Lady Gaga fans DESTROYED trolls who slated her Super Bowl ‘gut’

The Super Bowl half time show is a massive gig, and this year Lady Gaga took the reigns and entertained a crowd of 111.3 million people watching online, at home and in the stadium.

The singer put on a spectacular 12 minute performance, with pyrotechnics, synchronised dance troops and, of course, costume changes. 

Since the Super Bowl aired, Twitter and Instagram has been buzzing with comments about one of Lady G's outfits in particular.

The singer rocked a pair of sparkly hot pants and a white structured crop top during an epic rendition of Bad Romance, which showcased her athletic physique.

Rather than focusing on her killer performance, online body shamers were focusing on something entirely different.

Twitter users took to the social media platform to slander and ridicule the star for having a tiny layer of fat on her stomach. 

Users slated the star for daring to show a stomach which they felt was less than perfect, and ever suggested that the star should have done more crunches to tackle her "flabby belly" ahead of the performance.

Thankfully the avalanche of hate was drowned out by the out cry of Gaga fans and body positive people. 


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"Yall are talking about Lady Gaga's 'gut' & that is the reason women have eating disorders & never f****** feel like they're good enough," commented one user.

Lady Gaga jumped off the ROOF of the Super Bowl stadium and all people can talk about is her 'gut?' tweeted another. 

Mother Monster is being praised online for showing a normal and "real" body type, and by anyones standards Gaga has a healthy, toned and athletic body. 

Those trolls have got some major issues if they think Lady Gaga is overweight.