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Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been announced as the 2020 Super Bowl half-time show acts.

We may know next to nothing about the sport itself, but the half-time show is one of the most iconic performances in pop culture so you can guarantee we’ll be tuning in.

Image result for yay sports gif

The National Football League confirmed the news last night and fans of the Latino legends were certainly over the moon.

The singers will take to the stage on February 2 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.


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The On The Floor singer spoke about the milestone event on her Instagram. Alongside a photo of her and Shakira, the Hustlers actress teased, ‘Going to set the world on fire’

Fans couldn’t help but freak out about the news;

‘Show the world how LATINAS do it! This is gonna be historic!’ one wrote.

‘This is the best thing ever. Two latin legends doing the halftime show? I’m so here for it. I cannot wait’ another said.


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One added, ‘I’ve been praying for this moment. It’s about time.’

Shakira teased fans, ‘It doesn’t get any bigger than this! So excited about getting on that #SuperBowlLIV #PepsiHalftime stage!’

We are more than ready for this performance. It is going to be electrifying. 



To be honest, he could have just sat there and Twitter would have still lost it's damn mind. However, Chris Evans bringing chivalry back into fashion has sent fans into a frenzy.

Well, he is rather dashing, but watching him escort a powerful and deserving black woman up the stairs to her Oscar has us feelin' some kind of way…

Apparently, the internet agrees with us. Sadly, Chris Evans wasn't nominated for an award but he did present the Best Production Design award with Jennifer Lopez. 

Sporting a teal velvet blazer, he impressed viewers with his gentleman skills and all-round friendly 'just happy to be here' attitude. Nicely done, Chris.

The man knows exactly what to do when he's in the presence of a damn QUEEN, and Jamie Lee Curtis concurs. His on-screen mum made sure to comment;

"You are a gentleman!", she wrote, and he responded; "Means a lot coming from my on-screen mom!" We're living for these exchanges, we really are.

Other users were just happy he's alive and breathin'…

Seems extreme, but nevertheless the boy did good. Everyone wants to put a ring on it;

Seriously. Wedding bells are a-ringing on the world wide web. Many of us may remember the Captain America star escorting Betty White up to the Oscars stage a few years back.

We have to ask the Academy, is he strategically placed in those seats exactly for chivalrous knight in shining armour purposes? Conspiracy theory soon to be confirmed.

"I am adding Chris Evans to my roster of imaginary boyfriends. You know why." Damn right we do.

However, this one is our all time comedic favourite;

"Can you make me a formal jacket that exactly matches my eyes so that when I help Regina King up the stairs, every woman fills her pants with eggs?” – Chris Evans." We just wheezed. Amazing.

We also adore his celebration of Black Panther's win for Best Production, which he and J-Lo presented the award for. Superhero supporting fellow superheroes;

The bar is relatively low for Chris to impress fans even more, but we have to admit he's a special boy indeed.

Keep showing that gentlemanly behaviour, son. Chivalry ain't dead until he is.

Feature image: Instagram/@thirdtimebucky



Since New Years (or even before that), the question has been on everyone's lips – are Drake and J Lo a thing?

They seemed mighty cosy over the festive period, dancing and heading out for dinner together.

But, now Jennifer has confirmed that she's making music with Drake, which makes us think… was the dancing and flirtation all for show?


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Because let's be honest – it looked pretty hot and heavy.

The pair have collaborated on an upcoming song together, but Jen has hinted that there could be more, telling Entertainment Tonight: "He just asked me to do a song with him and that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ll see if it’s on his next album.”


A photo posted by Drake And JLo (@jloanddrake) on

So far, it's unclear if the collab will pop up on Drake's upcoming tour, or if it'll be featured on a different project.

Either way, we'll be keeping our eyes on these two.


We think it's a tad funny that Jennifer Lopez broke up with her boyfriend because he went to watch Conor McGregor's fight.

Whether it's true or not, as Irish women, it's something we can all relate to.

However, according to TMZ, Caster Smart is totally in denial that J Lo ended their relationship.

Insiders say that the pair are still close and their relationship is amicable, but Jen insists that they're no longer a couple.

Casper flew to meet Jen in New York where she's filming a TV show, so it looks like he's not giving up on her anytime soon.



It's been a while since we've heard something super fun and sassy from Jennifer Lopez.

After teasing her new song earlier this week, J Lo released the full track on Spotify and it is on repeat in Shemazing! HQ.

As you can guess by the title, this song is going to be your new dating mantra. Who would ask J Lo to make them a sandwich anyway? Jeez…

Now, sit back, listen and remember you're a kick-ass gal and nobody can tell you what to do (except maybe your mammy).


It might be 2015, but we were feeling a serious 90s vibe as we watched last night's American Music Awards.

From Kylie Jenner's leather n' chains cut-out dress to the very presence of J-Lo and P Diddy on the same stage, the awards show was completely jam-packed with nostalgia from our very favourite decade.

By the time Alanis Morisette stepped out to duet on You Oughta Know with Demi Lovato, we were about ready to root out our old Spice Girls posters and start blaring Jackie's Army in preparation for Italia 90.

