The 10 types of people you will run into this festival season


1. The post Leaving Cert posse
You’ll know the ones, they are usually either puking or passed out, overwhelmed by their new found sense of freedom.

2. The girly weekend
These groups of girls always stick together no matter what. Apart from the one who wanders of a lot that is…

giphy (1)3.  The drug crowd
This gang will be easy to spot. They will be very sweaty and pulling some seriously scary faces.

giphy (2)4. It’s all about the music guys
These guys don’t even drink at festivals, for fear it would take away from the music experience. They look disapprovingly at you as you scream towards the Prodigy stage. Whatevs.

67797-Krysten-Ritter-ugh-wtf-gif-han-FbuE5. The drunken festival goer
They latch on to your crowd and it takes a whole night to shake them off.

giphy (3)6. Parent trap
Parents seem to getting more and more adventurous when it comes to festivals.

giphy (4)7. The loner
They came on their own for some bizarre reason no one can work out.

giphy (5)8. The miserable one
No amount of fun can help this sad cookie!

giphy (6)9. The cigarette burner
People who spark up fags in a crowd should be banned.

giphy (8)10. The unnatural
Those girls that emerge from their tents looking like damn Miranda Kerr just rocked up. How the hell do they do it?!

giphy (9)via our content partner CT