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How To Choose The Right Tattoo

Choosing a tattoo can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know where you want to get tattooed and you love so many different designs and ideas. Naturally, getting a new tattoo is an important decision, and there are many factors to consider.

From picking the right tattoo to deciding on where to get that tattoo to style, color and meaning, this guide will help you choose the right tattoo for you.

Picking The Best Tattoo

Choosing a tattoo can be life-changing since you’ll have it imprinted on your body for the rest of your life. On that note, it’s ideal to go with something that has a deeper meaning to you rather than with a popular design all the cool kids are getting.

However, note that we said that it should mean something to you. In other words, you can definitely go for something whimsical or out of the box, as long as it brings you joy. Like a cartoon character, a quote from your favorite movie, or a scene from a video game.

Just remember that tattoos don’t have to be large and out there for everyone to see. Some of the best ideas are cool small, simple tattoos meant just for you.

Avoid Names

As for tattoos to avoid, we advise against getting the name of a loved one on your body, unless the relationship is incredibly serious. In other words, don’t get a tattoo of a partner you’ve only been dating for a month.

If the loved one is dead or your child, then the name is a safe choice. Otherwise, we would recommend caution. You can cover the name with another tattoo in the future if you no longer like it (it’s cheaper than removal), but that’s a hassle you don’t need.

Family Can Be A Safe Choice

If you’re getting a matching tattoo with a loved one, settle on a simple design that appeals to both of you. They don’t have to be identical, but they should go well together. When getting a tattoo with a member of the family, you can go for the last name of for a family symbol. If you’re getting inked with a friend or partner, choose something that is relevant for your relationship.

Consult Your Tattoo Artist

Besides checking the artist’s portfolio or browsing online for tattoo ideas, you can also try coming up with your own, unique design. Artists are generally open to working with your throughout the process to make sure you’ll be happy with the end result.

As long as you’re settled on a concept and have an idea about what you’re looking for, they can also make design-related suggestions that will bring the tattoo to the next level.

Research The Meaning

Just make sure to also consider how your tattoo will be perceived by the rest of the world. Is it something that may offend certain people or can mean something bad in another culture? This especially applies to Asian symbols.

The characters may not mean (only) what you thing they mean, so it’s best to double-check with a native speaker before getting one inked on your body.

Where To Get A Tattoo

Finally, make sure to consider placement before settling on a cute design. A discreet quote tattoo can look mesmerizing on the collarbone, but won’t have the same visual impact on your leg.

An intricate pattern/design can be eye-grabbing on the sleeve or chest, but can look less masterful on the foot since there’s less room to play with.

Also, tattoo artists are unlikely to ink visible areas of your body like the hands or face if you don’t have one or more tattoos already. Better start with something less extreme during your first visit and see how it goes.

What Tattoo Should I Get?

Tattoo designs ultimately come down to personal preference. That being said, it’s smart to consider a variety of factors before taking the leap. Besides the tips listed above, here are some other things to weight prior to scheduling an appointment with a tattoo artist.

Why Do You Want A Tattoo?

This is the fundamental question you should ask yourself before getting inked. Everyone has their own reasons for getting a tattoo, but there are some common causes that push most women and men to finally do it. Tattoos can help you express your personality or creativity.

Some get tattoos to celebrate a special milestone in life, signal their allegiance to a community, or pay homage to a loved one. Others get inked simply because tattoos are a work of art and are beautiful to look at, which is completely fine. If any of your reasoning is among these lines, good.

However, if you’re doing it because of peer pressure, because everybody has one, because it’s trendy, or because you’re bored, you might want to wait for a while longer before taking the plunge. A tattoo is a permanent mark on your body. You want to be 100% sure you’re ready for that before getting inked. Plus, the healing process is no joke.

Consider Where To Get A Tattoo

As we’ve already mentioned, some tattoos work best for certain areas of the body. Yet, there are other things to think about as well as far as placement is concerned.

  • Do you want to be able to hide your tattoo or have it visible all the time?
  • Do you want the tattoo to be eye-grabbing or discreet?
  • Would your workplace be OK with you showing up one day with a full tattoo sleeve?

High-maintenance tattoos are usually those on parts of the body that aren’t always covered – like the arms and legs. These can be affected by sunlight and fade over time, which means that they may need touch-ups.

On the other hand, back, shoulder, and chest tattoos are low-maintenance, since they are usually covered by clothes.

Similarly, you need to consider how your body will change as you get older. For instance, getting a tattoo on your abdomen may look awesome now if you have a six-pack. However, if you gain weight in a few years the design may look distorted. You won’t have this problem with a back tattoo or minimalist design that works anywhere.

Talk with your artist – they should be able to list the pros and cons associated with the placement you want.

How To Choose The Best Tattoo Designs

Make sure the design is something that speaks to you – it represents something you love or are attached to. It’s fine to check online or browse artists’ portfolios for inspiration, but don’t restrict yourself to designs that are already out there. If you have an idea for a unique tattoo, talk it over with the artist and come up with something together.

