How far would you go to get the ultimate Kim Kardashian ass?


Kim has started many trends, most noticeably contouring, which saw most of the world take tips from her to create that chiselled look.

But she was also definitely the beginning of the big bum movement. The bigger the ass the better is something that has become extremely popular in recent years. And the bigger Kim’s bum gets, the more the trend grows.

Kim Kardashian’s butt is somewhat of an icon it seems, but how far would you go to get an ass like Kimmy's?

Women who are after the Kim K curves are not happy with just doing a few squats here and there, are certainly going to some serious lengths.

Some people are undergoing a procedure that freezes fat in their upper thighs and lower back to create the look of the iconic ‘side bum’ profile.

The procedure doesn’t actually do anything to the fat or muscles in your bottom, but it does destroy the fat cells above and below the bum to make it appear more prominent.

The lipoglaze butt lift takes to separate 45 minute sessions and costs from €1,100-€2,200. Apparently this procedure was made popular by Kim’s cover of Paper magazine in December last year.

LoveLite clinic in the UK has been inundated with requests for this procedure and their clinical director Debra Robson told Mail Online that she knows why: “There was a huge demand for bottom treatments following the publication of the naked pictures of Kim Kardashian in November and so we looked at a developing a new fat freezing treatment to sculpt female clients bodies to get that look.

Kim’s bum has gotten bigger and bigger over the years and it has been rumoured that the reality TV star herself may have had some more permanent work done on it.

However, if anything we think people could soon be asking for the Khloe.