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If you're a lover of the Big Mac, then it's safe to say that you love the secret sauce.

We haven't a clue what's in there, but damn, does it taste good. 

And now, to much delight, McDonald's is selling the sweet stuff by the bottle. Hurray! Your days can now be filled with secret sauce-everything. 

Ah, but of course, there's a catch. Last year, the chain store auctioned off a 500ml bottle of the dressing in Australia for charity, with bids starting at €16,500.

Since that was such a success, Maccy D's thought about bringing it to the whole world, but decided to just sell it in small bottles by the batch in Australia for €4.55. *Boo*.

If you're travelling to Australia, lucky you. If not, fingers crossed it will come over to our side of the pond soon. 


OK, so it was rumoured that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were seen "cuddling and kissing" at a music festival in Australia yesterday, but now there seems to be PHOTO evidence of the pair hanging out together again. 

The gorgeous duo were spotted by an eagle eye festival goer, known on Instagram as jlawodair, and in three pictures they are seen having the craic. 

Whether this means they are taking another go at their relationship, we don't know. But one thing's for sure, they have become mega-friendly in the past few months.

Miley helped Liam pick out a new pet (which is totally adorable) and then Liam admitted in an interview with Men's Fitness that he still has feelings for Miley. 

"You fall in love with who you fall in love with; you can never choose," he said. 

We have to admit, they were the cutest couple ever, so we're kinda hoping they're back together for real this time. 


They ended their relationship (and broke our hearts) in 2013, even though they were set to wed.

But now the pair are sparking reconciliation rumours as The Daily Telegraph has reported that Liam and Miley were spotted together at the Falls Festival in Australia's Byron Bay.

The singer and actor were reportedly seen "cuddling and kissing" at the music festival, as they joined Liam's two brothers. 

The Hunger Games star shared snaps of his time with his two hot bros, but Miley has yet to be captured in a snap.

The DT also reported the ex's arrived at the festival late and were seen walking backstage to the VIP area with Liam's brothers Chris and Luke and their wives.

We just hope they're back together for real this time!


Things got a bit cheeky on Prince Charles's recent visit to Sydney. A photographer snapped a photo of Janine Kirk – chief executive of the Prince's Charities Australia – appearing to pad the prince's butt.

The Australian press had a bit of a field day with it, not least of all because the royals allegedly have a no-touching policy (anyone remember the Lebron James/ Kate Middleton slip-up?).

Janine is notably embarrassed about the incident, telling the Daily Telegraph, "I don't like the way this is going, it's rather silly, it's not on his bum. 

"It was a room of about 130 people. He was being engaged as he always is and so he was being moved through the crowd." 

Right, but you were still leading him around the room via his bum?