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She is a mum-of-five.

And Katie Price now wants to expand her brood by having a sixth child – although she has revealed that the baby will not be hers biologically.

The 40-year-old opened up about her plans on This Morning to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

She spoke about how adoption had been on her mind for a while but she feels ready now to offer a Nigerian orphan a home.


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The ex-glamour model said, ''I've always said I wanted to adopt a child and don't care if they've got a disability or what age they are. I feel like I can offer a place.''

She explained that she has got talking to a woman at her nail salon who does work with an orphanage in Nigeria.

Katie is mum to 13-year-old Junior and 11-year-old Princess from her marriage to Peter Andre as well as five-year-old Jett and four-year-old Bunny from her marriage to Kieran Hayler.

Katie also cares full-time for her eldest child, 16-year-old Harvey, who has Prader-Willi syndrome.


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She was asked if she would adopt a British baby but she said that it would be too difficult.

She said, ''It's so hard to adopt over here, like so hard. I've looked into it for ages. Hopefully, something will happen. I still want my own kids don't get me wrong and will definitely have more.''

She continued, ''If I can offer another child, I will. There's enough rooms in the house. Good things are happening."

We wish her all the best. as she expands her fam.


Katie Price has confirmed that her marriage to Kieran Hayler is over once and for all, after the notorious love rat was caught cheating again. 

The former model is said to be "distraught and humiliated" after her husband was caught texting a women who worked at her horse school.

According to The Mirror, a friend close to the star said: “Katie’s school was the one thing she was most invested in. She absolutely loves it but it has been ruined now.

“When she found out Kieran was messaging one of the girls from the club she was absolutely destroyed. This has ruined their relationship.”

The announcement come after a rocky year for the couple. In August, 39-year-old Katie revealed that she was planning to leave her husband after she learned of his fling with the the family's nanny, Nikki Brown. 

The 30-year-old painter and decorator has also previously has an affair with Katie's best friend, Jane Poutney. 

At the time, Katie spoke of how she wanted to divorce Kieran, however a number or recent sighting of the pair sparked rumours of a reconciliation.

However, it looks like their on-again, off-again relationship may have finally come to an end with a source telling The Mirror that the incident with the women in Katie's Pony Club was the final nail in the coffin.  

The pair have two children together, Jett Riviera, three, and Bunny, two. Katie also has three children from previous relationships, Harvey, 14, Junior, 11, and Princess, nine. 



Over the course of her career, Katie Price has earned a 'no holds barred' reputation when it comes to her private life.

And while the public accept that much of her career is built on tell-all books and high-profile relationships, they are less comfortable by Katie's decision to speak openly about her children and wider family.

Illustrating the extent of their distaste, many Twitter users scorned Katie's recent decision to reveal that her mother was suffering from a terminal illness.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, the 39-year-old, who shares an incredibly close bond with her mother Amy, confirmed that her mother had been diagnosed with a terminal lung condition.

"My mum’s got something wrong with her lungs and she’s been told she hasn’t got very long to live," Katie explained.

After explaining that she intended to maintain a positive attitude for the sake of her mother, Katie revealed the details of her mother's recent hospital visit.

And sadly for the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, the public is focussing more on Katie's candour than her mother's heartbreaking diagnosis.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the reports, one member of the public wrote: "She's awful selling out her mum's privacy but funny how she's more bothered about her stupid tour than spending time with her dying mum."

"Is there nothing sacred enough for her to keep private!! Unbelievable!" wrote another while someone else questioned: "Can't she keep anything private?"


Family time

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Katie's reputation for selling the highs and lows of her private life to the press has resonated among Twitter users this weekend, with another remarking: "She will be selling her mums story to make more money now."

Thankfully, Katie's loyal army of followers have been on hand to defend her against the barrage of criticism she has received since announing the sad news.


A drunken Katie Price reportedly caused quite a scene by walking around topless at the EnergySave Christmas party on Monday night.

The star was paid £13,000 to host the event, but ended up drunkenly embarrassing herself on the night by discussing her kids and romantic life in a speech. 

"I love all my kids, even though Harvey… anyway. Whatever," the star said.

Harvey, aged 15, suffers from rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome, as well as autism, ADHD and blindness.

The former glamour model also slurred her words are swore throughout the speech, as well as breaking into song. 

The star stripped off in the toilets and walked around in just a thong and knee high boots. The NSFW images and videos have made their way onto YouTube and Twitter.

