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So, in today's instalment of bizarre Instagram beauty trends that leave us confused, we give you – yellow blush. 

The bold look has been popping up all over the site and beauty bloggers have started sharing their own interpretations.


Yay or nay ? #yellowblush #makeuptrend #trending #Nishsays #makeupjunkie

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Love it or hate it, people are making a pretty convincing argument in favour of the non-traditional colour. 

Brooklyn-based makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes assured Allure that the bright colour is actually a universally flattering shade.

Yellow hues occur naturally in most skin tones, so essentially, the blush is just bringing out what's already there. 

Some make-up enthusiasts have teamed the blush with a dramatic eye.

While others have opted for a toned down look.


Looks like my amazing vegan lunch is giving me some after glow, but it's actually just yellow blusher!

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So, whether you're looking for a fun festival look, or a simple healthy glow, yellow blush might be the thing missing from your make-up bag. 

And we have to admit, we're not hating it.

Feature image: Instagram



From freckle tattoos, wrist tattoos and even beauty-inspired inkings, we love seeing fresh tattoo trends.

And the latest to have a moment are helix tattoos.

The tiny and dainty inkings are all over Instagram at the moment, and they sit on the top half of your ear.

We had a gander through Instagram and picked out our favourites:


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It's that time of year when the hot spring looks from the runway will start hitting the high street (and your wallet!)

However, the fashion gods and trendsetters don't always get it right…

Fashion is meant to be fun but, every so often, a trend pops up that's just weird, unwearable or bizarre.

The jury is out on these five new S/S '17 trends…let us know what you think!

1. The corset belt 

These look amazing on Kylie Jenner and co., but can a mere mortal wear them?

They kind of remind us of 2008, and that's never a good thing…


New Denim Corset Belts!  which color are you?? #GJGDenim #MadeInLA

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2. Off-the-shoulder bomber jacket

Off-the-shoulder tops: cute; bardot dresses: even cuter.

Off-the-shoulder bomber jackets, though?! More than slightly impractical, and they make us feel uncomfortable just looking at them.

Sure you'd catch your death in that!


Much needed off-the-shoulder everything. Especially the bomber jacket! #embroidery #ootd #getthelook #ontrend

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3. Ginormous earrings 

These bring new meaning to the phrase "Girl, hold my earrings!"

Even Beyoncé wouldn't go in for these, and she's fond of a chandelier or two…

4. Juicy Couture leisurewear

No, we can't return to that pre-recession life. Diamanté tracksuits will never, ever be "retro".

Thanks for nothing, Kylie. This is not "juicy", this is very bad…



A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

5. Ruffles on jeans

Frills and ruffles are everywhere this year, but we think they look best on sleeves, shoulders and dainty dresses.

Jeans with ruffles give us nightmares; let's leave them to the seven-year-olds.



Pink… Nah, we're over it.

Well, Pinterest is anyway. It may have been the go-to colour of 2016 with fashion bloggers and celebs alike donning it nearly every season.

But now, the blush colour is moving aside for a far more glorious hue. Orange.

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Yep, according to Pinterest, there has been a 59 percent increase in orange, with many saving the colour to their boards for inspo this season.

The shade is set to dominate the catwalks – and our wardrobes – for the next few months and we frankly can't wait to see the trend thrive.

However, if you're a fully-fledged pink person, or your wardrobe is mainly made up of black and grey clothing (guilty), here are a few ways to integrate the fruity colour into your life.

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Image result for orange street style pinterest

Another reason to shop, we think?



Flip flops and gladiator sandals are all well and good, but come Autumn/Winter there’s nothing quite like a new pair of boots.

And while we are loving this year’s backless loafer trend, with plenty of rain guaranteed for the coming months, we think a decent pair of boots would fare the Irish fashionista that bit better.

On that note, here are three of our favourite boot trends for Autumn/Winter.

The Sock Boot: Sock boots are everywhere this season and with every colour, texture and heel height to choose from, there’s bound to be a pair to suit all tastes.

Public Desire

 Public Desire



River Island



The Trophy Boot: Why not let your feet do the talking with a pair of on point trophy boots?  From soft floral embroidery to stand-out animal prints, the trophy boot is one of A/W16’s best trends.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal


River Island


The Over-The-Knee Boot: This style was everywhere last winter and with The Guardian dubbing it the “footwear [trend] of the decade” we don’t think it’s going anywhere fast.  Whether worn with a short suede skirt or over a pair of jeans, the over-the-knee boot will have you Autumn/Winter ready. 

Public Desire

River Island



Nasty Gal



Feat image: Zara


The Internet has given us all sorts of crazy trends in the last few years but as random as this latest one is, it’s also completely awesome.

Anyone with long hair will know the relief of letting it hang loose at the end of a long bunned-up day and the new “bun dropping” movement is pretty much the ultimate expression of that experience.

