for getting a tad too drunk at the celebrations. 

Ant and Dec rocked out of the Arts Club – where Frank and Christine held their wedding reception – and it's (very) fair to say they had a few stumbles coming from the decked out venue. 

Ant looked a little worse for wear, trying to get from the door to his waiting car with bleary eyes and messy hair.

His wife followed after him, and we're sure she had to help him along the way.

Dec on the other hand looked like he was still up for the party as his wife led the way to the car.

The I'm A Celeb presenters both looked very smart at the beginning of the night, fitted out in three-piece tuxedos and paten dress shoes. 

We don't know about you, but that was one party we're sad we missed! #GreatCraicAltogether


Ryan Tubridy really went through the mill last night with probably the most awkward interview we've seen in a while.

Nigella Lawson was a guest on last nights The Late Late Show and (after obviously having a few too many) completely mixed up her sentences and slurred her words. 

Ryan even pulled out two Nutella jars with their names on them side by side and jokingly said, "I thought we could be jarred together."

Oh, Ryan.

And not surprisingly, Twitter went crazy following the awkward interview:


The only thing worse than waking up with a hangover? Waking up with a hangover AND the nagging feeling you did something pretty stupid last night.

We're guessing student Lizzie Ruddy had The Fear in a big way this week, when her drunken apology went viral on Twitter.

After an argument with her boyfriend Sam Demelo, Lizzie did what any very drunk person would do and sent him a personalised greeting card with photos of her and a heartfelt (ish) apology.

Is there any opening line more beautiful than "hiya imdrunkbut im so sorry sam"?

Inside the card, Lizzie continued with more stunning prose, this time hitting Sam right in the feels with the mention of fajitas:

And of course, to finish, she added a selfie to the back of the card with the caption, "Me ^^^^ look how nice i look haha x."

Sam couldn't resist sharing the card on Twitter, where it has since had 12,000 retweets and 17,000 favourites.

We hope he accepted her apology, at least.


Charlie Sheen was out drinking over the weekend (no surprise there) at Hennessy's Tavern in California – but things got a little out of hand for the Anger Management star. 

According to TMZ, Mr Sheen was enjoying the atmosphere of the quiet Californian bar because he stayed for a few drinks… and then he stayed for a couple more. 

The 50-year-old actor then had several shots at the tavern and reportedly ended up getting pretty hammered. 

Onlookers say that even though Charlie was drunk, he was still having fun with the other customers and took several photos with his fans. 

It wasn't until one woman tried to take a video of the Two and a Half Men actor that there was a problem. He reportedly slammed the phone out of her hand and damaged it on the ground. Oh no, Charlie!

At this point, the bouncer of the bar stepped in and escorted Charlie out of the venue. 

But Charlie being Charlie, was having none of it, so the bouncer went WWE style and brought Charlie out of the bar in a headlock. 

Surprisingly, once outside Charlie wasn't much of a problem and wanted to meet the guy that escorted him out in the wrestling pose.

After doing so, Charlie shook hands with the bouncer, said goodnight and was driven home by his driver.


Vegetarianism: it's cited as a sure-fire way to lose weight, live longer AND help the environment.

But not all veggies are created equally, it seems. 

In fact, an alarming number of herbivores are actually tucking into meat-treats while drunk.

The exact number? More than ONE THIRD.

Yes, 37 percent of vegetarians in one recent survey admitted that they're not so strict once they've had a few drinks.

The study, carried out by VoucherCodesPro and involving some 1,800 respondents, also discovered that the most popular cheat for wayward vegetarians was kebab meat, followed by burgers, rashers, fried chicken and sausages.

Although, an astonishing seven out of 10 never disclose their indiscretions to others.

VoucherCodesPro boss George Charles said in response: "It's important for friends of these 'vegetarians' to support them when drunk and urge them not to eat meat as I'm sure they regret it the next day."

Previously, another US-based study showed that American vegetarians are just as bad: 84 percent of them stray on ocassion too.


First Katy Perry was joined by a drunk superfan on stage, and now Sam Smith's been spotted looking worse for wear… Rock in Rio seems to be party central this year.

The English singer was filmed stumbling out of his hotel in the early hours, on the hunt for the 24-hour McDonald's he'd been promised was nearby.


A video posted by angiie (@smithsbooty) on

Unfortunately for poor Sam, Rio's 'all-night' MaccyD's actually closes at 5am, meaning he was an hour too late for his McNuggets.

Sam's disappointed drunk face when he learns the sad truth is definitely one we can identify with… is there ANYTHING worse than wanting fast food when everything is closed?

The singer was looking for late night munchies after a wild night with model Cara Delevingne and Rihanna in the Brazilian city.


Helicopter Virginity has been taken @caradelevingne

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

TMZ have the full video of Sam's drunken antics, but some fan pics have also emerged. 

Behold, drunk Sam Smith…

Drunker Sam Smith…

Drunkest Sam Smith…

Time for bed?

With the help of celeb nutritionist Amelia Freer, Sam has slimmed down hugely in the past six months. But in a recent interview he admitted he still loves a good takeaway.

"It's a struggle every day and there are McDonald's everywhere. Every time I see one I want to munch down on a McMuffin," he complained.


Gym is kicking my ass today

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

"I went to bed last night dreaming of tuna melts. I love food. My relationship with food has just completely changed."



Have you ever been so fed up or so far behind with a module in college that with a few drinks in you, you wanted to mail your lecturer and complain? Well this guy did just that. 

One student, Patrick Davidson, was clearly out for a heavy night on the beer and decided he had no other option but to email his lecturer to ask for an extension on his work. 

It would be expected that in this case, the lecturer would do the exact opposite of grant him the extension and possibly dock marks for the drunks rant, but nope, he got extremely lucky. 

The email got off to a questionable start when Patrick wrote: "Mr Martin. Just letting u kno that u r a motherf*kn g and I'm sorry that u r bald. Lol" 

He then went on to offer him some help for his lack of hair saying "If you want I get hook you up with a girl that can get your hair back", before getting to the point and asking for an extension on his assignment because he would be "sick af tomorrow."

And to our surprise, and probably his too, Mr Martin was completely cool about it which officially makes him the most laid-back lecturer around. 

He replied by giving him an extension without question and thanking him for his concern about his bald head saying "My wife likes it and I don't get paid enough to get implants."

"On a side note… What were you drinking last night? Next time you email me id like a bottle of whatever you had so I don'thaev to remember what you said. "