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While products are often released with the claim that ‘one size fits all’, it remains almost impossible to find a piece of clothing which both fits and suits all women.

But with social and marketing movements becoming increasingly focused on the issue of body diversity, it was only a matter of time until someone tried to design an outfit which any woman could wear.

As part of a joint initiative between online retailer JustFab and televised design competition Project Runway, the popular reality show’s contestants were tasked with creating an everyday outfit for women of all shapes, sizes and ages.


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The winner of the challenge was 41-year-old Laurence Basse, who designed a cotton khaki-coloured boyish jumpsuit.

Speaking of the piece, the French native told InStyle: “I personally love a jumpsuit, and it's hard to find a good, fitted, sexy jumpsuit.”

“If you have boobs, or if you have a little booty, this jumpsuit makes it easy to hide areas you want hidden – it's versatile and flattering…I came up with something that any woman would feel sexy and confident in without being over the top.”

While Laurence’s design is pretty cool, we’re not sure the utilitarian nature of the jumpsuit is something everyone would be into.

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The host of Project Runway is known not just for being a hugely successful supermodel, but also for her outrageous Halloween costumes.

The 42-year old is getting preparations underway very early this year as she gave her fans a sneak peek at her costume.

It involves, blue goo and very little else.

The model stripped down to almost nothing as bared it all so she could be completely covered in weird blue-grey goo. That is extreme dedication to the cause.

The goo was necessary to produce a body cast of the model, which she posted on her Instagram account.

We can’t imagine we would be too delighted to be covered head-to-toe in the weird looking concoction whatever floats your boat Heidi!

To be fair, she has set a very high standard for costumes in the past and is probably the A-Lister many people look to for some inspiration at this time of year.

Remember her incredible butterfly costume?


There was also the time she aged herself to the point of looking almost unrecognisable.

There was also her 2006 Garden of Eden styled costume.


Two years later she took it to another extreme entirely with her epic Hindu goddess costume.



When American designer and judge on the US Project Runway, Isaac Mizrahi, was asked about the lack of plus-size models on the show, he didn’t shy away from the question.

Instead, he embraced it.

The question asked was: “When will Project Runway have contestants who design specifically for plus-size persons? Not everyone is a size 2 and we are unrepresented. There is no reason why a plus-size person cannot be fashionable.”

Rather than agreeing that there should be contestants who “design specifically for plus-size persons”, Isaac spoke to Huffington Post Live about his belief in integration within the fashion world.

That instead of having separate designers for plus-size that all brands should create plus-size.

Isaac also spoke remembering how it felt as a younger boy who was “plus-size” being sent to the “husky” section.

He was also told he couldn’t wear platforms because they would make him look fat.