All over Instagram girls with SUPER long locks are posting slow motion videos of themselves as they release their hair from loosely held buns and the results are nothing short of totally mesmerising.

Check out some of our favourite bun drops below.


Британское издание Daily Mail обратило внимание на новый тренд в Инстаграме: девушки публикуют видео, на которых распускают свои длинные волосы. Пользователи Инстаграма женского пола (впрочем, попадаются и мужского) публикуют короткие видеоролики под хэштегом #bundrop, что с английского переводится как «распускание пучка». • Вся суть видео сводится фактически к тому, что девушки с длинными волосами, стоя, как правило, спиной к камере, распускают их из пучков, иногда накладывая эффекты, чтобы падающие локоны смотрелись более эффектно. Получается что-то похожее на то, что часто можно увидеть в рекламах шампуней по телевизору. • А вы не испытываете потребности показать, что вы тоже не лыком шиты? В смысле, знаете толк в шампуняк, от которых волосы становятся длинными и шелковистыми? • #волосы #интересно #интересное #starsleak

A video posted by Бывший @secrets_of_celebrities (@starsleak) on


Today is my Bday! So I made a video for you  my hair is frizzy, curly and wavy from the sea breeze not very silky at the moment, but the waves were great and the ocean so nice! Oh and turn on the sound for additional happiness  bun drop for #rapunzelatheart by @haselnussblond & @haartraum but just too long for Instagram – I will try again  #mermaidhair #longhairinmotion #verylonghair #bundrop #hairgoals #holistichealth #hairinspo #hairgoals #hairoil #beauty #hairinspo #luxyhair #thatsdarling #sexiesthair #bohohairstyle #bohohair #naturalliving #growinglonghair #curlyhair #curlygirl #auburn #thickhair #mermaiddiary #mermaidlove #bblogger #beautyblogger #rapunzel #disneybound #reallifearielle #cabello #highbun

A video posted by Zoey (@growbeyondyourlimits) on

Feat image: unrealitytv.co.uk



Finally a makeup trend that perfectly describes how our lipstick tends to looks after several G&T's on a night out. 

Yep, imperfect lipstick has been making waves in the beauty world at this season's runway shows and thankfully, the look is both wearable and easy to achieve. 

As usual, the fashion world is rebelling against the current beauty trends seen the world over and propagated by mega-celebs such as the Kardashians. 

The style incorporates smudging lipstick from the inside of the lips outwards, very much removed from intense lip-liners and shades that are popular right now. 

So if you have had enough of trying to achieve Kylie Jenner perfectly-sculpted smackers than this could definitely be the look for you. 

Smashbox Cosmetics has jumped on the trend and shared a super easy tutorial detailing how achieve the effortless style. 

Simply apply concealer to the outline of the lips before adding a colour to the inside edges and smudging the lipstick outwards. 

You can intensify the look by using more drastic colours, or keep things natural for daytime by using soft pink hues. 

We're yet to see this style hitting the red carpet, but we hope some celebrities break the mould and try out this look for a contemporary beauty style that we can all actually achieve. 



Like blue hair mascara, platform Skechers and bleached denim flares, rip-off tracksuit bottoms are one thing we had relegated to the NEVER AGAIN category.

Rip-offs – basically tracksuit bottoms that opened with buttons the whole way up each leg – were intensely coveted by every teen/tween in the Nineties, but thankfully they fell off the radar after a year or two.

Well, until now. Stylist Courtney Smith took to Instagram recently with a photo that sent chills down our spine while also giving us a *bit* of a thrill…

Elverys Sports have confirmed that the humble rip-off tracksuits are indeed "coming back" to stores, though we have no details as to exactly when they'll be stocked.

Fun fact: The official name of these nostalgia-inducing trackies is in fact the Adidas Command Button Tracksuit Pant. Who knew?!

No word yet if the Kappa version is getting a revival, but we're holding out hope.



Jeans are an iconic item of clothing and we all know that a wardrobe with at least one decent pair of fitted jeans is a happy wardrobe. 

Well, now Levi's has gone and introduced a jean fit that we really did not know that we wanted. 

Yep, now we have the 'wedgie fit jeans.' 

Hmm, while the title might not get you racing to the shops, the wedgie fit is actually quite flattering. 

According to Levi's, these denim beauties are perfect for really showing off your assets. 

The jeans sit very fitted to the derrière and as a result are meant make your bum look more pert. 

They even include back pockets that are titled inwards to create a "mom butt" which is apparently very desirable. And well, if our bums will look anything like this then we would be inclined to agree. 

In many ways, the jeans look like a classic Levi's fit with a high-waist and fitted around the hips but they are also designed to give the wearer a wedgie in order to really accentuate their backside! 

And Levi's reckons this look is going to be HUGE. And they are already up on the site retailing at €110. 