She also confessed her love for her ex Dane Bowers, saying he was "the love of her life."

"My ex-boyfriend actually got me the job tonight, Dane Bowers, the love of my life," she declared.

She then kept things classy by allegedly telling the room that he once gave her a "toe job."


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Katie was drunk on arrival and attempted to seduce the company's managing director Mr Jason Rowan, one party attendee told The Sun. 

“She was outrageous. She blew her nose on a tablecloth thinking it was a napkin and grabbed Mr Rowan’s leg under the table.

“She asked him if he was going to sleep with her or his wife and Mrs Rowan was furious and gave her a piece of her mind.”

We can't imagine the fear Katie woke up with the next morning…



Katie Price was reportedly removed from a hotel in Glasgow last weekend after an episode of "unruly behaviour."

The blonde beauty was appearing at a nightclub in the city, Bar Budda, and according to The Sun, was being paid thousands to show up.


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The paper claims that, following her night in the club, she returned to her hotel where she was swiftly removed for her manic attitude.

An insider close to the nightclub promoters said: "A few hours after she had done a personal appearance… Katie woke the owner of Bar Budda up, telling him she needed somewhere to stay because she had been thrown out of the hotel they booked for her.


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"She ended up sleeping for a few hours in a room at the owner’s house.

"The whole thing was a complete nightmare, and they’ll think twice before asking her back," they added.



Former glamour model Katie Price has monopolised on her fame in a number ways, from equestrian wear to fragrances and countless books stemming from her popularity as a page three girl.

The mum-of-five's latest venture was to expand into the cosmetics world with a brand new beauty range, and one product stands out among the rest.

Taking to Instagram, the entrepreneur revealed her brand new contour palette, but this one's for men. 


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"So makeup is not just for Women right?!… take a look at my contour palette designed just FOR MEN," said the star. 

She then went on to share a before and after picture of her make-up artist Buster Knight wearing the make-up.

Some fans were initially confused, wondering "what's the difference between a men's contour palette and a woman's contour palette?"

According to Katie's make up website, the male contour palette gives "more of a masculine and sharper finish."


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The palette has divided social media, with some makeup fans praising the glamour girl for being progressive.

"Men can do whatever they want to do," said one impassioned fan. "Make up isn't just for women, it's more popular with women and seen on advertisements aimed at women but more men are looking into to make up these days."

However other slated it, saying: "Men should not contour! Worlds gone MAD."


Having found fame while working as a glamour model, Katie Price isn’t exactly shy about publicising her body.

But the mother of five’s willingness to bare all reached new heights over the weekend when she filmed herself undergoing a non-surgical “bum lift” procedure and uploaded it to Instagram.

Explaining the contents of the video, the 38-year-old Loose Women panellist said: “Here I am on a Sunday having a bum lift with Shane Cooper.”

After forgetting the name of the machine involved, the bare bottomed star asked the celebrity facialist to confirm the gadget’s title, before excitedly shouting “wow, look at that arse” in reference to her own behind.

The post was followed by a similar clip which shows Katie undergoing the same treatment on her thighs.

Once Shane acknowledged that he was “working on the legs”, the former I’m a Celebrity… contestant playfully asked: “Oh, isn’t he lucky?”


Thigh time @shanecooperuk #tonelegs

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Once the process was complete, Katie shared a photo of her bum with the caption: “So pleased with the first treatment.”


So pleased with the first treatment @shanecooperuk #nofilter

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Just a normal day in the life of Katie Price.  


On this morning wearing this shirt from @thedressingupboxlondon

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While her love of horses is well documented, it seems Katie Price doesn’t view all animals equally.

The former glamour model faced the wrath of her fans today after she used Instagram to boast about killing a bird while driving.

In a post captioned “Nice!! Just send I must of hit a bird (sic)”, the mother of five showed the dead animal wedged into the front of her car.

Naturally, the 38-year-old’s followers were upset by the image with many questioning her decision to post about the incident.

After a multitude of social media users criticised the “disgusting” shot, the television personality deleted it from her account.


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Katie's Instagram posts are often controversial.  Earlier this year, she was heavily criticised for using the site to promote her young children's careers.

She also used the platform to address rumours surrounding her relationship with Geordie Shore's Scotty T. 


She’s publicly denied cheating with Geordie Shore’s Scotty T, but it seems Katie Price’s marriage hasn’t escaped the effects of the rumours.

