Woman reports domestic abuse by ordering pizza on 911

This 911 call will raise the hairs on the back of your neck – and you can’t even hear it.

A victim of domestic abuse raised an alarm at her house by ordering pizza – but she had actually dialled 911.

At first, the operator, Keith Weisinger, is somewhat confused by the woman’s call, but soon come to realise her covert operation.

He later told the story on Reddit, in his own words.

Here is how the call went:

“911, where is your emergency?”
“123 Main Street”
“Okay, what’s going on there?”
“I’d like to order a pizza for delivery” (Oh great, another prank call)
“Ma’am, you’ve reached 911”
“Yeah, I know. Can I have a large with half pepperoni, half mushroom and peppers?”
“Ummm…I’m sorry, you know you’ve called 911, right?”
“Yeah, do you know how long it will be?”
“Ok, Ma’am is everything ok over there? Do you have an emergency?”
“Yes, I do”
“And you can’t talk about it because there’s someone in the room with you?” (moment of realisation)
“Yes, that’s correct. Do you know how long it will be?”
“I have an officer about a mile from your location. Are there any weapons in your house?”
“Can you stay on the phone with me?”
“Nope. See you soon, thanks.”

Weisinger then checked the address given and discovered multiple domestic disputes reported from there.

Police officers at the location found the woman beaten up with her drunk boyfriend in the house and Weisinger says he’ll never forget the clever rouse she used to raise the alarm of her abuse.