15 annoying things girls gifted with big bums will understand


While us big-bummed girls love our shapely behinds most of the time, there are certain times in life that make us want to scream. 

Like these:

1. Being afraid of accidentally knocking over things in small shops with your backside

2. Finding the perfect jeans only to have THAT annoying gap between your waist and jeans. Every time

3. Buying the cutest dress only to realise you should have gone for the bigger size as your bum makes it waaaay shorter than it should be

4. Skinny jeans making you appear X-rated as you walk down the street – why is causal so damn hard?! And don't even get us started on shorts

5. Your bum cheeks always being a little bit colder than the rest of you because they’re so far away. In fact, your hot water bottle spends most of its time warming your bum cheeks

6. Squeezing between tables in small restaurants. There goes the salt shaker…especially embarrassing if you are in fact the waitress

7. Low rise pants – a recipe for ass crack disaster

8. People singing the ‘I Like Big Butts’ song at you – mostly your friends

9. Having to share a chair with someone – ‘nope only half of one cheek is on’

10. People assuming you can get champagne into a glass that’s resting on your bum

11. The absolute stupidity of same-size bikini top and bottoms that means you are forced to buy two pairs

12. Being compared to Kim Kardashian. Come back J-Lo, all is forgiven. Please…

13. Trying at all costs NOT to squat because you heard that makes it bigger

14. Only working out so that your bum isn’t flapping off the back of your knees by the time you turn 30

15. Having your bum grabbed by morons in nightclubs. So not okay