It’s also a good idea to test how you feel with the tattoo before getting it. This can mean simply drawing it with a marker on your body to get a feel for the final result. Or, get a henna tattoo on the body part you’re considering. These only last for about week, but can help you decide if you’re ready for the real thing.

Pick A Good Artist

The first thing you can do to make sure you’ll end up with a talented and professional tattoo artist is to ask around. Word of mouth recommendations are best, since you can hear from people who actually went through the experience. Checking the artist’s portfolio and looking up online reviews is also wise.

Plus, visit the studio in person before booking an appointment to check out the level of hygiene and see if you’re compatible with the artist. As long as their work makes you excited, you’re on the right track!


From smashing lipsticks to ASMR videos to watching pottery spin, there are plenty of self care and relaxation-based videos on the internet.

Some videos, such as makeup destruction and bath bomb art, are inexplicably soothing.

Scrolling through Instagram, we stumbled upon these amazing glitter mixing videos, and were completely mesmerised. 

 Uploaded by Jazzy Glitter, the colour and texture combinations are amazingly relaxing, as well as making us seriously excited for festival season.

Jazzy Glitter is an epic Etsy store, selling hand mixed glitter makeup for festivals and costumes.


A post shared by Jazzy Glitter (@jazzy_glitter) on

With a huge repertoire of  shades and glitter styles, we could watch these mixing videos for hours.

From the hypnotic brush swirls to the shimmering sparkles, we're hooked.

Check them out for yourself:



A post shared by Jazzy Glitter (@jazzy_glitter) on


A post shared by Jazzy Glitter (@jazzy_glitter) on


A post shared by Jazzy Glitter (@jazzy_glitter) on

Feature image: Instagram / Jazzy_glitter



Summer is almost, if not already, over. You know what that means: woolly jumpers and hot water bottles are back baby! You may act sad, but deep, deep down, you are looking forward to clearer air and counting down the days till Christmas (125 days). Here are the 16 best things about autumn:

1. Less Sweat, More Success

Summer equals sweat. Simple as. Despite the fact that we live in a country where the highest temperature for the entire summer period is 20 degrees, there are some days when it gets a little muggy, also known as being ‘shockingly close’. Autumn brings with it cool breezes and less of a need for lashings of deodorant.

2. A Better Night's Sleep

Trying to sleep in sticky, warm weather isn’t that easy. Too warm with a duvet, too cold without it. Cool nights mean warm blankets, spooning and restful shut eye all round.

3. No More Hayfever

Hayfever, the very bane of many a persons summer. Which is why, come Autumn, noses all around the country clear up, along with the dampened spirits. Goodbye nasal spray, farewell and feck off.

4. Halloween

Halloween is the best. The costumes, the shameless inhalation of sugar, watching Hocus Pocus – it's magical. 

5. Blankets Everywhere

Goodbye sheet for a duvet and HELLO thick blankets, how we’ve missed you. Welcome back.

6. Less Grooming

In comes the temperature drop and with it, hair. Goodbye smooth legs, hello a warm layer of hairy insulation. That goes for the men too. Stubble and autumn go hand in hand.

7. Extra Weight Equals Insulation

The beach body is out and the inch to pinch is in. Cuddly is the height of sexy and practical. Hey, there’s only so many layers a person can wear externally, after all.

8. Decent TV Is Back

If you are sick to the back teeth of the same Friends re-runs (LOL, as if), then fear not, we have autumn scheduling to look forward to. The best of the best usually begins in and around September/October. Many nights in to look forward to.

9. The New Fashion Season

Tights, coats, jumpers, scarves, joy. Layering is caring, the more the merrier, nothing is too much, no layer too many. Pile them on and glow with warmth.

10. Oktoberfest

A festival renowned for and based around beer. Could there be anything better we ask you? Not unless you actually go to Germany for it, now there’s the dream.

11. Early Nights Are More Acceptable

When it’s bright until ten at night, going to bed early is a difficult task and by difficult. When, however, the depths of winter set in and it’s dark outside at 5pm, getting into your onesie and hitting the bed at 8pm is totally acceptable. Yes. 

12. Comfort Food

Soups, stews, anything that’s hot and warming hits the spot. Farewell salads, see you next May.

13. Hot Drinks

Is there anything better than coming in from the cold and straight into a steaming cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/hot whiskey? No, there isn't. 

14. Thick Socks

Following a summer of baring our ugly feet (everyone has ugly feet, it’s a scientific fact), letting them retreat to the fluffy depths of some woolly socks is a great moment in itself.

15. Tanning Is Out

16. Everything Is An Instagram Moment

From the leaves on the ground, to the shadows that appear everywhere, to the rich sunsets, everything around you looks ten times more beautiful in autumn. The autumn colour palette itself is enough to warrant those many Kodak moments.

via our content partner CT