If you were watching last night, you know doubt spotted some of these oh-so 90s elements:

1. Kylie Jenner's red carpet look 
She raided Christina Aguilera's 1999 wardrobe.


2. Gigi Hadid's all-white cut-out dress
The thigh slit, the halter neck, the criss-cross detailing – Ginger Spice eat your heart out.


3. J-Lo shaking her booty just as we remembered
Jennifer Lopez is more about singing and producing these days, but last night she (and her curves) took a trip down memory lane.

All hail Queen J-Lo.




4. P-Diddy giving a shout-out to the woman herself, making us wish they were still together

All the feels. And look at them there, having fun like old times at the after-party:


5. Jenny McCarthy's thigh high platform boots


6. And, of course, Ariana Grande in that eternal 90s favourite, the white platform heel
Again, something we reckon Ginger Spice would have killed for.


7. US singer Z LaLa harking back to The Little Mermaid with her octopus costume


8. Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto reliving their Clueless days on stage

We prefer to think of them like this:


9. And finally, Alanis Morisette and Demi Lovato giving it socks to You Oughta Know



Irish artist Emma Kenny took up fashion illustration as a hobby, but it's turned into something much more than that.

Having set up an Instagram and Facebook page to showcase her drawings – gorgeous stylised images of celebrities in red-carpet looks – Emma soon started getting attention from the stars she was drawing.

But the real surprise came last Sunday evening when Instagram queen Kim Kardashian shared one of the illustrations with her 48.7million followers, personally thanking Emma and tagging her page.

"It was really surreal," the Dublin-based artist tells SHEmazing! exclusively.


I love these sketches @emmakennyillustrations Thank you!

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

"I was sitting on my computer working away… my phone just started to go mad," she said of the moment she discovered what had happened.

"I literally had to do a double take."

Emma's following on Instagram has grown by a staggering 11,000 since Kim gave her the official seal of approval, but she wasn't exactly an unknown before that either.


Kylie shared!!!! @kyliejenner ♡

A photo posted by Emma kenny (@emmakennyillustrations) on

Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, J-Lo and Dita Von Teese are just some of the other stars who have liked or shared Emma's work in the past, with actress Lily Collins declaring the illustrations "amazing."

She's even caught the eye of a few fashion designers, among them Zac Posen, Ricardo Tisci and Roberto Cavalli.

"He [Cavalli] shared one of my illustrations on his social media and is now following me on Instagram which was a HUGE deal to me," Emma explains.


Arms will be flailing for a while after this one! Thank you @robertocavalli

A photo posted by Emma kenny (@emmakennyillustrations) on

Despite her huge success with fashion illustration, Emma's background is in game development and animation, and she says her fashion work came about very organically.

"I have no formal training in drawing, I have self taught myself over the years.

"Fashion illustration was something I used to do in my down time or in the evenings after work.

"I was lucky enough last year to do the illustrations for Suzanne Jackson's second book and it really escalated from there." 

We sense big things ahead for this Irish artist… but we reckon she has some celebrating to do first.



Instagram and 'the selfie era' have thrown the personal lives of celebrities wide open to fans, and we love how Interview magazine have embraced that in their new issue.

Rather than conducting a professional photoshoot, the new #Me Issue features eight cover stars – including Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, Madonna, Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez – posing for selfies. Inside, the magazine features another 150 celeb smartphone selfies from stars like Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner.

While Zayn Malik's topless cover image definitely sent our heart rate skyrocketing yesterday, it's Victoria Beckham's one that really gave us a smile.

The mum of four posed for the magazine in a purple bikini, raising the camera to make the other members of her family the main focus of the holiday snap. In the background, David and 16-year-old Brooklyn can be seen engrossed in their phones, while a flash of four-year-old Harper's hair is visible to the left.

Victoria's photo looks like it may have been taken in Amanjena, the lavish Marrakesh hotel where the Beckham family celebrated David's 40th birthday back in May. 

Either way, we love the relaxed vibe of the style queen's selfie.

Other cover star favourites so far are Selena Gomez, who bared her teeth for a wild-child pose:

Jennifer Lopez looks downright stunning in a black leotard with her hair pulled back in a sleek chignon, holding her gold iPhone up to a mirror:

Unsurprisingly, reality star Kim Kardashian chose to go topless for her selfie, though of course it's nowhere near as internet-breaking as her 2014 Paper shoot:

All in all, we're loving the new issue of Interview so far.


The world was left devastated earlier this week when Hollywood's golden couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced they were divorcing after ten years of marriage.

Ben and Jen have three kids together and although they seem to be making every effort to keep their divorce proceedings as amicable as possible, there have been a number of rumours that things came to a messier end than the couple have been letting on.

A new report suggests Ben's increased interaction with a his ex J-Lo was one of the main reasons behind his marriage breakdown, after the former couple hit it off again at the Academy Awards back in February.

Ben and J-Lo (the original "Bennifer") had a long-term relationship in the early 00s and were even engaged, before calling the whole thing off in early 2004. Apparently though, they have been in contact on the regular over the last five months, something we doubt Jennifer Garner was too happy with.

