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Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been announced as the 2020 Super Bowl half-time show acts.

We may know next to nothing about the sport itself, but the half-time show is one of the most iconic performances in pop culture so you can guarantee we’ll be tuning in.

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The National Football League confirmed the news last night and fans of the Latino legends were certainly over the moon.

The singers will take to the stage on February 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.


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The On The Floor singer spoke about the milestone event on her Instagram. Alongside a photo of her and Shakira, the Hustlers actress teased, ‘Going to set the world on fire’

Fans couldn’t help but freak out about the news;

‘Show the world how LATINAS do it! This is gonna be historic!’ one wrote.

‘This is the best thing ever. Two latin legends doing the halftime show? I’m so here for it. I cannot wait’ another said.


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One added, ‘I’ve been praying for this moment. It’s about time.’

Shakira teased fans, ‘It doesn’t get any bigger than this! So excited about getting on that #SuperBowlLIV #PepsiHalftime stage!’

We are more than ready for this performance. It is going to be electrifying. 



Poor Demi, she can't seem to catch a break.

In case the news hasn't hit you yet, the rapper 21 Savage is set to be deported from the US due to claims of his British nationality. HE was allegedly born on the British colony of Dominica.

His real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, and he was arrested on Sunday morning by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for reportedly overstaying his visa.

The Cool For The Summer singer has had to delete her Twitter after making a comment about the rapper's arrest and precarious situation.


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The news of 21 Savage's possible deportation quickly spread online and became meme material. While Twitter was finding the whole thing hilarious, it stopped laughing the second Demi commented.

On Sunday night, she wrote to her Twitter; "So far 21 savage memes have been my favourite part of the Super Bowl."

Immediately, things went pretty dark for Demi. Offset appeared to subtweet her, saying; "ALL THE MEMES AND S–T AINT FUNNY WHEN SOMEBODY GOING THROUGH SOME," the Migos rapper wrote.


The 26-year-old singer tried defending and clarifying herself in later tweets, but social media users were already attacking her with suicide and drug-related references.

"If you're gonna come at me for making a joke, try coming at me with some original, not involving drugs," she wrote. "F–k Twitter. This is why I don't tweet anymore."

The meme she was referencing was of an old-fashioned feather quill, because of his apparent British ancestry.

Image: @ddlovato/Instagram

Some of the tweets which targeted the singer were extreme, to say the least.

Image: @ddlovato/Instagram

People got pretty vicious against her online, considering many of those who threw hateful vitriol her way were previously laughing at 21 Savage memes themselves, or even making them.

Demi took to her Instagram to defend herself;

"Wasn't laughing at anyone getting deported. I know that's not a joke…not have I EVER laughed at that," she penned.  "The meme I posted/was talking about was of him being writing with a feather pen. Sorry if I offended anyone."

She continued, "It's no excuse to laugh at someone's addiction, let alone their OD."

Image: @ddlovato/Instagram

Yikes, things certainly escalated there, didn't they?

Dina LaPolt, 21 Savage's attorney, told E! News in a statement that they were;

"Working diligently to get Mr. Abraham-Joseph out of detention while we work with the authorities to clear up any misunderstandings."

If he is in fact British without a visa, it's a highly well-kept secret according to the internet.

LaPolt also stated that;

"Mr. Abraham-Joseph is a role model to the young people in this country, especially in Atlanta, Georgia, and is actively working in the community-leading programmes to help underprivileged youths in financial literacy."

However, ICE have other things to say.

The federal agency also provided E! News with a statement later in the day, saying that his arrest was a "targeted operation." It wrote; "He is unlawfully present in the U.S. and also a convicted felon. His whole public persona is false."

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The Super Bowl half time show is a massive gig, and this year Lady Gaga took the reigns and entertained a crowd of 111.3 million people watching online, at home and in the stadium.

The singer put on a spectacular 12 minute performance, with pyrotechnics, synchronised dance troops and, of course, costume changes. 

Since the Super Bowl aired, Twitter and Instagram has been buzzing with comments about one of Lady G's outfits in particular.

The singer rocked a pair of sparkly hot pants and a white structured crop top during an epic rendition of Bad Romance, which showcased her athletic physique.

Rather than focusing on her killer performance, online body shamers were focusing on something entirely different.

Twitter users took to the social media platform to slander and ridicule the star for having a tiny layer of fat on her stomach. 

Users slated the star for daring to show a stomach which they felt was less than perfect, and ever suggested that the star should have done more crunches to tackle her "flabby belly" ahead of the performance.

Thankfully the avalanche of hate was drowned out by the out cry of Gaga fans and body positive people. 


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"Yall are talking about Lady Gaga's 'gut' & that is the reason women have eating disorders & never f****** feel like they're good enough," commented one user.

Lady Gaga jumped off the ROOF of the Super Bowl stadium and all people can talk about is her 'gut?' tweeted another. 

Mother Monster is being praised online for showing a normal and "real" body type, and by anyones standards Gaga has a healthy, toned and athletic body. 

Those trolls have got some major issues if they think Lady Gaga is overweight. 


After much speculation it has finally been confirmed that Lady Gaga will headline the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show.

According to Us Weekly, the Bad Romance singer has officially signed a deal which will see her follow in Beyoncé’s footsteps and perform as lead entertainer at the highly anticipated sporting event which is due to take place in Houston, Texas, on February 5.

While this will be the singer’s first time headlining the show, it will not be her first time performing on the NFL field.

