Butter-masking is the latest skin care trend that’s as odd as it sounds


Is is just us, or has the process of looking after our skin gone a little OTT over the past few years? 

Gone are the days when an auld bar of soap and basin of warm water was enough to keep the blackheads at bay – now it's all about vampire facials and Korean sheet masks. 

Now, don't get us wrong – we love a goof sheet mask as much as the next girl, but there are some skin-care trends that we struggle to get on board with. 

Namely, butter-masking. And no, 'butter' isn't a cute name for Lush's new face mask. We talking 100 per cent dairy, spread-on-your-toast butter. 

This rather peculiar process involves smearing the ingredient all over you face and body, in what we can only imagine would be pretty slippy circumstances. 

However, as odd as it may seem, it looks as though butter-masking actually holds an huge amount of benefits. 

The high fat content works to moisturise dry skin, while the abundance of B12 and vitamin D give your skin a super goddess-like glow. 

Explaining the process, dermatologist Jacques Lurpacques told Metro.co.uk

"Simply take a stick of butter and apply it to your face using the stick as a crayon, painting it on, or rubbing in the butter with your hands."

But what about taking it off? Not a problem. 

"Don’t worry about removing the butter – it’ll sink into your skin in 15 minutes or so and the lingering product will give your skin a healthy sheen."

What's more, Jacques even recommend using butter as a natural highlighter – though we're not sure we'd want our faces smelling like a block of Kerry Gold all day. 

"I actually recommend my clients use butter as a skin-friendly highlighter. A stick of butter is much easier to use as there’s no need for brushes, so your makeup bag won’t have clutter."

So, will you be trying this?