Following the publication of photos of the model emerging from the reality star’s car, the Loose Women panellist opted to take some time away from the spotlight to focus on her relationship.

But today reports suggest that the move may not be enough to save Katie's marriage as her husband Kieran Hayler is said to have been left feeling “emasculated” by the drama.


Loved @loosewomen today but taking few weeks off to spend time with hubby and kids holidays

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According to a Now Magazine source, the former stripper is contemplating leaving the mother of five.

“Kieran can't handle any more humiliation,” claimed the source.  “Katie’s ditched the woman he married and replaced her with Jordan.”

“Stripping off, baring her boobs, nights out, all the while he’s sat at home looking after the kids and the house.”

“The pictures of her with Scotty just add to the problems for Kieran.  He confronted her, accusing her of double standards and blatantly flirting.”

“He screamed, ‘I'm not scared of leaving you, just try me!’”

“He's ready to pack his bags if she keeps pushing him like this.  He feels like he can't live up to the marriage she had with Pete.”


So proud of my hubby on his horse he is getting so good

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Despite the source’s claims, Katie took to Instagram over the weekend to clarify that she and Kieran “are happily married with no problems”.

The 38-year-old previously used Twitter to deny that she had cheated with Scotty.


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Katie Price has hit back at reports which suggest she cheated on her husband Kieran Hayler with ex-Geordie Shore star Scotty T.

Yesterday, pictures emerged of the mother of five getting out of the reality star’s flash BMW as sources told The Sun that a “dishevelled” Katie had been joined by Scotty in her hotel suite after their spin on Monday night.

A hotel guest claimed they had seen the 38-year-old glamour model rush through the venue’s lobby before jumping into the distinctive car which quickly drove off.

Sources say Katie returned to the same Gateshead based hotel later that night. 

Shortly after her arrival, 28-year-old Scotty was spotted ordering drinks at the hotel bar before taking a lift up to the rooms.

Last night, the Loose Women panellist used Instagram to deny that she is romantically involved with the Celebrity Big Brother winner.

In a video which appears to have been shot in a car, Katie said: “I love my husband so why would people try to start sh*t?  Just because I know male people doesn’t mean to say f*cking anything’s going on so get over it.”


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The TV personality – who recently admitted to physically attacking her former friend for sleeping with her husband – also took to Twitter to share links to The Sun’s story with the comment: “My team made it clear earlier today on a call, anyet they still run a story that implies things that simply aren’t true.  Very disappointing (sic).”

She claims the reason she was with the famed womaniser that night is because he giving was her and a friend a lift to a sunbed parlour.

While he has been active on social media, Scotty has yet to address the claims.

Scotty and Katie image: Xposure


Whether you love her or hate her there’s no denying that Katie Price is a trier.

And since modelling, writing books, appearing on Loose Women, horse riding, launching lingerie lines and managing her kids’ Instagram accounts just isn’t enough, she’s decided to reboot her rather short-lived pop career.

Speaking to heat, the 38-year-old revealed that she’s “going to become a YouTube sensation” by singing covers in front of a camera in her office.


I loved my look  today top @jyy.london jeans @styleheist woo

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The mother of five said: “I want to set up a station in my office and do my singing with a Mac and a camera.  I'm going to sing pop covers.  I've met a celebrity with seven million followers who will help me out.”

“When I'm drunk I can't sing, but when I'm serious I can hold a tune…But I'm going to become a YouTube singing sensation.  It will happen,” she continued.

While Katie says she’d “never” do Eurovision again, we couldn’t help but dig out her fantastic audition to represent the UK in 2005.

Katie Price (Jordan) – Not Just Anybody by kyliemusic

And of course this little gem from her time with Peter Andre.

OK just one more…



Katie Price has revealed she thought about killing herself when she found out about her husband was with her best friend.   

The model, 38, caught her husband Kieran Hayler, kissing Jane Pountney during a holiday in Cape Verde in April 2014.

Katie told The Sun that she "felt so alone. Kieran hadn't bothered to come and find me and I just thought, "I want to drown myself in the sea."

"Looking back it terrifies me – I contemplated hanging myself or ramming my car into a wall," she continued. 

Kieran and Jane's affair began while Katie was pregnant with the couple's first child.

Katie found out and turned to social media to call her friend and former bridesmaid a "whore."

Rather than splitting up with her husband, the couple went to counselling and ended up renewing their vows.