Shake it! Jessica Alba’s new denim jeans will give you an UNREAL bum

Jeans can be tricky business. No matter what shop or brand you go to buy them, the sizes will always be different and finding the right length can be a total pain in the ass (take this from a small gal who can NEVER find jeans to fit her properly… ever).

But, when Jessica Alba launched her denim capsule collection with US brand DL1961, we couldn't help but notice that she created different styles based on four women of various shapes and sizes.

“A lot of designers fit for one specific body type, and I’m like, ‘I love that brand, but the pieces are for a completely ­different build than mine.’

"So I did the fittings on four women. What’s special about these jeans is they make a flatter booty look more round, and if you have a voluptuous booty, they hug it in the right way.”

We totally love the direction she's heading in with her collection – celebrating and accentuating the body rather than hiding it away.

"Boobs come and go, but butts are always in," was one of her reasons for designing the collection, which hails your bum as the queen of your body.

"If you don't necessarily have a booty, these jeans will make you look like you have a bigger one," she told Glamour. "Which is nice."

Well, that has us sold.

DL1961 ship to Ireland (YAAAS) but the jeans are a *tad* pricey (BOOO). So, if you want a bum like Jessica's, you might have to splash the cash a little bit.