We just hope that they are not too uncomfortable. 



2015 isn't even over yet but that doesn't stop us thinking about our 2016 wardrobe. 

A new year with new clothes makes everything better, right?

Well, River Island's new work wear collection is the best yet and you will certainly be #onpoint in the office come January. 

The Jumpsuit

No time in the morning to whip together an outfit for work? Then fear not, because this jumpsuit will help you out in every situation. Wear it with your biker boots and scarf for a casual look or if you have an important meeting, some black heels and a smart blazer will do the job.

Brown Smart Culotte Jumpsuit, €75


The Shirt Dress

Like the jumpsuit, the shirt dress will come in so handy. Wear it like a dress with thigh high boots or wear it open over a pair of jeans. Either way, you'll be the envy of all your co-workers when you rock into work with it on. 

Light Blue Wrap Shirt dress, €73


The Bag

Is your bag a bit tattered and tired? This chic taupe bag will solve all your problems. It will look as chic as ever sitting on your shoulder and will fit all of your bits and bobs that you take to work. 

Cream Crossbody Bag, €75


The Cape

2016 will be a time for change, and that means brightening up your look. Most of us head into work or college everyday in black, black or black, so turn it 360* for the new year with this crisp white cape. It's the stuff of dreams. 

Cream Smart Cape, €87


The Coat

We have fallen in love with this coat! Grey is THE colour for 2016 so there's no doubt you'll get major style points for wearing it. And have you seen how warm and cosy it looks?! 

Jersey Belted Trench Coat, €100



When we say that the popularity of baby names are more often than not influenced by popular culture what we usually mean is that they are influenced by films, TV shows and celebrities.

We all know that the name Hermione did not become increasingly popular for no reason. 

However, what we didn't bank on was social media heavily influencing the popularity of names. 

Baby Center, a site that annually compiles trending baby names from across the US, has seen an increase in the popularity of naming children after Instagram filters. 

No, really. 

The top trending filters on the list were Lux (which was up 75% in popularity), Ludwig (up 42%) and Amaro (up 26%). 

Other filters that made the list including Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin for boys and Valencia, Juno and Willow for girls. 

Parents are also still heavily influenced by young adult fiction such as the Hunger Games and John Greene's novel the Fault in our Stars (apparently there is a tonne of little toddlers named Katniss and Hazel running around). 

Celebrity choices are also often copied. Wyatt, the cute name given to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's baby girl went up a whopping 84% this year in popularity. 

Hmm, we still don't know how we feel about potentially having a mate named X-Pro II though… 



The Seventies is officially the decade of 2015. Apart from the onslaught of flared trousers, suede and paisley, the most covetable wardrobe items of season tend to come with a little bit of fringing.

Whether the fringe is on your boots, your bag, your skirt or your jacket, it doesn’t matter once it’s on you (though perhaps not all at once). 

But how can you make sure you get fringe right without looking like you just walked off the set of Back To The Future 3? Well, we got you covered, babes.


1) The Fringed Jacket

New Look Faux Leather Tassel Jacket, €44.99
Penneys Faux Suede Fringe Jacket, €30

Ah, the fringed short jacket. This is the perfect way to finish off a stylish, casual look.

Whether thrown over a pair of distressed jeans like the lovely Cheryl or used to punk up a daytime skater dress, you simply need one in your wardrobe.


2) The Fringed Bag

Penneys Tassel Backpack, €40 
Topshop Leather Fringe Suede Clutch, €42 

Use a fringed bag to add some messy texture to an outfit or make like the lovely Olivia and use it to pick up on the fringed detailing in your outfit.

While a fringe skirt, jacket AND bag may be a step to far, a small clutch mag is the ideal accompaniment to your fringe statement piece. 


3) The Fringed Heel

River Island Tan Suede Fringe Boots, €105
New Look Burgundy Fringed Heel Sandals, €44.99

The delectable fringe heel has been doing the rounds for a few months now since hitting the high street stores and we are definitely not over it yet. 

Use your fringey footwear to add instant fashion kudos to any outfit, day to night. 


4) The Fringed Skirt

Topshop Fringed Suedette Skirt by Glamourous, on sale €16
La Redoute Fringe Mini Skirt, €25.99, laredoute.com

From the fringe-ified mini to the elongated fringed skirt, there is countless options when it comes to dressing your bottom half. 

Pair a fringe mini with a slouchy tee and trainers for effortless daytime cool or go for a cropped bralet and strappy heels for nighttime magic. 


5) The Fringed Dress 

Miss Selfridge Tassel Dress, €200
M&S Black Fringe Dress by Twiggy, €80

One way to really make a statement at the office Christmas party is to invest in the perfect fringe dress. 

Not only will you look striking from the moment you enter, there is endless fun to be had from twirling your fringe around a dancefloor.