"Everyone is talking about J.Lo and Ben and saying it's inevitable they will get together again at some point," a source told The Sun's Dan Wootton. "'They were pretty flirty sat the Oscars and have stayed in touch via email. Jennifer Garner never liked it."

While Ben is a single man once again and could potentially rekindle the old flame if he wanted too, the fact that J-Lo is currently thought to be back together with her boyfriend Casper Smart might put a spanner in the works. The singer was spotted out walking her dog with Casper earlier this week, looking like Ben's announcement was the furthest thing from her mind.

To be honest, we're not sure the world could handle it if Bennifer did reunite… we left that relationship back in 2004 with hair mascara, body glitter, parachute pants and other things we'd rather forget.



From Beyonce to Rhianna, and J-Lo to Kim, this is one trend that has caused a stir on the red-carpet several times over the last year.

In fact, barely-there sheer gowns are becoming something of a regular fixture: at this year's famed Met Gala in New York, for example, Beyonce and Kimmy K went head-to-head in a dress-off as they both strutted their stuff and embraced near-nakedness.

We can't wait to see the next high-profile take on the trend, but until then, let's take a look through some of our absolute favourites…



Want to know who's responsible for kicking off the trend in the first place? Yup, that'll be Rhianna – a celebrity rather fond of the naked-look at the best of times. At the CFDA Awards a year ago, she wore a dusty pink, see-through dress, covered top-to-bottom in Swarovski crystals and made by designer Adam Selman.

Apparently Adam designed the dress for Ri-Ri, 27, as he admires her risk-taking and he really wanted to make a statement (well, he definitely achieved that).

Kim Kardashian:

​The reality TV star and wife of rapper Kanye West never looked better than she did when she stepped out onto the Met Ball red-carpet last month. Clad in a custom Roberto Cavalli by Peter Dundas dress, the 34-year-old really turned heads.

She also donned a slicked-back pony rather than tousled tresses, so as not to hide any of the stunning Cavalli creation. 

10/10, we say.


In a remarkably similar look to Kim's, 33-year-old Beyonce was equally impressive in skin-tight sheer Givenchy.

Riccardo Tisci had created the nude number which boasted only strategically placed jewels to hide Bey's modesty. The singer finished her look with a slicked back, curly ponytail, rosy pink lip and striking cat eye.

​She's no newbie to the trend either: the former Destiny's Child sported a stunning sheer gown to the same event the year before.


Jennifer Lopez:

But though the rest most certainly shine, we think the absolute queen of the sheer dress is none other than 45-year-old goddess Jennifer Lopez. She arrived in a see-through wonder at the Billboard Music Awards… and pretty much showed up absolutely everyone else. Is is daring? Absolutely. But does it work? Most definitely!

The mother-of-two also left nothing to the imagination at the 2015 Met Gala, arriving in a stunning red (well the little bit of material there was red, anyway) ball gown custom-made by Donatella Versace.

And let's not forget the singer's nearly-naked look for the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party earlier this year. She looked more stunning than ever in a Zuhair Murad couture dress, which she accessorised with a white fur wrap.




Jennifer Lopez and former flame Casper Smart are reportedly a couple again, after splitting last year.

The couple, who have an 18-year age gap, began dating in 2011 shortly after Jennifer separated from her husband Marc Anthony. Although Jennifer and Casper were together for almost three years, it's believed things hit a rocky patch in June 2014 after rumours emerged that Casper had cheated.

At the time, The Sun reported that Casper had been "intimate" with two transgender models, something he strongly denied. 

Even after things ended, Casper and J-Lo remained friendly and now it seems the pair are giving their romance another chance, with Entertainment Tonight confirming the two are an official item again. The lovebirds even celebrated New Year's Eve together in Las Vegas, where Jennifer was performing at Caesar's Palace.

Although things may have come to a rocky end in June, Jennifer spoke openly during the relationship about how happy she was with Casper. "It’s a sweet relationship. It's kind, it's healthy… it's supportive," she said in an interview back in 2013.

The reconciliation comes after Jennifer's recent admission that she considers herself "a love addict" and fears being alone – something she has tried hard to work on over the last few months. "When I face myself, I go, 'You have a fear of really being on your own. So you know what? That's what we're gonna do right now.' …But it took me years to get there. So first it was learning to love myself. And then it was about facing my fears," she told Self magazine.



Hot pink is back on our style radars after months of pastels and rose-based hues.

You can embrace the colour without having to do it head to toe like J-Lo, why not incorporate some of the lively, fun-loving colour into your wardrobe this season?

Miranda’s amazing dress is more of a Barbie doll pink than a hot pink and it suits her cute personality to a tee. The fit doesn’t hurt either of course!

Mel B takes a leaf out of Jennifer Lopez’s book and actually pointed out the similarity between their outfits on her Twitter account with this hot pink t-shirt.

We love the look with the black jeans a bit more than J-Lo’s matching pants though!

Perhaps it may have worked a bit better if the outfit had a pattern. And was slightly less…well, pink!

Reese knows how to wear hot pink and tones it down with a summery white skirt and black blazer.