Earlier this year she kicked off Super Bowl 50 with a performance of the US national anthem, a gig she described as “one of the highest honours of [her] career”.

Given that the event’s halftime show is always a major spectacle – and that Lady Gaga is well known for her over the top approach – we can’t wait to see what the star comes up with.





What link does the controversial religious group the Church of Scientology have with Trinity College's Long Room? 

Nothing apparently. 

But that didn't stop a shockingly similar room to Trinity's world renowned library appearing in an advertisement for the religious group, airing at prime-time to millions during the Superbowl 50 on Sunday. 

The image, which appears around twenty seconds into the glossy ad, shows a striking resemblance to the Dublin library, complete with two-level 18th century book cases and marble statues. 

"The Long Room is a massive part of College's identity and is often featured on viral lists of the world's best or most beautiful libraries," said Trinity News

"It's not impossible that a producer somewhere saw an un-attributed image of the library and decided to mould it to fit the aesthetic of the video."

A spokesperson for the famous university issued a statement confirming that the college had not given permission for any images of the library to be used commercially. 

"The image used in the advertisement for the Church of Scientology bears a strong resemblance to the 18th century library. 

"No permission was granted by Trinity College Dublin for its usage and it does not endorse it in this form of promotion. Contact is being made with the Church of Scientology on the matter."

Scientology, a controversial and powerful religious group with property all over the world, remains a constant source of intrigue and bewilderment for many. 

Famous members of the church include Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Laura Prepon. 


There are just four days to go until the American football extravaganza that is the Super Bowl, but we're always more interested in the ads (and the half-time show) than the actual game.

Budweiser generally goes all out for its Super Bowl ads, but this year they've taken a different slant.

Rather than promote beer-drinking to viewers, they're instead warning people of the dangers of not drinking and driving. And in a genius move, they've employed Helen Mirren to get their message across.

"Hello, I'm Helen Mirren, a notoriously frank and uncensored British lady," she begins.

"If you drive drunk you – simply put – are a short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution."

Tell us how you really feel, Helen.

The ad is part of Budweiser's #GiveADamn campaign, which is urging drinkers to never drive while under the influence.


One word: wow! Katy Perry has stunned viewers with her spectacular performance at this year's Super Bowl halftime show. 

Performing many of her hits such as Firework and Dark Horse, Katy made FOUR costume changes and performed alongside some other huge names such as Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot. 

It's obviously something that Katy has been really excited about doing and she took to Twitter to share a throwback photo of herself, writing: "Today is for this girl. She had the dream, always believed in herself&her worth. Today she is the one smiling."


Her ex-husband, Russell Brand also took the time to wish Katy luck, tweeting: "Super Bowl may be baffling to Brits but half time show will be amazing. Good luck KP.”

He wasn't wrong as her performance has been the talk of Hollywood since last night – well done, Katy! 


Over the last few months, American TV has been flooded with ads and ads of dutiful women feeding their men snacks during the Super Bowl.

As men sit back and watch the game with their friends, drinking beers and eating 'chips' – the female in the frame provides the food.

Now, Saturday Night Live have done what they do best and spoofed those adverts brilliantly. As her 'hungry guys' watch the big game, the wife in the ad sits in the kitchen with a Super Bowl activity pack to 'keep her mind active' until her hungry guys are hungry again…



NO MORE.org have released their advert for the Super Bowl and it shows the dark nature of domestic violence around the world.

Using a story that went viral last year in which a woman rang 911 pretending she was ordering a pizza, hearing the interaction is another thing to reading it.

The US organisation is there to listen to victims of domestic violence when it’s hard to talk and aims to put an end to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Such a powerful ad, we’re glad it will get national airtime during the Super Bowl to raise awareness and reach people not only around America, but around the world. 


Budweiser's Super Bowl ads are famous were making us feel all of the feels and making us cry rivers of tears. 

This one is no different! The adorable pup accidentally gets locked into a moving truck that causes him to become lost, alone and scared (we know, we can't handle it either!). Meanwhile, his owner and his best friend, a horse, are handing out fliers and in being broken-hearted over the loss of the cute little pup. 

Thankfully, there is a happy ending to this sad tale – enjoy! 



When you’re short of a few quid, there’s no harm in turning to a cash-rich pal for a hand out, but asking Madonna for a $16 million loan is taking it a bit far.

Rapper M.I.A (real name Mathangi Arulpragasam) has taken to Twitter to ask Madge for a loan of $16 million after the NFL demanded she pay that amount in compensation for flipping the bird during the 2012 Super Bowl half-time show.

M.I.A. has claimed that her performance pales in comparison to Michael Jackson’s 1993 Super Bowl show when he, “repeatedly grabbed or fondled his genitalia especially while he sang Billie Jean.”

None-the-less, English-Sri Lankan rapper’s impromptu gesture during her performance of Give Me All Your Luvin’ alongside Madonna, has gotten her into a lot of hot water and she’s turned to her buddy for a dig out.

The Born Free rapper tweeted, “@madonna ummm ….. can I borrow 16 million ?”

We assume M.I.A is joking but you never know, the Material Girl might be feeling generous.



Bruno Mars lit up the stage last night as he kicked off this year’s Super Bowl half-time performance.

While he wouldn’t usually be described as a rocker, the 28-year-old really left an impression on the crowd as he kept everyone going with his rocking performance.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers also joined him, so you can only imagine how electric they were.

Prepare yourself for this mega explosive performance.